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30 Cute Messy Bun Hairstyles You Will Definitely Love

Written By: Ghanima Abdullah


The messy bun is more than just a quick way to fix bad hair days. It’s a style that looks good no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Want to know the best part? There are so many ways to make a messy bun your own!

We’ve put together a list of 30 cute messy bun ideas that you’re going to love. From simple styles to ones with braids and accessories, we have something for everyone. So if you want to look great with little effort, keep reading to find your next favorite messy bun look.

1. Twisted Elegance in a Bun

When you want a touch of class with a sprinkle of messy, this twisted bun is your go-to. Soft strands are carefully twisted, piled, and pinned, letting a few wisps dance freely. It’s the perfect balance of neat and playful, making it ideal for both a fancy night out or a laid-back brunch. Pair it with dangly earrings and you’re set to turn heads. Simple, yet so stylish!

2. Effortless Bun with Scrunchie Elegance

When casual meets chic, you get this. A loose bun, gently secured with a classic white scrunchie. The subtle highlights accentuate the tousled look, giving off a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. It’s the perfect go-to for days when you want your hair up and out of the way but still want to make a style statement. The scrunchie adds a touch of nostalgia, making this bun not just a hairstyle, but a mood. Perfect for any outing or even a day at home. Beauty in simplicity.

3. Bun Touched by Loose Curls

The beauty of this hairstyle lies in its simplicity. With gentle waves framing the face and the main body of hair swept into a relaxed bun, it epitomizes effortless style. The added loose strands give it a touch of casual elegance, making it ideal for any occasion, from a laid-back brunch to a sophisticated evening event.

4. Twisted Bun with Pearls

This bun hairstyle radiates a classic charm, complemented by delicately twisted strands and adorned with pearls. The design looks intricate, yet carries an air of sophistication. The wispy loose hairs add a playful touch, blending both the formal and casual elements beautifully. Perfect for those moments when you want your hair to be the showstopper.

5. Tousled Top Knot High Bun

This high bun captures the essence of casual chic, with its carefree tousled layers. The rich dark tones intertwined with subtle highlights give depth and dimension to the hairstyle. It’s a versatile look that can transition from daytime outings to evening events with ease. The gentle flyaways add a touch of whimsy, making it a favorite for those who love a playful yet polished appearance.

6. Casual Mini Bun

This bun hairstyle effortlessly combines elegance with a laid-back vibe. Sitting atop the head, the mini bun showcases contrasting hair colors, blending dark roots with silvery tips. The loose strands framing the face give it a fresh and youthful appeal. Perfect for a day out or a cozy sweater weather moment, this style is the embodiment of modern charm and simplicity.

7. Blonde Tousled Twirls in a Bun

This hairstyle speaks of elegance in every twirl and twist. The blonde hues dance in harmony with the playful turns of this messy bun. Subtle strands cascade freely, adding an aura of casual beauty. Paired with cozy settings or a morning coffee view, it’s a look that truly captures the essence of relaxed sophistication.

8. Elevated Curly Bun

Embrace the charm of curls with this elevated messy bun hairstyle. The natural texture of the curls adds a playful twist to the classic bun, making it a standout style. Ideal for both casual outings and special events, this bun not only secures your hair but also showcases its beautiful volume. Dive into the messy bun trend with this curly rendition and let your hair make a statement.

9. Tousled Twist Bun

Stepping out with a relaxed yet stylish vibe, the tousled twist bun is a harmonious blend of laid-back and refined. The loose strands give it an air of effortlessness, while the twisted bun offers a hint of sophistication. Ideal for those who desire a chic hairstyle without the fuss, it’s versatile for any event, from casual outings to more formal settings. The magic of this style lies in its ability to look beautifully unplanned.

10. Quick Mom Bun

Embrace the charm of minimalism with the quick mom bun. It’s not just a hairstyle—it’s a lifestyle statement for those constantly on the move. A favorite among busy moms and anyone looking for a stylish, quick-fix solution, this hairstyle radiates effortless elegance. The slightly loose bun combined with sleek strands makes it an instantly recognizable and timeless look. Whether you’re heading to a workout, a grocery run, or a coffee date, the quick mom bun has got you covered with its fuss-free flair.

11. Boho Charm Bun

Dive into the world of bohemian style with this captivating messy bun. The Boho Charm Bun is a delightful blend of carefree spirit and trendy elegance. Loose waves and gentle twists give this hairstyle a dreamy vibe, perfect for those sun-soaked festival days or laid-back beach outings. Its versatile nature means you can wear it at a picnic or a posh dinner. Plus, the mix of hues in the hair adds a natural sun-kissed glow. Embrace your inner boho queen with this irresistibly enchanting hairstyle.

12. Business Style

A more serious and sophisticated attitude in business meetings will distinguish you as a fashionable personality! With the hair crawler bun, a messy and undone hairstyle will create a memorable style.

13. Low Bun For Lob

The term “lob” is an acronym for “long bob.” In terms of content, it is the name given to the bob style cut at shoulder level. If you think the lob cut is too short to messy bun hairstyle, you should check out this stunning example!

14. Bun With Ribbon

You can add a more romantic vibe by decorating your messy bun hairstyle with ribbons or scarfs.

15. Messy Blonde

Tousle with elegance. Every mess creates elegance in itself. This perfect hairstyle is the right choice for women of all ages.

16. Peek-a-boo

The sweet surprise of peek-a-boo hairstyle becomes more stylish with this messy bun.

17. Romantic Messy Bun

You may make a special day hairstyle out of the messy bun by adding romance to it. This style will be even more memorable because of the exquisite crowns and the braids you’ll use.

18. Dark & Rich

Using your dark hair with eye-catching accessories can be one of the best examples of messy bun style.

19. Chic Bun

A beautiful messy bun is the most stunning component that completes a stylish outfit! Comb and hair elastic are also on your list of essentials for this look.

20. Layered Bun

This messy hairstyle, which looks like it’s been made twice in a row, is very useful for women with layered haircuts.

21. Rope Braid Bun

A big braid, together with a mess bun, creates a complete fall style. Romantic, cozy and stylish.

22. Elegant Bun

The curls created with a hair iron are gathered with a bobby pin and fixed with hairspray in this lovely messy bun. It’s impossible not to admire to this elegant hairstyle!

23. Tangled Low Bun

A messy hairstyle can give you a really chic look. Due to its form, this hairstyle is suited for ladies with long and thick hair, which you will love to use on all of your special occasions.

24. Mini Low Bun

A mini and cute messy bun recommendation for women with short hair.

25. Textured Blonde Bun

The textured haircut adds movement to the messy bun hairstyle and creates the glamorous look for all occasions.

26. With Long Side Bangs

Long side bangs are a great addition to the messy bun hairdo. These long bangs, which give your face an intriguing mysterious vibe, look well on ladies of all face types.

27. Natural Voluminous Bun

Curling the hair before gathering creates a very natural and eye-catching volume. You’ll be ready for any special occasion with this gorgeous messy bun.

28. Big Braids, Big Bun

The messy bun is fashioned in a chignon style and makes an incredibly elegant hairstyle because to its two enormous braids, which give it a classic and sophisticated look.

29. Multiple Braids

Mini multiple braids give this hairdo, which is reminiscent of ancient-medieval hairstyles, an authentic and intriguing look.

30. Bridal Bun

This hairdo is a fantastic alternative to both the messy bun and bridal hair! Mini braids and hair accessories can be used to produce a more Bohemian aesthetic, while ribbons and jewels can be used to create a more romantic look.

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