30 Shoulder Length Hairstyles to Try This Year

This year is a fantastic opportunity to consider medium-length haircuts that we always think about and sometimes admire and are impressed with their modern look. It will be easy for you to choose once you have seen the various styles available. Here are shoulder-length hairstyles that will give you ideas.

Choppy A Line

The cropped cut creates a very cool style by adding volume to your hair. This cut will save your life if your hair is thin.

Messy Cut With Highlights

By layering your hair, the messy cut gives a disheveled image. When finished with ombre or balayage hair, this style, which is a very natural cut, becomes a really stunning look.


Beachy Waves

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, sea salt is recommended by professionals for this hairstyle. This is a great choice for shoulder-length hair that wants to show off its waves.

Cinnamon Waves

Which hairstyles do not go well with the color cinnamon? We love this natural bomb color on medium-cut hair.

Cinnamon waves is one of the most awe-inspiring hairstyles for women; it’s unique, striking and easy to style. From massively thick waves for days with heavy makeup to sculpted worm-like waves for days when you just want to look like you’ve got an inscrutable ray of sunshine shining through your hair


Blue on Purple Undertone

How about a noticeable difference? This hairdo is a fantastic way to dazzle everybody who sees it. Unique, trendy, and so modern!

Multicolored hair is more appealing to some than others. Multicolored hair can be bold, contrasting, or subtle. The key to getting the best look with purple undertones involves using products that contain perm, hand creams that calm redness, and using styling products that don’t clamp down too tightly on the hair.

Ashy Blonde

Hair professionals say ashy blonde is one of the most popular hair colors. You’ll appreciate the beauty of this color once more as your shoulder-length hair blows in the breeze.


Light Purple Waves

Yes, just like the basic hair colors, there are now purple tones. Light purple, on the other hand, is close to silver hair tone. From silver or light blonde hair, it may be easier to adapt to this color. An excellent pick for a stunning look.

Half Up Half Down Bun

Medium-length haircuts make this lovely hairstyle extra cuter.

Are you wearing your hair down? If so, either it’s not because of a fashion faux palaise or it’s because you simply don’t have the scalp to style it in a ponytail. If you’ve been facing lazy or struggling scalp days, then the Half Up Half Down Bun Hairstyle might just be what the doctor ordered. This fashionable perm gives you a sleek, polished look in an instant through a simple twist. And best of all, it can be styled anytime, day or night — just like regular bun hair!


Messy Low Updo

Because your hair is short, the statement you can’t gather your hair, is no longer true. With this messy bun, you may achieve a terrific look. All you have to do is pull your hair back and gather it loosely.

Baby Pink Lob

The lob cut is a bob cut with a medium length. When the coolness of the lob cut is combined with the cuteness of the pink color, this wonderful style appears.


Loose Half Braid

You may give your medium haircut a different vibe by loosely braiding your hair.

Beachy Waves With Bangs

You can combine your amazing bangs with your flawless beach waves.


Half Up Half Down With Boho Twist

You may also use this easy braided hairstyle on your medium-length hair to add volume and acquire a style that you can use on a regular basis or for special occasions.

Sleek End Lob

The sleek cut’s cool air is particularly noticeable on medium hair. You may make this excellent haircut even more eye-catching by selecting a hair color that matches your skin tone.


Sunkissed Lob

This hairstyle, which is dyed to look like it was naturally lightened while sunbathing on the beach in the summer, will complement your extremely natural, medium-length hair.

Chopped Brunette Lob

Who can say no to being a brunette, especially during the colder months of the year? By showing the features of your face, we highly recommend this cut and color tone.


Medium Cut With Curled Bangs

Selena Gomez frequently wears this hairdo, which is both elegant and natural.

Voluminous Center Side Part

This hairstyle will help you look gorgeous by supporting the symmetry of your face. It is recommended for oval and round faces.


Wavy Lob With Chic Accessorizes

How about embellishing your wonderful waves with sparkling hair accessories and adding beauty to your beauty? The popularity of hair accessories, which has lasted for several years, seems to be continuing.

Blonde Balayage

Balayage is always a stylish option. With your shoulder-length hair, you may emphasize this elegance even more.


Fire Red Lob

Energetic, brave, strong, passionate… What color could it be? Of course, it’s red, and it’s fire red!

Mohawk Braids

These wild braids don’t necessitate longer hair. With your modern cut medium length hair, you can mohawk as you like.


Caramel Lob

The color caramel is always one of our go-to options. It will be an art of beauty to wear this color with your smooth medium hair.

Mullet Haircut

While some people despise it, others adore it! This model, which was quite popular from the 1980s until the mid 1990s, has recently come to the fore after being preferred by Miley Cyrus.


Textured Lob With Bangs

This hairstyle, also preferred by Billie Eilish, is both nostalgic and very cool!

Natural Afro Curls

Your medium haircut will look great with Afro curls. All you have to do now is shape your curls and go out and let them fly with the breeze!


Lob Shaped With Hair Clips

You may make stunning models by shaping your lob cut with fashionable hair clips.

Shaggy Cut

Shag, which is a very cool haircut for wavy or curly hair, creates a cool volume with multiple layers and lengths of hair.


Blonde With Pinky Ends

Pink is a terrific way to spice up your classic blonde hair. You’ll look fantastic with a gorgeous medium haircut that highlights your hair’s ends.

Sleek Low Bun

Irina Shayk’s go-to hairstyle for both everyday and special occasions is this style, which highlights the attractiveness of your facial characteristics.

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