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15 Jaded Braids Ideas That Will Make You the Talk of the Town

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


This style is taking the hair trend by storm! Here we have a hairstyle that is the ultimate center of all the popular trending hairstyles. It’s called Jaded Braids, taking the TikTok platform in a whirl!

What are Jaded Braids?

The combination of locs, box braids, bubble braids, twists, and ornaments create this Jaded Braid hairstyle. It is an eccentric, vibrant, and eye-catching hairstyle that will make everyone’s jaws gape open.

We can say that it is definitely worth the read! So, scroll away now! Check out these jaded braids ideas that will make you the talk of the town.

1. Purple Jaded Braids 


What way to start this article than with a bang! The jade braid style is sweeping us off our feet, and if that is not enough, the purple braids with pink highlights are there to complete and bring the whole look together! This hairstyle we have here is indeed an eye-turner.

2. Orange Jaded Braids


While we are on the vibrant talk, it cannot get more energetic than this hairstyle before you! Something unique about the juxtaposition of the braids, color, and accessories makes us turn our attention to it!

3. Half-and-half Jaded Braids


Why bother selecting between two colors when you can opt for using both colors at the same time? The half-blonde, half-red look provides a pleasing contrast to the eyes! This stunning, two-toned jaded braid hairstyle is one incredibly gorgeous look.

4. Navy Blue Jaded Braids


The color in this hairstyle may not be as vibrant as the others will be on this list, but boy, we say it is stupefying! This navy-blue braid look with blonde highlights is the way to go! 

5. Ponytail Jaded Braids


We all know what the jaded braids look like flowing down, but it’s a different vibe when put into this gorgeous ponytail! Aside from the fabulous style, the color in this look is also one for the books. The different shades of blue are indeed a charm! 

6. Short Pink Jaded Braids 


We have this look here because pink is always on the table. The pink and blonde are like peaches and cream; they’re a perfect combination! The length here is ideal for women who want something more manageable and need less maintenance.

7. Black and Blue Jaded Braids


Now, why don’t we sit and talk about this blue-fire hairstyle? The color combination is just one element to making this look the fantastic look that it is. The bubble braids add such a fun little touch as well! 

8. Maroon and Black Jaded Braids


This is such a charming jaded braid look that you should try it out yourself! The maroon and black color combination is indeed a great thing. The addition of twists in this look is fantastic!

9. Vibrant Jaded Braids


This multi-colored jaded braid hairstyle will appeal to those women who have a fun and quirky personality or to those who want to have a vibrant look! The pinks, purples, and a touch of black and green here and there are enough to turn heads, but we are not stopping there. The gorgeous accessories in this hairstyle also made this look the eye-catcher!

10. Strawberry Shortcake Jaded Braids 


We have here another pink hairstyle because you can’t get enough of it! This look is strawberry shortcake inspired as it has its colors and sweetness! The combination of pink, blue, and platinum blonde all put up to this jaded braid style is just everything and more!

11. Jaded Braids with Curls


We cannot fathom just how gorgeous this jaded braid look is! There are a lot of elements and details that contribute to making this hairstyle a stunning one. The colors, the jaded braid style, and the luscious curls all melt into one fabulous look!

12. Red Wine Jaded Braids


This lovely wine-red jaded braid hairstyle is the ultimate definition of a dreamy look! This charming hairstyle has this lovely shade of red all over, while different types of braids and accessories bring the whole look together!

13. Purple Half-Up Half-Down Jaded Braids


This jaded braid look is just absolute perfection! Combined with a little pink and black, the purples just scream cool and chic. The half-up jaded braid buns are such a good styling as well.

14. Platinum Blonde Jaded Braids 


Platinum blonde is the ultimate way to go if you want to have a trendy and fun look for yourself! The jaded braids we have right here are in this platinum blonde color, and with all the braids and accessories, this will be the look of your fantasies!

15. Gold and Blue Jaded Braids


Aside from the usual laid-back flowing jaded braid style, we have a double jaded braid bun situation here. We know this styling is already a jaw-dropper, but the colors in this look are an incredibly perfect color combination!

We are ending the article here, gorgeous ladies! These are different jaded braid hairstyle ideas for you to consider. Don’t forget to let us know which of these you will sport on your hair!

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