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30 Baddie Hairstyles That Will Make You Feel Confident

If we had to define the baddie look in a few words, it would be appealing, assertive, and daring. These great baddies styles on our list will provide you with the inspiration you’ve been looking for if you are somebody who closely follows new trends, attracts attention with style, and always looks stylish.

We have compiled all the outstanding possibilities in our list, including hairstyles that set social media records, celebrities’ bomb hairstyles that flash on the red carpet, and hairstyles that draw attention while walking down the street.

No matter your hair type or texture, you will find the perfect baddie hairstyle on our list. We have everything from sleek and straight baddie looks to voluminous and curly ones. And if you are looking for a style sure to turn heads, we have plenty of those too.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll through our list of baddie hairstyles and find the perfect one for you.

1. Half Up Half Down


The green Versace dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the Grammys in 2000 was one of the iconic moments for the fashion world. What about the hairstyle she chose for this gorgeous dress? It was the half-up half-down style that was both simple, quick, and very stylish! This hairstyle, which has not lost popularity for years and suits women of all styles, is undoubtedly one of our favorites.

2. Long Locs 


Even if you don’t have long hair, you can still achieve the authentic, low-maintenance, and always eye-catching locs style with hair extensions. Your heart will be won over by the stunning appearance of this hairstyle, which has all the characteristics of the baddie style.

3. Sleek Updo 


The sleek updo always looks neat, stylish, and impressive; When completed with the right makeup and accessories, it creates a perfect look. For the sleek updo style, makeup artists suggest makeup styles that will highlight the eyes and eyebrows.

4. Voluminous Curls 


The crêpe comb will add volume to your curly hair, making it more stunning than ever. By finger-wave styling baby hair, you can elevate your appearance. 

5. Bantu Knots 


We recently came across these traditional Bantu knots on Instagram and fell in love with them because they are one of the most striking hairstyles done by African women.

6. Half Updo 


Long hair shaped with romantic waves, completed with a half updo from the top that will make a face look longer, creates an irresistible look for baddies.

7. Afro Curls 


Among the timeless and alluring trends that have existed and will continue to exist in the fashion world for years is the combination of huge earrings and Afro curls. One of the best options for baddies who aren’t hesitant to draw attention to themselves will be this hairdo.

8. Nostalgic High Ponytail 


This stylish and high ponytail, which Ariana Grande often prefers, suits baddie girls who always like to look assertive!

9. Extreme Short Hair 


The baddie girl who wants to reveal the beauty of her face will shine with an extremely short haircut! Expert makeup artists usually recommend nude lips, voluminous eyelashes, and glittery eye makeup for this haircut.

10. Colorful Lob Style 


Modern, striking, and effortless. While the bob style has these features on its own, the bob colored with different colors is a high level! The bob, colored with the sparkling nobility of the navy blue color, is one of the best examples of this.

11. Match Brow And Hair 


Matching the colors of your eyebrows and hair creates a great look! Especially with the color selection in warm red tones, you will give your face a warm glow.

12. Curly Updo 


A messy updo, perhaps, best suits curly hair! The style, where you can freely display your curls, combines flamboyant eye makeup (especially colored eyeliner, a recent trend), creating an excellent baddie look.

13. Butterfly Hair Clips 


How about making nostalgia in your style? Butterfly clips, which we’ve recently started seeing again on Instagram and are highly acclaimed, reflect the baddie style perfectly! An inspiring choice for self-confident baddies who can experiment with different things in their style without hesitation.

14. Ponytail Braid


Another gorgeous style that will reveal your face is; a high ponytail braid. This style, an exquisite choice for long hair, also looks great with heavy makeup. It is a look that you can easily use on special occasions or in a daily style without less makeup.

15. Half Space Buns 


Another classic style, space buns, is a fantastic blend of current and retro when done halfway. We can’t think of anything better than this for those who pursue a sporty and active style!

16. Hair Clips, On Both Sides 


The hair clips style, frequently preferred by famous names such as Chloë Grace Moretz and  Bella Hadid in their daily styles, is completed by dividing the hair in the middle and using it on both sides. A complete baddies style with both stylish and easy! 

17. Effortless Face Framing  


Would you like to make your hair look glamorous without extra effort? This is possible with face-framing coloring! You will acquire a distinctive shine on your face and an out-of-the-ordinary style if you dye the section of hair that frames your face a different color. 

18. Dutch Braids 


Dutch braids have always been a  preferred, admired, and enchanting hairstyle for baddies looking for a remarkable and elegant style. 

19. Side Bubble Braids 


How to adapt your style to the baddie style with the help of a few rubber bands; here is an example of this unique and magnificent look! 

20. Wispy Bangs 


With amazing makeup, the wispy bang duo draws attention to your face and ensures that you always have a stylish look. 

21. Mid-Parted Straight Hair 


One of the easiest and simplest styles is mid-parted hair; The trick is to hide chubby cheeks by making a face look long! The style of smoky eye makeup matches exceptionally well; with tiny changes, it can become your favorite baddie style. 

22. Baby Braids 


Perrie Edwards, Hailey Bieber, Ciara; all baddie girls love this style! You will not be able to give up these modern, accessible, attention-grabbing braids. 

23. One-Sided Voluminous Lob 


The more volume, the more style! The charming baddie style with your cool hair is one of the trends that will never go out of fashion. 

24. Box Braids 


What if we told you that your hair could be both fashionable and hair-protective? Box braids give you a  charming look that you may use for a long time while protecting your hair and promoting healthy growth. 

25. Finger Waves On Baby Hair 


A bombshell style! Baby hair shaped with finger waves; creates a complete look with your fluffy and unique curly hair. 

26. Nostalgia 


Your medium-length hair will have a lot of charm thanks to this nostalgic style, which will offer your face a great angle. When one side of your hair is used as a bang, the sleek and edgy appearance is captivating. 

27. With Metallic Accessories 


Accessories such as metallic glittering rings and beads that you will use to decorate your hair; are very trendy this year. Remember, a baddie girl always follows the trend! 

28. Knotless Braids 


Hair weaves, which start with a natural look and are knot-free, never apply stress and tension to your scalp. This attractive style, which you can use for 2-3 months, is the perfect choice for baddie girls looking for a charming and long-lasting style. 

29. Blonde Bob 


The bob hairstyle is a great alternative to highlight the beauty of your face when finished in a very light blonde shade. Especially baddie women with colored eyes and complementary makeup will be dedicated fan of this hairstyle!

30. Brunette Wavy With Bangs 


This long, wavy brunette hair with bangs is stunning for the baddie style that is both natural and does not want to give up a stylish look! The impact and beauty of mysterious and stunning style never fade. 

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