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28 Trendsetting Balayage on Black Hair Looks to Try in 2023

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Balayage and black hair: two elements that when combined, can create a stunning visual symphony. If you’ve ever thought that balayage is only for those with lighter locks, it’s time to dispel that myth. Dark hair provides a rich, contrasting background that makes lighter tones pop, bringing a multi-dimensional magic like no other. Why settle for a flat, monochromatic look when you can have layers of vibrant color?

This year, balayage on black hair is redefining trendiness, offering a refreshing twist on an already popular technique.

We’ve consulted with top hairstylists, delved into the latest trends, and handpicked 28 of the most jaw-dropping balayage looks to invigorate your dark tresses. So whether you’re looking to make a subtle change or craving a complete hair overhaul, read on. These inspirational styles are about to make you the trendsetter of 2023.

1. Chocolate Brown Balayage on Black Hair

Dive into the mesmerizing allure of deep chocolate waves, a seamless blend of balayage on a canvas of rich black hair. The gentle transition from dark roots to lighter tips gives a multi-dimensional and voluminous look, enhancing the natural flow of the hair. Perfect for those who want a subtle change without a drastic departure from their dark locks.

2. Caramel Balayage on Black Hair

Elevate your natural locks with a sophisticated blend of rich black and warm caramel hues. The caramel balayage seamlessly melts into the black base, producing a gradient of sun-kissed highlights that dance through each strand. This luxurious transformation not only enhances depth but also introduces a captivating play of light and shadow. Embrace this style for a dynamic and modern twist, guaranteeing a head-turning presence wherever you go.

3. Blonde and Light Brown Balayage on Black Hair

Journey from deep black roots to shimmering blonde tips with this striking balayage combination. The interplay of light brown and blonde creates a natural transition, mimicking the sun’s artful touch. Every strand tells a story of contrasts, from the profound richness of the base to the luminosity of the ends.

4. Midnight Balayage on Black Hair

Step into the mystique of the night with this enchanting midnight balayage. The deep, inky black base seamlessly melts into sapphire-hued ends, reminiscent of a clear, starlit sky. With each subtle wave, the blue undertones shimmer, offering a peek into the depths of the cosmos. Ideal for those desiring a touch of fantasy without a drastic change, this style elegantly combines boldness with sophistication. As the colors dance in different lighting, you’ll find yourself transported to a realm where beauty knows no bounds.

5. Burgundy Balayage on Black Hair

A sultry play of color, the burgundy balayage on black hair is an embodiment of passionate elegance. The deep black roots gradually give way to intense shades of burgundy, creating a fiery cascade of color that evokes the essence of a fine red wine. The interplay of dark and light tones adds depth and dimension, making each strand come alive with vibrancy.

6. Purple Balayage on Black Hair

Add a splash of magic to your locks with this eye-catching purple balayage on black hair. The rich black base smoothly transitions into vibrant shades of purple, giving a playful yet sophisticated twist to your look. This color combination is perfect for those wanting to make a bold statement while keeping things chic and stylish.

7. Silver Balayage on Black Hair

Dive into a world of elegance with this shimmering silver balayage on black hair. The deep black roots seamlessly blend into a cascade of silver waves, creating a mesmerizing contrast. Perfect for those aiming for a chic and modern edge, this hairdo captures the essence of style and grace.

8. Vibrant Blue Balayage on Black Hair

Step into the realm of the extraordinary with this stunning blue balayage on a rich black base. This design flawlessly transitions from jet-black roots to a sapphire cascade, adding depth and intrigue to your mane. The vibrant blue hues capture the essence of the ocean’s mysteries and the night sky’s enchantment.

9. Dark Brown Balayage on Black Hair

We are yet again on the brown territory because who can get enough of all the gorgeous brunette shades, right? Especially if they are on a stunning base of dark-colored locks. In this particular look, a gorgeous dark brown shade is displayed beautifully in a balayage manner So stunning!

10. Fiery Red Balayage on Black Hair

This fiery hairstyle is for all the fiery and feisty women out there who want to express themselves through their hair! The thing about the balayage technique is that it enables you to exude off a nice flawless finish while incorporating multiple colors. In this case, the fiery red is on a bed of black-colored mane, and we love it so much!

11. Icy Blonde Balayage on Black Hair

This frosty blonde shade resembles a natural blonde with a modern touch. Using the balayage process, the icy blonde hue is applied to the hair on top of a base of black hair. If it doesn’t convince you, we don’t know what will!

12. Burnt Brown Balayage on Black Hair

This balayage hairstyle speaks so much while showing so little. In a base of a dark-colored mane, this stunning, burnt brown hue is showcased through the balayage technique, of course. And it just made us love the look even more.

13. Hazelnut Balayage in Black Hair

This base-breaking balayage look is a perfect option if you want to start your transition to lighter hair. With this balayage technique and tone, you will for sure make all the brunette lovers in awe!

14. Gold Balayage on Black Hair

Just like a gold jewel in dark sand, this balayage technique perfectly epitomizes that statement. Because this hairstyle is done on a bed of black locks, the gold balayage highlights stand out extraordinarily!

15. Blonde Balayage on Black Hair

If ever you leave the hair salon with a hairstyle like this, we assure you that you would leave with a smile on your face! This balayage style is ideal if you want the blonde shade but also want to warm up your face a bit.

16. Golden Brown Balayage on Black Hair

How about black hair with a golden brown balayage? This hairstyle is expertly and precisely colored, giving it a soft and fashionable appearance. The balayage technique also gave the look a dreamy vibe to it.

17. Dirty Blonde Balayage on Black Hair

Just check out this dirty blonde look we have here for you! We can say that this is an absolute work of art just by looking at the gorgeous strands. The vibrance of the dirty blonde hue and the subtleness of the black hair when put together is such a masterpiece!

18. Ash Balayage on Black Hair

Ash hair color is one of the newest trends, thus this balayage tale would be incomplete without this elegant shade. You could very well see the cool brown undertones that this look has, and it just added to its whole personality!

19. Blue Balayage on Black Hair

Fantasies are formed with hairstyles like this gorgeous mid-length one; it looks like it was created with a stencil because it is so silky and vibrant. The blue shade holds on to the end portion of the hair and it’s just so eye-catching!

20. Teal Balayage on Black Hair

These straight strands are the contents of a teal lover’s dream! It’s amazing how these beautiful, smooth tresses are dyed a bizarre teal. The color combination undoubtedly looks so stunning while it fades out from a base of black hair.

21. Gray Balayage on Black Hair

The vogue for gray hair started a few years ago, and it has since only improved vastly. Elements of black and coal are incorporated within the color shift, which fades out to a stunning silver. We are all in love!

22. Coffee Bean Roast Balayage on Black hair

Because of how energized the colors are in this hairstyle, a brand-new type of caffeine obsession is emerging. The classic black seamlessly transitions to a roasted brown color. Women with all hair lengths will love this style!

23. Rose Gold Balayage on Black Hair

The preference that just never flops is rose gold. It is seamlessly transitioned from the dark natural shade to the bizarre pink and warm pink undertones. We guarantee that whenever you wear this look, you would feel like a dream!

24. Green Balayage on Black Hair

This shade is the most upscale variant of green that we could consider. This is the perfect way to breathe a new lease into your drab, shoulder-length bob. Isn’t this hairstyle just gorgeous?

25. Blue and Green Balayage on an A-Line Black Bob Cut

Because we can’t get enough of them on their own, so we decided to put them together! And isn’t that one of the greatest things in life you can look at? More so when it’s actually on your hair so covet this look now!

26. Mahogany Balayage on Black Hair

We all certainly love this mahogany look! The hairstyle is liberally speckled beginning quite near the base. The mahogany brown that the black hair color is faded out to gives the appearance of low lighting and depth.

27. Auburn Balayage on Black Hair

This look is just stupefying however you look at it! Prominent highlights in the balayage are present in the hairline and the face-framing tresses, growing sparser as you move toward the nape. The result is hypnotic in every way.

28. Lavender Balayage on Black Hair

This style has shimmery undertones that give it a lavender luxurious feel by adding a little touch of spice to the appearance. Any hair type or texture can rock this look beautifully. We are absolutely in love!

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