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25 Half-Up Half-Down Braids That Will Make You Look Like a Goddess

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


There’s something about half-up half-down braids that makes them so effortlessly chic. Whether wearing them for a casual day out or dressing them up for a special occasion, they always look great.

What are Half-Up Half-Down Braids?

Half-up half-down braids are exactly what they sound like – a braid that goes from the top of your head down the back and stops halfway. This leaves the bottom half of your hair free to flow down your back or to be styled in another way.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to half-up half-down braids. You can use a simple three-strand braid or get more creative with fishtail braids, French braids, or Dutch braids. You can also experiment with different placements, such as a side braid or a crown braid. And, of course, you can always dress them up with pretty hair accessories.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to style your half-up half-down braids, check out these gorgeous examples.

25 Half-Up Half-Down Braids

1. Half Up and Half Down Braids with Curly Ends


We are excited to tell you that we are obsessed with this style! The raven-colored small braids are presented to us with a slight golden hue. And the one thing that makes this look so pleasing is the half-up half-down braid technique with curly ends, and we all love it!

2. Jumbo Half-up Half-Down Black and Brown Braids


The coolness and sass this style oozes are a delight to the eye! The jumbo braids are both put high up into a bun, a-while the rest of the braids flow down the back of the head like a masterpiece! We guess that one look at this stunning hairstyle would make you want this look for yourself, too!

3. Tri-toned Large Half-up Half-Down Braids 


Flaunt your hairstyle that looks good with these half-up half-down lengthy braids! In addition to the perfectly crafted braid style, the three colors that encompass the look is just a delight to the person taking a gander!

4. Half-up Half-Down Braids with Double Space Buns 


If you are looking more towards a cute yet trendy and stunning half-up half-down braid style, this look might be just for you! The most adorable space buns are on top of the hair, while the rest lay back gorgeously on stunning braids. Such a look!

5. Half-Up Half-Down Medium Braids


We all know by now that braids come in different sizes and styles. And we are here to tell you that the class and the sass never change in all those sizes! Just take a good gander at these half-up half-down medium-sized braids and tell me that that’s not a bomb hairstyle! The curly ends add additional lovely detail to the look as well!

6. Half-Up Half-Down Braids with Multiple Space Buns 


Instead of the more common solo bun on top, try out this half-up half-down braid style for a unique look! The bronze-tinted braids are styled with several space buns on the upper portion, while the lower part of the hair is laid out beautifully. What a look!

7. Asymmetrical Half-up Half-Down Braids 


Are you tired of the usual straight up half-up half-down braid style? Then try out this asymmetrical half-up half-down braid look we have here tailored for you! The asymmetrically placed bun is preceded by fabulous cornrow braids and ends with bouncy, curly hair!

8. Purple Ombre Half-up Half-down Braids


The long and luscious braids are dyed with a gorgeous shade of purple. On top of that, the ombre dye technique is utilized to make this look like a hairstyle to covet! We can say that we won’t ever get tired of shooting a glance at this beauty of a look!

9. Half-up Half-Down Extra-Large Braids with Small Braids Hairstyle


At first glance, you might be intimidated by this look but trust us when we say this will give you the coolness and sass no other style would ever be able to give! That’s due to the extra-large braids encapsulating the half-up half-down raven strands.

10. Platinum Half-up Half-down Braids


You know what they say, blondes get the most fun! So, we would not finish this article without including a classic and stunning platinum blonde look! The braids are styled in this half-up half-down style, which made us appreciate the look even more!

11. Half-Up Half-Down Black and Brown Braids


Did you also stare at this look and think, ‘this should be my next look’? Because we also did! Well, you cannot deny the gorgeousness that this hairstyle oozes. The black and brown-colored braids are styled in this half-up half-down, and we all like to see it!

12. Half-Up Half-Down with Central Braids


And what did you think would make a bouncy, curly look like this even more extravagant? You are right if you said braids! If you want your curly look to be taken up to the next level, you should style it in this half-up half-down manner with a central braid in the middle portion. We’d all love to see it!

13. Half-Up Half-Down Braids with Twists


Believe us when we tell you that you will go all out and get the best of all worlds with this hairstyle! The lengthy half-up half-down twists are paired with a gorgeous set of braids at the top, and it makes us awe in wonder!

14. Tribal Style Half-Up Half-Down Braids


If you want a unique-looking and eye-catching style for your braids, try this tribal half-up half-down look! Preceding the gorgeous half bun are the tribal braiding styles that appeal to the crowd!

15. Half-Up Half-Down Cornrow Braids


This look is more like a half-up cornrow, half-down individual braids style. And that adds to its style and makes it look gorgeously unique! Alongside the bun on top, we have cornrow braids looking good and individual braids flowing on the lower portion of the hair.

16. Half-Up Half-Down Brown and Platinum Braids


Just one glance at this gorgeous spectacle will send you gawking at it! Tiny braids lead up to a majestic big bun on top, and if you pan out lower, you will see a cluster of braids draping flawlessly. Of course, all those are dyed with this brown and platinum hue, which is stunning!

17. Neat Half-Up Half-Down Braids with Curls


We can say that it cannot be any neater than this! Uniform-sized braids help contribute to an ultimate excellent look and are styled up in this half-up half-down manner, and it is one for the books! The fun doesn’t end there because we have bouncy curls incorporated into the look!

18. Voluminous Half-up Half-Down Braids with Curls


Now, this is one way to be an absolute badass! The cornrows that precede the half-ponytail are just so unique! The pronounced edges and the luscious, bouncy curls complete the whole look! The volume on this hairstyle is just out of this world!

19. Half-Up Half-Down Braids with Highlights


If length and gorgeousness are what you are looking for in a look, you might want to check out this look before you do! The lengthy braids are put into this half-up half-down braid style with a bright highlight!

20. Half-Up Half-Down Braids with Accessories


This elegant and overly stunning hairstyle is already gorgeous on its own. Still, with the addition of these beautiful hair accessories, it even is brought up to a whole new level! The hair rings and strings are a delightful detail to this half-up half-down braid look!

21. Neon Green Half-Up Half-Down Braids 


This is a look to try if you want to express your bold and daring personality! The look has a half-up half-down style with two double buns on the top and stunning braids at the bottom. The neon green hue snatches the whole look away!

22. Half-Up Half-Down Diagonal Braids


Add a touch of tribal to your braids by doing these diagonal-patterned half-up half-down braids! If you shy away from the usual, direct braid look, then you must try out this look, and trust us when we say that this is such a look of wonder!

23. Half-Up Half-Down Braids with Design


The style and technique of this hairstyle are unique and lovely as ever! We have a half-up braid with such a stunning design pattern here. Meanwhile, the rest of the hair has these loose waves, which is a delight!

24. Thigh-High Half-Up Half-Down Braids


If length is what you want, then the length is what you will get! Because in this look, length is one of its key points. Thigh-high half-up half-down braids are styled so beautifully, and with the addition of curls, this had been a look to try!

25. Half-Up Half-Down Curved Braids


Do you want to put a stunning detail to your braid style? Then you must try out this hairstyle we have before you! We have a half-up curved braid with that flair and uniqueness here. Meanwhile, we see the braids that are flowing ever so gorgeously!

That’s it for today, ladies! We hope it gave you enough inspiration for your next hair venture. These are half-up half-down hairstyles you will love! Let us know which of these you will wear on your hair!

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