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20 Amazing Hairstyles with Black Hair and Green Underneath

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


If you’ve ever wanted to try something new with your hair, but weren’t sure what to go for, then consider adding some green highlights! Black hair with green underneath is a unique, eye-catching look that will turn heads. Whether you want to add a subtle touch of color or go for a more dramatic look, there are plenty of ways to rock this trend.

The peekaboo or color block craze, often called underlayer hair color, is the ideal method to add a burst of vibrant color without requiring a full commitment. Although having black and green hair can initially seem scary, it isn’t necessary to be.

Occasionally you see someone strolling down the road with this shade of green hair. To choose to color your hair into it demands a certain type of personality. The quantity of innovation that may be incorporated into these styles is limitless!

So if you’re ready to take your hairstyle to the next level, check out these amazing black hair with green underneath ideas!

1. Black Bob Cut with Bangs and Peacock Green Underneath

There is no better combination than a stylish black bob and green hair! Both are pretty vivacious. The fact that bob cuts work well with all hair types is also fantastic. Plus, we can all think about this subtle but gorgeous peacock green!

2. Black Hair with Seafoam Green Underneath

An excellent method to drastically modify your appearance is to add a generous underlayer of vivid seafoam green to natural black tones. You will catch people’s attention with this intensity!

3. Black Hair with Forest Green Underneath

This underlayer peekaboo hair trend is for you if you prefer a more subdued tint of green! The already gorgeous black strands are complemented beautifully by adding streaks of forest green hair underneath. You cannot complain!

4. Black Bob with Castleton Green Underneath

You can enjoy the greatest of both worlds without the hassle of high care if you have black hair with lovely shimmering Castleton green hair blooming underneath. This shade of green has a blue undertone for that unique look! 

5. Black Hair with Mermaid Green Underneath

A fun approach to express your creativity is by using various colors. Combining these vibrant blue and green shades yields the mermaid color combination to flaunt beneath this magnificent black hair color. 

6. Black Hair with Light Basil Green Underneath

Whoever is seeking to dunk their noses in the realm of vibrant hair colors should start with the color green. It fits any natural hair color, such as these black strands, and a style like this mid-length straight haircut nicely.

7. Black Long Hair with Dark Green Underneath

You can only dye the underneath if you’re not prepared to color your hair entirely or engage in anything similarly risky. Dark green hair underneath is an option, as is any other shade you want. 

8. Black Lob with Jade Green Underneath

Your eyes and cheeks may receive special attention from underlayer highlights. They are therefore always a wise choice. Also, they blend flawlessly with all shades, including this stunning jade green!

9. Black Curly Bob with Lime Green Underneath

Lime green highlights can provide a vibrant touch to any color of hair! Seeing as this shade of green is on the vibrant and striking side, it looks perfect on black hair as it gives that lovely contrast to the look.

10. Black Hair with Dark Shamrock Green Underneath

Be prepared to get yourself lucky with this look right here! The gorgeous shade of green is placed meticulously underneath the front portion of the hair. This just made us look for a second tie on this superb do!

11. Black Shaggy Hair with Bangs and Pine Green Underneath

This amazing hairstyle is made even more incredible by the subtle section of hair colored a gorgeous shade of pine green. Only a stunning hue deserves to go with this attractive haircut. Don’t forget that!

12. Black Messy Curls with Green Underneath

A crown of naturally curly hair is the epitome of beauty. Your unruly curls will stand out even more if a portion of this terrific green tint is underneath them. This short curly bob will be the look of your dreams! 

13. Black Hair with Emerald Green Underneath

Dark black and this emerald green color go beautifully. The color that’s showing throughout provides such a vibrant and energizing element. The underlayer halo placement of color is so brilliant!

14. Black Layered Hair with Neon Green Underneath

Aside from the neon shade peeking underneath, the gorgeous tone is also put at the front portions, or what they call money pieces. Add the stunning black base, the layered cut, and the neon shade of green then you have a look of the season! 

15. Wavy Black Hair with Slime Green Underneath

Have you ever heard the phrase “go big or go home”? Living green is essentially what this hairdo is for! People brimming with energy and courage are the ones who do this bright slime-green underlayer!

16. Black Hair with Bangs and Moss Green Underneath

The contrast between moss green and black is gorgeous. These hues juxtaposed next to one another create this rather remarkable contrast. The bangs and the few placements in the front portion of the hair add some depth and substance to the look.

17. Long Black hair with Mint Green Underneath

If your hair is particularly thick, voluminous, or lush, you may wish to think about dying it with this rich shade of mint green! It will also look chic in these bouncy, luscious waves. Believe us when we say so!

18. Black Mid-Length Hair with Subtle Green Underneath

The subtle green in this look is perfect for those who shy away from the vibrant shade of this color. This hairstyle appears the most modest in comparison to our collection’s various styles, but trust us when we say it is still just as daring, edgy, and pleasant.

19. Black Braids with Bright Green Underneath

As you can see here, the medium-sized long braids are complemented by a striking green underneath, and might we say. We love the contrast! Of course, as we are here to offer you variety, we are here to cater to every woman’s hairstyle and type.

20. Black Hair with Full Bangs and Green Underneath

Well, guess who woke up one day and chose violence? Because this hairstyle is killing the good of us! With its built-in flair and sass, the cut and the hue teamed up to offer us a look we would not forget!

And there you have it, gorgeous ladies! We offered you amazing black hair and green underneath hairstyles, and we hope you got enough inspiration for your next hair venture. Let us know which hairstyle you are going to sport!

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