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“Red Curly Hairstyles” Are Sweeping the Fashion World and Here Are 30 Incredible Examples That Prove It

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Red curly hairstyles are definitely eye-catching and vibrant. If you’re looking for a change, why not give them a try? There are many ways to style red curly hair, from loose and natural-looking curls to tight and defined ringlets. And, of course, there are endless color options to choose from, whether you want a subtle hint of red or an all-out fiery look.

1. Vibrant Burgundy Curls With Afro Braids

This tone, a perfect blend of burgundy color with cherry tones, reveals an irresistible beauty with curly hair decorated with braids. The assertive style creates a look that suits women of all skin tones.

2. Voluminous Ginger

With their voluminous stance, the thick curls in the Afro style create a gorgeous framing for your face. Women favor ginger red with fair skin tones because it gives off a natural appearance. The color reflections in the sunlight look perfect.

3. Dark Copper Curls

The dark red mixture’s metallic reflections of the rich copper hue will highlight your face’s beauty. Don’t give up on this appealing hue if you wish to be noticed for your confident style.

4. Ruby Red Reflections On Curls

Carrying the classy sparkles of a Ruby stone on your curly hair is a beautiful idea, right? Ruby red reflection is the best option to give your thick, curly hair more charm.

5. Fire Red Updo

Sometimes a simple updo is all you need for a stunning appearance. Your hair’s fire-red curls make it easy to make an eye-catching style by just gathering it up from the top. This dynamic and quick look is unquestionably among our suggestions.

6. Orangish Red Curls

Curly hair now appears more lovely thanks to this red color with an orange undertone created by expertly blending red and blonde tones.

7. Gorgeous Red Afro Curls

Afro curls framing your face with sparkles in cherry red tones will create an unforgettable first impression! The warm glow you add to your natural curls with this noble and attractive color is admirable.

8. Natural Red Look

The natural appearance of copper for ladies with fair skin becomes an outstanding option for those who value taking a realistic attitude.

9. Spicy Long Red Curls

Although having long, curly hair can be challenging, the beautiful way it looks makes all the challenges worthwhile. The richness of the red color adds even more spice to this fabulous hair!

10. Shiny Ginger Curls With Bangs

Brown, amber, orange, and red. The ginger tone obtained with the combination of these colors, which is more beautiful than the other, will add a great twist to curly hair.

11. Long Burgundy Curls

The curly hairstyle is boosted by the finger waves, the rich color of burgundy color full of nobility. This duo creates a feminine and strong woman image than ever.

12. Mermaid Red Curls

Every little girl’s heart has a special place for the 1989 movie The Little Mermaid. Ariel’s stunning red hair is one of the iconic looks. You can obtain a nostalgic and romantic look by applying this gorgeous color to your curly hair in the mermaid style.

13. Cinnamon Curly Updo

By cutting your curly hair, which shines with the warmth of the cinnamon color, in the form of bangs, you can create an exquisite frame.

14. Natural Tones Of Red

With its elegant stance, red, one of the colors that best complement bright eyes and fair skin tones, will become the star of your style.

15. Auburn Curls

Red hair with a lot of brown undertones will look great on your lovely face! Prepare yourself for a fairy-tale appearance with colorful eyes, freckles, and the seductive shine of red.

16. Elegant Mahogany Curls

This summer, the mahogany hue of red will make all the difference in your style by giving your bronze complexion a feminine and alluring glow.

17. Baddie Style Red Curls

A baddie always has a dashing appearance and is eager to dazzle! This is why we classify this hairstyle as a baddie; you’ll be mesmerized by the gorgeous stance of the red hue on your curls.

18. Deep Red Coiled Curls

With the coils formed more tightly with your fingers and the proper moisturizer and hair-fixing spray, you can quickly wear this style for a few days. This unique and alluring appearance blends well with the deep red hue.

19. Fire Red Curls

Set your curly hair free with its fiery red color! Set your style on fire with this flaming look.

20. Red Balayage Twist Curls

It takes effort to create this stunning style with your fingers, but the result is flawless. The hair gains even more depth in addition to its volume when you apply balayage in various shades of red. We should remind you to moisturize your hair well if you want this unique hair.

21. Dark Wine Curls

The dark wine color, a delightful blend of purple and red tones, creates a look you will regret not having done to your curly hair before.

22. Ultra Red Curls With Bangs

Red tones that are more vibrant might be used to produce a more striking look. If you have curly hair, people will notice you!

23. Rose Gold Curls

One of the recent shades that have become more popular is rose gold hair color. You may make your curls even more striking by using this trendy color in a tone with many red reflections.

24. Fluffy Red Curls

Volume, volume, volume! We can’t think of anything other than this fluffy curly style for a more modern, striking, and glamorous look.

25. Vibrant Long Red Curls

Bright red hair will stand out against your light skin and give your long, curly hair more energy.

26. Extra Short, Extra Brave

Brave women reveal their courage in their styles. These attractive, unique, and red short hair are waiting for you to dare to choose!

27. Match Freckles

Ginger hair will be the most natural and perfect appearance to complete this trio of freckles, green eyes, and fair skin. You’ll adore it if you give your curly hair a natural-looking touch.

28. Pinky Red Curls

The red tint with a pink undertone will give you one of the sweetest and liveliest red tones. Thanks to this pretty color, your curly hair will depart from the plain look.

29. Red Curly Style For Mid-Ages

If you’re middle-aged, you’ve used your style for too long, and you’re tired of it, you are at the right place! A fresh look will be inevitable with this attractive, feminine, and bright red shade.

30. Deep Red Curls For a Fresh Look

Your curly hair will seem charming, and everyone will be impressed by your style thanks to the deep red tone.

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