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28 Ghana Lemonade Braids To Up Your Braiding Game

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Among the most popular braided hairstyles for ladies is the African protective style known as Ghana braids. The distinct and exact separation patterns make these braids stand out compared to ordinary flat braids or cornrows.

Ghana braids are a must-try because of all the different ways they may be styled. One of those styles is through these iconic lemonade braids. 

28 Ghana Lemonade Braid Ideas

1. Ghana Lemonade Braids with Blue Highlights

The class and sass that this look oozes leave us out of words! The side-swept Ghana Lemonade Braids are just so pleasant to the eye. Aside from that, the royal blue highlights also serve as a nice pop of color for the look.

2. Burgundy Ghana Lemonade Braids

These Ghana lemonade braids are just what you need because they do stand out on their own. But being the extra you are, we recommend this Burgundy-hued lemonade braids, and we guarantee you will be the belle of the party once you don this stunning look!

3. Celebrity Ghana Lemonade Braids

Sometimes, all you want to do is style like a celebrity because why not. Now, we have Beyonce-inspired Ghana Lemonade Braids for an absolute stunner! The color of the braids right here is similar to what Beyonce used in her trendsetting album cover. So go and try out this look now!

4. Purple Ghana Lemonade Braids

If you are thinking of what color to sport on your Ghana lemonade braids, then fret not because we have here an absolute gem of a suggestion for you! Here we have a purple-colored lemonade braid style, and the technique alongside the dimension of colors is just eye-catching!

5. Full Blue Ghana Lemonade Braids

Make Poseidon shy of his colors by donning this electric blue Ghana lemonade braid style! The gorgeous look already stands out from the crowd just with the braids on it, but to top it all off with these stunning blue braids, it is even more lovely!

6. Cherry Ghana Lemonade Hair

This is a look made out of braids styled in a Ghana lemonade style and, at the same time, dyed with this fiery and sexy shade of cherry red. What a look!

7. Ghana Lemonade Braids with Edges

Nothing can beat the classic raven-colored braids, as it has a different appeal and vibe that it gives off. The Ghana lemonade braids are intricately done, and you can tell that skill is being put into the look. The pronounced edges say it all!

8. Ghana Lemonade Braids with Beads

Nothing appeals more than a cute ponytail and a few braids flowing beautifully at the back, such as the photo we have right here! The Ghana lemonade braids are done beautifully and meticulously, and with the addition of the colorful beads, it just became a hundred times more gorgeous!

9. Ghana Lemonade Braids on a Bun

Every formal function is ideal for showing off this lovely high-braided bun. Meanwhile, the braids are styled in these Ghana lemonade braid styles and braided up to make this gorgeous bun!

10. Ghana Lemonade Ponytail Braids

This high ponytail is created by these tiny, uniform Ghana lemonade cornrow braids that all curve in the same direction. We mean it when we say that these braids tucked into a ponytail are absolutely the look you need to covet!

11. Back-flowing Ghana Lemonade Braids

The slick, flawless look you require in everyday life is present in these back-flowing Ghana lemonade braids. To give more smoothness, style the baby hairs around the face. The art and the skills put into this look are just indescribably stunning!

12. Half Ghana Lemonade Braids with Curls

Authentic it-girls crave lengthy, curly hair in Ghana lemonade cornrow braids and a gorgeous hairdo. Wouldn’t that be gorgeous? The lemonade braids are styled only on the half part, and the rest are these luscious, bouncy curls!

13. Ghana Lemonade Braids on a Low Ponytail

Small cornrows lead to a low pony, and the thicker braids also draw attention! Concealing the ponytail string with a braid for elegance and a dash of drama. The Ghana lemonade braids on this look are exceptional!

14. Multiple Ghana Lemonade Braid Space Buns

Make adorable Ghanaian cornrow braids instead of braiding your entire head. After that, twist them into beautiful space buns, letting the remaining braids flow to the back. The addition of the ring in the front is a cute detail!

15. Ghana Lemonade Braids with Intricate Ponytail

This intricate Ghana lemonade ponytail braid, with its braids being cutely braided, is another braid design that ensures a fashionable impression. The braids spread in various directions and end in this stunning ponytail! 

16. Loopy Ghana Lemonade Braids with Multiple Hearts

The innovative patterns of the latest Ghana braiding hairstyles astound us. This one includes numerous masterfully braided hearts on the side in addition to cornrows that are intertwined! What a stunning look!

17. Free-flowing Ghana Lemonade Braids

Do you enjoy letting your braids hang freely? Ghana braids can be fierce in this fast-paced fashion trend if they have sharp and pronounced edges and a side part. Lengthy, gorgeous, and eye-catching!

18. Clean and Small Ghana Lemonade Braids

These small Ghana lemonade braids are the prettiest summertime hairstyle, especially if you have thin hair or want to look more intricate. The uniform spaces and the small-sized braids make this look so clean!

19. Classic Ghana Lemonade Braids

The classic appearance is just incomparable. Traditional Ghana lemonade braids with lengthy locks brushed to one side are used to create these tiny braids. This understated look will suit you throughout the year and won’t go out of style. 

20. Medium-sized Ghana Lemonade Braids

This look is perfect for women who wish to make their thin hair appear a little thicker. To produce considerably thicker, scrumptious locks, hair extensions are the key. The brown hue in this look is everything and more!

21. Ghana Lemonade Braids with Tri-toned Beads

Add just several beads to the tips of your braids for a rustic look. Whatever aesthetic you like, there are many beads available. Whichever your preference, keep in mind the size you select will fit your hair perfectly. Such as the tri-toned beaded Ghana lemonade braids we have here before you!

22. Hot Pink Ghana Lemonade Braids

On something like a sweltering summer day, this hot pink is more cooling than a drink of cherry limeade. As you prepare for the warmer months, liven up your appearance with this cool shade. Such a fantastic look!

23. Ghana Lemonade Braids with Yellow Highlights

With this vibrant yellow color, you can edge up your outstanding appearance. Add extensions in this color for something like a striking hairdo that will grab attention. Plus, the Ghana lemonade braids in this one are just fantastic!

24. Short Ghana Lemonade Braids with Beads

We are all accustomed to lengthy lemonade braids, but we are here to show you that even short-length lemonade braids can also draw and pique attention! Here, we have short Ghana lemonade braids with beads at the tips. So cool!

25. Full Side-Swept Ghana Lemonade Braids

When we said side-swept, we meant full-on side-swept! The Ghana lemonade braids depicted here are swept to the right side of the head flawlessly, and we cannot be any happier! Add the stunning blue beads on the ends, so this look is just exceeding our expectations!

26. Ghana Lemonade Braids with Heart Design

Here we have another braid style with a gorgeous heart design because who cannot resist these braids? They can be highly glitzy and make a strong impression. The braids in the front are styled to make this vast heart design, while the rest of the braids are pushed to the back.  

27. Thick Ghana Lemonade Braids

This excellent look is as distinct from the conventional as lemonade braids can go. Consider this thick-braided Ghana lemonade style a shot if you desire to stand out. Aside from the stunning braids, these are also kept tidy and tight.

28. Brown Ghana Lemonade Braids with Rings

Brown hair and lemonade braids go together like peaches and cream. Hair is protected by braids, allowing the tresses to regain their natural beauty. On top of that, the added rings are a beautiful detail to the look!

And that’s it for today, gorgeous ladies! Those are Ghana lemonade braid ideas that might give you inspiration for your next hair adventure! Let us know which of these you will do on your hair!

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