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28 Fulani Tribal Braids Ideas for Modern and Fashionable Ladies

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Fulani tribal braids are a traditional African hairstyle worn by Fulani women for centuries. The style is characterized by long braids often decorated with beads and other jewelry.

Fulani tribal braids are not only beautiful, but they are also practical. The braids help to keep the hair out of the face and protect it from the elements. Fulani women often wear their hair in this style when working outside or participating in activities that could damage their hair.

Fulani tribal braids are a popular and stylish way to wear your hair. Fulani women are known for their intricate and beautiful hairstyles, which reflect their culture and heritage.

Depending on the occasion and style, there are many Fulani braid styles. There is a Fulani braid style to suit everyone, from simple and elegant styles to more elaborate and intricate designs.

If you are looking for a new and stylish way to wear your hair, check out these Fulani tribal braid styles!

1. Goddess Fulani Braids


What a stunning way to embody a goddess with this hairstyle we have here right before you! The tight cornrows are placed beautifully among a bunch of curls, which essentially made it to this goddess Fulani braid!

2. Straight Back Fulani Braids


This is a gorgeously made braid look and is just as pleasant to the eyes! Thanks to the straight-back cornrow braids stretching along the back and the length, the look is just a perfect cherry on top!

3. Red Fulani Braids with Side Heart Pattern


When we say these are absolute fire, we did not mean it quite this! Nevertheless, this fiery braid style consists of red-dyed Fulani braids that are just so magnificent. Add to that the charming side heart pattern, and you got yourself a beauty of a look!

4. Burnt Brown Fulani Braids


Let’s strike at it with this perfect combination of gorgeous braids, color, and the bounciest curls! This hairstyle is excellent for those who love practicality and seek to innovate with curls. The burnt brown hue toward the ends is a nice touch, too!

5. Fulani Braids with Beads


Want to step up and bring your look to the next level? We say what more attractive way to do it than by adding these stunning pearly beads! The Fulani braids are enough to stand on their own and be outstanding, but with the addition of the lovely beads, it all just sends us whispering, ‘What a look’!

6. Voluminous Fulani Braids


There’s nothing we can say about this look other than absurdly gorgeous! Just look at it and tell us you don’t see the magnificence. The perfect amount and balance of braids and curls make this look the stunner.

7. Snake Pattern Fulani Braids


The shape of this tribal Fulani braid is ever so pleasing and cool-looking! If this does not give you the snake chills, then we don’t know what will! This is a sure way to style up your stunning Fulani braids!

8. Fulani Space Buns Braids


If space buns are not your thing, then maybe it’s time to change your mind and consider wearing these Fulani space braid styles! Meanwhile, the space buns do appeal to us very well! The magnificent Fulani braids have black, brown, and a hint of platinum tints.

9. Fulani Braids with Design


Do you shy away from the straight-back Fulani braid style and want something extra for your hairdo? Then we have just the perfect hairstyle for you! This Fulani braid style is not just any other because it has a stunning tribal design that we all love to see!

10. Brown Intricate Fulani Braids


We love how this brown Fulani braid style simultaneously looks very detailed and intricate! The time and effort put into making this look are tantamount to having that look everyone needs to covet! Might we say that the braids are seamless as well?

11. Half-Up Half-Down Fulani Braids 


Where do we even start to describe the look before you right now? Everything is good in this look, the pronounced edges, the gorgeous half-up half-down Fulani braids, and even the little accessories! The elements and details of the look are all well-placed and blend overall to make a look that’s stunning!

12. Medium Fulani Braids 


There’s something about this look that is satisfying. But we are not complaining! Symmetrical single-length braids are a hallmark of the traditional Fulani braid style. The goal of the uniform braids and lovely curls is to enhance your inherent beauty.

13. Chunky Fulani Braids


One look at this magnificent hairstyle, and you will see your jaw gape in awe! The almost-platinum braids, paired with the tribal pattern, are everything we live for! We mean, ponder at these chunky Fulani braids, and tell us you don’t see elegance!

14. Multiple-Crossed Fulani Braids


You can achieve a unique hairstyle without additional accessories thanks to several distinctive designs, as shown in the photo! Look at the incredible multiple-crossed braids here and their beauty!

15. Mid-length Fulani Braids with Blue Highlights and Beads


Leave dull hairstyles behind. This mid-length hairstyle shows a beautiful and consistent braided pattern in addition to exquisite ornamental components, such as these lovely transparent beads! The cool blue highlights intertwined with the braids add a modern, edgy appeal to this traditional style, making it a perfect blend of cultural heritage and contemporary fashion.

16. Classic Fulani Braids


This traditional braid pattern features a classic Fulani style all over the braids. The thin beginning of the braids also gives the overall ensemble a youthful, upbeat appearance. What a look, we say!

17. Dark Brown Fulani Braids 


The lovely Fulani braids have many exquisite intricacies, which are brushed back and flow freely. These gorgeous braids, the luscious curls, and the braids with dark brown hue and platinum highlights guarantee a tidy and attractive appearance.

18. Thick Fulani Braids


Such a hairstyle this is! The precise braiding with thick braids in the center offers a traditional braided appearance. Consequently, the golden accessories add a contemporary twist, fusing fashion with culture.

19. Luxurious Fulani Braid Style


This braiding technique guarantees a gorgeous aesthetic for the braids, and the addition of ornaments like golden rings and cuffs makes them appear that much more opulent and scream luxury all over.

20. Clean Fulani Braid Look


Your hair will always appear beautiful thanks to the clean lines of this elegant Fulani braid hairstyle. In addition, the exquisite accessories, thickness, and volume give the design a modern twist which we adore!

21. Deep Brunette Fulani Braids 


Your hairstyle will look amazing with exquisite braids and accents. Rings and cuffs are the way to style your Fulani braids since they are simple to install and look stunning. To instantly become a deep brunette without dying your hair, use extensions. 

22. Sexy Half-Up Half-Down Fulani Braids


An appealing look to dazzle and the ability to explore various hairstyles are provided by perfectly braided hair in the front and sexy loose waves in the back. We did not even start talking about our half-up half-down beauty!

23. Green Fulani Braids


A vivid haircut instantly creates a striking image. The ambiance is always improved by varied golden cuffs and braided green extensions from roots to tips, and might we say that we love that emerald glow?

24. Platinum Blonde Fulani Braids 


This is a stunning demonstration of how gorgeous a blonde Fulani hairstyle with thick cornrows and bouncy, lush curls appears! Regardless of the lack of ornamentation, it is beautiful. We all know a platinum blonde look speaks for its own.

25. Burgundy Fulani Braids


You all thought that this article was going to end without a burgundy look, did you? This burgundy Fulani braid style has just enough class, neatness, and dimension to make it a stunner! Of course, who would not want to have this gorgeous hairstyle for their right?

26. Fulani Braids with Pink Highlights


Since we are already on the topic of color, we are here before you with a Fulani braid style with baby pink highlights! The lengthy and voluminous look comprises stunning Fulani braids with a half-up half-down style, neat edges, and lovely pink curls that we can’t take our eyes off!

27. Fulani Braids with Red Highlights 


There are quite a lot of things that we adore in this look. The tribal designs up top sure pique our attention immediately, and if that’s not enough to do the job, we have a pop of red highlight here that is just an eye-catcher!

28. Fulani Braids with Side Butterfly Design 


These black-as-raven-hued Fulani braids offer a different vibe to which we also take a liking. ThaThat’se to the tribal freestyle designs on the hairstyle, and as a cherry on top, there is a butterfly-designed braid pattern on the side. 

And that’s where we end our article, ladies! These are Fulani tribal braid hairstyle ideas for you to consider and take inspiration from. Don’t forget to let us know which of these piqued your interest, and you’ll try them out!

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