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30 Stunning Red Box Braids Styles To Copy

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Red box braids are a fun and bold way to style your hair. Whether you’re looking for a new way to wear your box braids or you’re trying out the style for the first time, these red box braids styles will have you looking fierce.

Everyone has a red box braid style, from bright red box braids to more subtle auburn hues. And with so many different ways to style them, you can wear your red box braids in various ways. Whether you’re looking for a protective style or want to try something new, these red box braids styles are sure to inspire you.

Gorgeous shades of red, each more than the other, create exquisite styles on their own. However, if you want to spice up your look and achieve great effects with little effort, you’ve come to the correct place!

These red box braids ideas will fascinate you with their permanence for up to 10 weeks and the red sparkles on our list, each more beautiful than the other!

30 Red Box Braids Hairstyles

1. Fancy Box Braids

Red box braids are fashionable and captivating on their own. However, by accessorizing this distinctive style with metallic accessories, you will draw all attention to your hair and maintain your style in the spotlight.

2. Red Box Braids For Lob

A style worth seeing combines the red box braid’s sophisticated attitude with the lob style’s forceful appearance. A busy workday, sports day, or the first day of the perfect holiday… These virtually maintenance-free hairstyles, which are appropriate for any situation, will be the highlight of your look.

3. Medium Size Box Braids

Box braid looks gorgeous, but medium size is our favorite! You’ll adore how your hair looks with the blazing red color you chose for your style. The use of medium size box braids, which can be determined by women with both thick and fine hair, will be among the things you cannot give up.

4. One-Sided Burgundy Box Braids

Hair split to one side gives off a cool and fashionable appearance by providing the face with a beautiful angle. On the other hand, burgundy is one of the most magnificent shades of red. Your style’s followers will grow due to the beautiful red color and this purple undertone!

5. Copper Braids With Side Heart

With its sparkling copper color and metallic posture, it will, even more, elevate the box braid style. You can use a braid with the side heart technique to give a heart shape to your hair to further this unique appearance. You will be captivated by the beauty of this style when it comes from the hands of master hairstylists!

6. Fire Hair Ends

You can add a fire red color to the ends of box braids made with your natural hair color to light up your style! This bold and confident look will be the best choice for women who want to catch the dynamic style and trend.

7. Half Updo

The half updo is one hairstyle that goes well with box braids because of their traditional appearance. Given that it is simple to do and gives your hair a stylish volume, it will let you draw admiration with your red box braid style.

8. Beaded Red Box Braids

This red box braid style will look completely traditional if you add beads to the ends of your hair! This style blends classic and modern elements and has become one of our favorites!

9. Mid-Parted Red Box Braids

One of the practical and effortless hairstyles that hairstylists always like for hiding full cheeks is a mid part. Thanks to the red box braids, your gorgeous hair will be admired for its shine.

10. Goddess Style Box Braids

You may add goddess braid touches to the red box braid style by leaving part of your hair in curls rather than braiding it. We can’t stop staring at this hairdo because it is both very Boho and trendy.

11. Box Braid With Knot

Due to the hair strands being divided into a square shape, hair braids, which originated with the knot technique, are classified as box braids. The best style tips for confident ladies to choose a style that highlights your face’s excellent shape.

12. Jumbo Style

You can create thicker braids using faux hair extensions or your hair. These red jumbo braids are so eye-catching that you’ll have to push yourself to look away!

13. High Copper Ponytail

With the ponytail style, the metallic, sparkling copper color’s captivating appearance is elevated to a new level of beauty. This style will be your top choice if you want to highlight the attractiveness of your face in the most fashionable way possible!

14. Trendy Half Up Half Down

The half-up, half-down style has long been one of the most popular due to how simple it is to do and how elegant it looks. Have you tried this amazing red box braid style yet? You’ll adore the result!

15. Classy Look With Box Braids

The red color and long braided hair make a stunning combination. This classy look can help you reconnect with your roots and show off your sophisticated side.

16. Fully Red

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for a haircut for thick, bushy hair that takes less maintenance but still maintains its spectacular appeal. You can create a voluminous look and draw attention to yourself by braiding small-size braids of your thick hair.

17. Butt Length Red Braids

Longer hair, sleeker braids! Although the braiding process with your long hair takes some time, this result is a style that is worth it. With the ease of use of butt-length red box braids, you will realize that you have put up with the hassle of using long hair for nothing.

18. Red Ombre Box Braids

Ombre is one of the most awe-inspiring hair coloring techniques. Trying the ombre in red with the box braid will provide a gorgeous style refresh for brunette women!

19. Side Red Braids

Side coloring is one of the best methods for achieving the iconic red hair look. For women who are confident in their style and have high levels of self-confidence, this wonderful difference is indeed suggested!

20. Curly Ends

If you want to give a different style to the classic look of hair braids, We can’t think of a better option than the red box braid with curly ends.

21. Modern Lob Style

This red box braids style provides a distinctive and highly trendy look by combining the lob style at the top of modern haircuts.

22. With Finger Waves

Box braids are one of the most popular and unique African-style braids. When you complete this unique style with baby hair shaped in a finger wave style, You will be fascinated by its characteristic and unique appearance.

23. Vivid Red Braids With Curls

If you want to give a different style to the classic look of hair braids, We can’t think of a better option than the red box braid with curly ends.

24. Metallic Tones Of Red

Do you like red but aren’t sure what shade? Watch out for this stunning metallic color! Long box braids look even more stunning thanks to the red color’s radiance.

25. Red Sparkles On Brunette Box Braids

Your natural brunette hair will look even more mysterious with the addition of red sparkles. Thanks to this exquisite color harmony, you will be the center of attention every season with your style.

26. Blonde Blend With Red Box Braids

While the red small-size box braids are the best on their own, adding blonde hair extensions will give you a contrasted look that will draw attention.

27. Voluminous Updo With Red Box Braids

The high and voluminous updo created with this red box braid is undoubtedly one of those styles if you want to leave a lasting impression. We don’t think there is a more characteristic look for your bright red hair!

28. Mahogany Box Braids With Wavy Ends

With little tone variations, red hair can take on entirely new looks. For instance, mahogany offers a more noble and beautiful aesthetic, while fire red creates a more energetic and sporty appearance. One of the most elegant and graceful looks may be achieved with a mahogany hue and long box braids with wavy hair.

29. Completely Red Box Braids

If you are a redhead woman, this color will look like it was invented for you! For women whose hair shines red, it will bring a very modern difference to box braid styles.

30. Long, Curly Ends, Mid-Parted: The Perfect Look

Do we need to tell you what the result is when all the great features come together? You won’t be able to say no to the red box braid style with this exquisite look.

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