30 Mint Green Hair Color Ideas for a Fresh Look

Achieving the perfect mint green hair color can be tricky, but it’s worth it when you get it right. This refreshing shade is ideal for summer and will make you stand out from the crowd.

Mint green hair color is achieved by mixing green and blue tones. The result is an excellent, refreshing shade perfect for those with fair skin and light eyes. This color looks best on straight or wavy hair as it can be challenging to achieve on curly hair.

If you’re thinking of trying out this trend, scroll down for some inspiration.

How to style it?

The best way to style mint green hair is in loose, beachy waves. This will help to show off the color and make it look more natural. You can also try a half-up, half-down style, or messy bun. You can add texture with a curling iron or beach spray if you have straight hair.

To keep your color looking fresh, use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner and avoid heat styling where possible.

Who is it for?

Mint green hair color is perfect for those with fair skin and light eyes. It can be challenging to achieve on dark skin tones or with dark eyes, as the dye may appear muted. This shade is also best suited to those with straight or wavy hair, as it can be challenging to achieve on curly hair.

If you’re thinking of trying out this trend, scroll down for some inspiration.

Products to use:

When coloring your hair mint green, it’s essential to use a suitable quality hair dye. We recommend using semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair color, as this will be less damaging to your hair than permanent color. We also recommend using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner to help preserve your color.

We recommend using green hair chalk or spray to try a temporary mint green hair color. These can be easily washed out and are perfect for those who want to experiment with the color without commitment.

Mint Green Hairstyles

If you’re unsure how to wear mint green hair, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Check out these mint green hairstyles that will freshen up your look.

1. Long Mint Green with Black Roots


The contrast between black and mint green can give you a great look.

2. Short Mint Green Hair with Bangs


Mint green hair can look fabulous when short and with bangs.

3. Pixie Cut Mint Green Hair


Another beautiful hairstyle you can wear with mint green hair is the pixie cut.

4. Tealish Mint Green Hair


If you want a unique color tone for your hair, you can try out this tealish mint green hair color.

5. Big Wavy Mint Green Hair


Mint green hair can look beautiful with big waves like the ones in this one.

6. A Beautiful Green Combination


Sage green and mint green can work wonders when combined like this.

7. Mint Green Hair with Baby Bangs


This one can be an excellent option for those looking to get a cute hairstyle.

8. Casual Mint Green Hair


Although it is a unique color, mint green can also work with casual and straightforward hairstyles.

9. Mint Green with Pink


A hair color combination between mint green and pink can look beautiful.

10. Pinkish Mint Green Hair


As we saw in the last example, pink and mint green can work great together.

11. Green and Blue


Another great color to combine with mint green is blue.

12. Colorful Mint Green Hair


Speaking of color combinations, you can go for a very colorful style like this one.

13. Blondish Mint Green Hair


Instead of combining colors like in the previous examples, you can opt for a combination like this.

14. Contrasting Mint Green Hair


Here is another mint green hair with a combination of different colors.

15. Mid-Length Straight Mint Green Hair


If you have mid-length hair, you can wear it straightened with a mint green color.

16. Mid-Length Mint Green Hair with Bangs


Another excellent option for mid-length mint green hair is to wear it with bangs.

17. Messy Mint Green Hair


If you want your mint green hair to look natural, you can choose a style like this.

18. Slick Mint Green Hair


This color and style can be great for those looking to get a slick look.

19. Wavy Mint Green Hair


You can achieve this great look with mint green hair and waves.

20. Light Purple and Mint Green Hair


A light purple is a good option among the colors that combine well with mint green.

21. Mint Green Hair with Waves


As we have seen, waves can go well with mint green hair.

22. Long Messy Mint Green Hair


Another mint green hairstyle for those who want a natural look.

23. Mint Green with Blue Roots


Like in this one, blue and black roots combine well with mint green.

24. Short Mint Green Hair


For a short hairstyle like this, mint green can be an excellent color choice.

25. Straight and Simple


Try this simple design to make your mid-length hair look gorgeous.

26. Mint Green Hair with Curly Ends


Black roots and curly ends can make mint green hair look fabulous.

27. Messy Short Mint Green Hair


Another mint green hairstyle with a natural look is this one.

28. Classy and Wavy


Mint green hair with waves like this can give you a classy look.

29. Summer Look with Mint Green


If you are getting ready for summer, you can try out this mint green hair color.

30. Curly Mint Green Hair


For a curly hairstyle like this, mint green can be a fantastic color.

Final Words

Mint green hair can give you a rebellious yet gracious look. Due to this reason, you might be interested in getting a hairstyle with this color. Now you can look at the options we displayed here and make your pick to try out this hair color.

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