The Ultimate Guide to the Cowlick and How to Make it Disappear

What is a Cowlick? A cowlick is a twist or curl in a person’s hair that stands out and won’t go away. A cowlick is a hair curl that always stands out and refuses to …

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What is a Cowlick?

A cowlick is a twist or curl in a person’s hair that stands out and won’t go away. A cowlick is a hair curl that always stands out and refuses to go away. It can be created by genetics, cowlicks are often inherited. Cowlicks occur in more than just hair, they can also form on the scalp or even on eyebrows. They can also be caused by tight hairstyles like braids or ponytails which cause the hair to be pulled too tightly at the roots. A cowlick usually occurs when the person’s hair grows in a direction different from the other hair on their head, and it can be difficult to style or cut.

Have you ever wondered where the word cowlick comes from? The word cowlick is derived from the word cow-lick. Cow-licks are seen on cattle that have been too long neglected and have not been properly groomed. This is why having a cowlick is an embarrassing situation for some people, as it indicates neglect towards their hair.

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How To Hide a Cowlick?

When your hair refuses to behave in the way you want, it can be really frustrating. One of the worst things about stubborn hair is when it forms a cowlick at a time you don’t want it to. A cowlick is formed when your hair starts growing at different angles, usually in an oval shape, and has a tendency to stick out from the rest of your hair.

A cowlick is quite difficult to hide and one wrong move can make the situation worse by making your cowlick more noticeable. There are some ways to help get rid of these annoying hair follicles, and they don’t have to be time consuming or expensive. One way is to use a regular comb and comb your hair while wet. Another option is to use olive oil or coconut oil and put it in the roots of your hair before combing through.

Tip 1 to Hide a Cowlick: Brush Your Hair While It’s Wet

Trying to tame a cowlick can be frustrating and time-consuming. Here are a few tips to help you achieve the best results:

1. Comb your hair when it is wet

2. Make sure you comb your hair all the way down to the scalp

3. Use pomade or oil on your hair so that your hair will not dry out

Tip 2 to Hide a Cowlick: Blow-dry Your Hair In The Opposite Direction Of Where It Naturally Falls To Encourage Volume

Remember that your cowlicks will always grow towards the way you brush it. This means if you want to hide a cowlick, blow-dry in the opposite direction.

The tiniest things can make a huge difference. One of the most popular hair tips is the right way to brush your hair. Everyone says that it’s really important to brush with the natural direction, but what if you have a cowlick? Well, there’s an easy fix for that: when brushing your hair, blow-dry from the opposite direction of your cow lick. This will help soften the cow lick and keep it from being a problem.

Tip 3 to Hide a Cowlick: Cool Your Styled Hair With A Blast Of Cold Air

The last thing that you do before blowing your hair is to make sure that you switch the temperature setting from HOT to COOL. This will help with any stubborn cowlick or other hairs that you might not have managed to smooth down.

Tip 4 to Hide a Cowlick: Clip Your Hair Down Over It

Clip your cowlick down with hair clips every time you are done washing your hair in the shower. Use small ones that can be hidden inside your hair, like these small barrettes, and clip down the cowlick as soon as you finish applying your shampoo or conditioner.

Tip 5 to Hide a Cowlick : Smooth It Down With Smoothing Products

Whether you style your hair straight or curly, you’ll likely have an extra cowlick or two that needs taming. In order to get rid of this pesky pouf at the top of your head, try using a wide tooth comb and gently working it through your tresses. It might be tempting to use a shampoo that’s labeled as “extra-strong” or “ultra-moisturizing.” Resist the temptation and pick up a smoothing product instead.

Tip 6 to Hide a Cowlick: Use Flat Iron

Now that you know the sneaky culprit, the best way to tame a cowlick is with a flat iron. Plug it in and let it heat up, then comb out your hair until it’s as straight as possible. 

1. Use a heavy duty, high quality flat iron. The higher the number on the dial, the thicker and more luxe your hair will become.

2. Section your hair by parting it down the middle and dividing each side into three sections.

3. Start with one side and curl under small, one-inch pieces of hair from root to end with your fingers or a clamping heat tool.

4. If you want less volume in your waves, use smaller sections of hair and if you want more volume in them, use larger sections of hair. Do this for all three sections then move onto the other side.

Tip 7 to Hide a Cowlick : Use a styling paste to tame cowlick in your bangs

This tip is not just for hair. It also works on other areas of your scalp, like a cowlick.

Paste is not a heavy product so it will not weigh down your hair and it has the added bonus of providing additional texture which can help cover a cowlick.

There are many different kinds of pastes available, including pomade and gel, so you should find one that matches your hair type and desired finish.

Using this tip to hide a cowlick in your bangs is great because it also works to smooth out flyaways by taming any unruly bits that might be sticking up.

What is the best haircut for hide a cowlick?

Any style that is longer in the front and shorter in the back will minimize the cowlick. It may take a bit of time for the new hairstyle to “settle” into place, but it will be worth it if it looks better.


At the end of the day if you are not happy with your cowlicks, which are a natural part of hair growth, there are many ways to hide them. But remember, there’s nothing wrong with your cowlicks.

The only thing better than a curly hair day is a cowlicks day. There’s nothing wrong with the way your hair naturally grows, and there’s not one right way to wear it either. Cowlicks are unique and beautiful part of us all, so embrace your individuality and rock that curl! The whole point of a cow lick is that it’s hair that won’t stay down. Sooner or later the cow licks will grow out and your hair will be straight.

Cowlicks are a phenomenon in which hair grows erratically and uncontrollably in a certain area of the head. Some people find cowlicks embarrassing, but there’s nothing wrong with them. Cowlicks can often be considered a fun part of one’s personality.