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28 Mousy Brown Hairstyles That Will Make You Look Fabulous

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Mousy brown hair is a hair color that is neither too dark nor too light. It is a perfect middle ground for those who want to experiment with new hair colors but are not ready to commit to a drastic change.

Mousy brown hair can be flattering on any skin tone and eye color. If you have mousy brown hair and are looking for inspiration on how to style it, look no further! We have put together a list of mousy brown hairstyles that will make you look fabulous.

Mousy brown is a great option whether you want a new haircut or want to try a new hair color. It is versatile and can be styled in many different ways.

Check out our list of mousy brown hairstyles below and find the perfect one for you!

1. Mousy Brown Hair with Loose Waves

This ever-gorgeous hairstyle is achieved by dyeing your hair with this mousy brown shade! This is to add depth and dimension to the look. The perfect loose beach waves are just enough, not too tight and not too loose. 

2. Side-swept Mousy Brown Hair

In this hairstyle, you would see that this exudes such a healthy-looking vibe, and we know that you would love that for yourself, too. The mousy brown hair is parted to the side and given these big waves for that added oomph of flair.

3. Mousy Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

This warm, mousy brown bob hairstyle is taken to a different dimension by adding these ultra-gorgeous subtle blonde highlights. And speaking of size, the highlights looked some depth, and we love it!

4. Glossy Wavy Mousy Brown Hair

Now that’s what we call a dimensional brunette! That’s hugely due to the fabulous mousy brown hue draping over the locks. These bouncy waves, as usual, look for some flair, and the glossy texture is the perfect finish!

5. Mousy Brown Balayage Hair

Those mousy brown balayage feels are excellent, indeed! Just as you see in the look, it started with this brown hue, fading beautifully to this lighter brown shade, revealing a mousy brown balayage you can never take your eyes off!

6. Mousy Brown Ombre Hair

Do you want to know the best and most trendy hair color? It is most definitely mousy brown! Mousy brown lift like a dream, so they make beautiful blondes but are dark enough that they can pull off a rich brunette. What perfection! This hair color has the best of both worlds!

7. Mousy Brown Hair with Beige Blonde Highlights

This is the hair color of your dreams! The gorgeous mousy brown hue is coated all over the beautiful strands, and with a bit of a touch of beige blonde highlights, this is a bronde hairstyle that would keep you trendy and stunning!

8. Long Wavy Mousy Brown Hair

As you can see in this photo inspiration, the long, gorgeous locks are dyed with this stunning mousy brown hue. On top of that, it has a wavy texture, and it ultimately helps to reveal and highlight the spectacular hairstyle that we have here!

9. Natural Curly Mousy Brown Hair

Embrace your natural curly beauty with this look! If you already have natural mousy brown-colored hair, don’t be shy to flaunt it! If you are not blessed with this gorgeous hue, what are hair dyes for, right? You go, girl!

10. Mid-Parted Mousy Brown Hair

What can we say? Brunettes certainly have some way to drag attention to themselves! Take into example this spectacular mousy brown hair. Now, we would guess everyone has their interest piqued with just one glance!

11. Dark Brown Hair with Mousy Brown Highlights

This has to be a brunette color combination that you definitely don’t want to skip! The dark brown hue is an excellent base for this hairstyle and is topped with stunning mousy brown highlights down the ends. Such a stunning look!

12. Mousy Brown Updo

This hairstyle is perfect for everything, whether for a formal event or your casual lunch with friends! And, of course, this wouldn’t be the hairstyle it is if it weren’t for the stunning mousy brown hue draping the strands. This is a spectacular hairstyle for your mousy brown locks!

13. Soft Mousy Brown Hair

We are here with this beautiful mousy brown technique, and we comment that the term “mousy,” or shy in other words, refers to a feeling of soft and discreet lighting that seeks the naturalness in the mane to enhance the natural color of the hair. We are talking about a flash effect that softens hair but stays true to its original color. That’s mousy brown for you!

14. Mousy Brown Hair with Chestnut Highlights

This spectacular hairstyle is made possible by juxtaposing two stunning hair colors together! The hues above are gorgeous mousy brown and chestnut brown! They are in the same color family, and they for sure make one good hair combination!

15. Long Mousy Brown Hair

Achieve this look by applying a shade above the original base color in the roots area and between one or two lighter tones throughout the rest of the hair. This altogether conveys a juxtaposition that is ever so spectacular!

16. Mousy Brown Low Ponytail with Blonde Highlights

Ladies, get your ponies up and flaunted with this hairstyle right here! This excellent ponytail look is achieved using blonde highlights on the base of mousy brown hair. It is elegant, classic, and perfect for any event or occasion!

17. Mousy Brown Soft Razor Bob Cut

The texture of this hairstyle is just out of this world! The hue and the soft layers are just so stunning! You get this when the color, blow-dry, and light come perfectly together. This is what we call a tossable perfection! 

18. Long Shaggy Mousy Brown Hair

Every element in this look contributes to making a hairstyle that will ultimately pique your interest! The bangs, face-framing pieces, the shaggy haircut, and of course, the color are all vital to making this look the eye-catching look that it is!

19. Mousy Brown Blunt Bob

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous straight line, right? This particular hairstyle highlights and complements your natural facial features incredibly. The mousy brown hue all over the look is pleasant to the eye!

20. Mousy Brown Voluminous High Pony

This high ponytail hairstyle is the look you need to covet! The pony was sectioned out before putting it together to give that voluminous look and then flat ironed. This gives us elegant and sexy vibes, thanks to the stunning color!

21. Bumpy Mousy Brown Bubble Braids

If you are one of those women who are into a daring and creative side, you might want to try out this look we have here for you! The mousy brown braids are twisted and tied to make this extravagant and bold hairstyle. What a look!

22. Light Mousy Brown French Bob

We can’t get enough bobs, so here we are again with another variation! Whip your inner sass and try out this stunning mousy brown French bob. Dream of France while donning this look, and you will be all set!

23. Messy Mousy Brown Shaggy Cut

This warm shade of mousy brown gives this look a dreamy vibe! The look we have here before you is a shaggy haircut with wispy bangs and face-framing pieces. This is absolutely a look that you need to try!

24. Shoulder-Length Mousy Brown Hair

Flaunt your natural mane with an extra juice of gorgeousness with this look right before you! The shoulder-length hairstyle is perfect for women of any age and generation. Especially if you go with a mousy brown hue, you’ll undoubtedly be the belle of the party!

25. Natural Curly Mousy Brown Hair

Natural curly-haired ladies are not exempted from getting the gorgeous mousy brown hair, of course! Show off your wild and bouncy curls with this look right here. The color and the texture gave this look its attitude!

26. Wavy Medium Length Mousy Brown Hair

The wavy texture on this look complements the mousy brown hue exceptionally, if we may say so. This look is trendy and perfect for women, whatever their age. We cannot help but tell mousy brown all the way!

27. Mousy Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

What better way to highlight your face than trying out these pair of curtain bangs right here, right? All the more reason for this gorgeous hairstyle is the mousy brown hue flowing perfectly all over the look!

28. Mousy Brown Highlights on Natural Brown Hair

Is your mane brown, and you’re looking to give it a natural shine without resorting to extreme bleaching? You must try these mousy brown highlights! They are perfect for illuminating the face and creating a much more realistic effect. 

There are a few things to remember when choosing a hairstyle for mousy brown hair.

First, you want to ensure that your chosen style complements your face shape.

Secondly, you’ll want to consider the texture of your hair and whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair.

And lastly, you’ll want to think about what kind of image you want to project. Do you want to look sophisticated? Fun and flirty? Elegant?

Once you’ve considered all of these factors, it’s time to get the mousy brown hair that will make you look fabulous!

There you have it, gorgeous ladies! We hope those mousy brown hair ideas inspired you for your next hair adventure. Let us know which of these you will do on your locks!

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