The Latest Trend in Hair Color: Half Blonde Half Black Hair

Black and white/blonde hair became trendy again after the popularity of the film Cruella. Emma Stone’s hairdo is one of the most requested models from hairstylists, thanks to her magnetic performance.

Emma Stone – Cruella (2021)

This hair color will delight you if you want a young, modern, and distinctive haircut. For this amazing makeover, we recommend consulting with a professional hairstylist. The result of the hair color, which demands attention and involves delicate processes, will complete your eye-catching appeal.

How to Get a Half and Half Hair Color

This technique isn’t for everyone, but it certainly is for some. Are you one of those people who like to play with hair, but don’t want to commit? Maybe you’re someone who’s thinking about going from one color to another and would like an easy transition? 

Trying out this sort of look is not only fun, but helps you find out if you actually like the change before making it permanent. 

Some things to keep in mind if you decide to try a split dye: 

Work with a professional stylist if possible. Try to go in with a specific idea of what you want. You might even bring a picture of someone whose hair you admire, or get your stylist to do so. It will help her or him understand what your ultimate goal is and help them achieve it more easily. 

Allow extra time. Split dying will take longer than just dyeing your whole head of hair because the stylist will have more sections to work with. Some hair types may also require more time for processing than others, so be sure to talk over your goals with your stylist beforehand so they can give you an accurate estimate of how long it will take. 

If possible, only wash each side of your head separately (not together) when wet

Treat Your Hair Right To Keep Your Split Hair Color Intact For Longer

When your hair is split dyed, you have to be careful with how you wash it. It’s important to not let the black dye touch the white dye and vice versa. Anytime you wash your hair, make sure to only wet wash one side of your head at a time.

If you’re going to be swimming or sweating, be sure you put a swim cap on whichever side of your head doesn’t have the black on it. Another thing that can affect how long your split hair color lasts is how much you shampoo and condition your hair. If you overdo it, the black and white dye will be washed out faster.

This is why it’s important to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner that won’t strip the color out of your hair too quickly.

Who Should Go With Half Blonde Half Black Hair

While most women decide to go for the full platinum look, there are a select few who actually choose to go for a half platinum and half black hair color. As you can imagine, this is more of a fashion statement rather than an attempt at being edgy. But what makes people want to pull off this look?

Trying out new hairstyles and colors is always fun and something that everyone loves doing from time to time. When you are trying out a new hair color, it’s best to know what will suit you best. This way, it becomes easier to make the right decision when choosing your new hair color.

This style is suitable for people with thick, straight hair and those who have light skin tone. It also works best on those who have dark brown or black hair. The most important thing about a half blonde, half black hairstyle is that your roots need to be dark in order to make the highlights pop out more. If your hair is too light, then the effect won’t be as great as you would like it to be.

This hair color style works great on both long and short hair cuts. Just like any other hairstyle, if you are thinking of pulling off this look then make sure that your face shape will work well with this hairdo.

Half Blonde Half Black Hair Ideas

If you’re uncertain about whether to go blonde or black with this haircut, if you’re overwhelmed by the search for uniqueness, or if you want to refresh your look, this is the hairstyle for you. We’ve compiled a list of 30 excellent options to get you started.

Voluminous Half Black & Half Blonde

If you want to make this fascinating hair color even more eye-catching with a voluminous stance, this is a terrific tip. This hairstyle only requires a comb and mousse! You can prepare this diva style by spraying and foaming the hair you’ll shape with a comb.

Chic Updo

Bolder steps are required for a more effective appearance! The black and blonde hair you’ll have after a little bravery is finished off with a really elegant updo; a look that will captivate anybody who sees it.

Short Half Black & Half Blonde Hair

With a half-blonde, half-black hair color, you can flawlessly integrate your rebellious style. With the bangs around your face, the pixie bob haircut, which is trimmed according to your face shape, looks wonderful.

Long Bangs

Perfectly combine the extreme colors of the color spectrum. This alternative offers the perfect solution for women with wide foreheads. You can cover wide foreheads in the most stylish way with stunning blonde and black hair color combo.

Sporty Bob

Both as a blonde and as a brunette, the sporty bob is stunning! When you combine the two, you’ll get a joker hairdo that adapts to your fashionable and lively outfits.

Layered Cut

With a layered haircut, you can get a style far from boring by adding movement to your hair. If half of the long curtains are blonde or black, the contrast will reinforce the trend look.

V Cut

V cut is a popular haircut style that has been requested from hairstylists for years. The haircut created by cutting the hair in a v shape gives the hair a unique look. We are sure that the blonde and black colors will draw the eyes on you.

Silver Blonde And Black

While blonde and black are a different and bold choice on their own, silver tones of blonde fascinate by creating a complete contrast.


Half blonde and half black hairstyles will give you a peek-a-boo moment, not half, but all the way up and down, making those who see it admire your style.

Long And Straight

Although long and straight hair looks great, it can sometimes be found boring by those who use it. A simple but effective method that will save you from boredom; Half black half blonde coloring.

Half Blonde Half Black Dreads

This unique hairstyle perfectly expresses Bohemian inspirations, and it appears even more eye- catching with black and blonde coloring. It may be maintained for up to 3 months if cared for properly for.

Little Shines

While the half blonde part of your hair will lighten the black parts, it will also give your style a perfect illumination.

Bottom Half Blonde Half Black Hair

Why not try something a little different with your style? The changes you make to your hairdo will be reflected in your whole look. With a unique hair color, you may make your look one to remember.

With Ashy Grey Blonde

Ashy colors prevent the blonde look that turns orange. Long-term use of the hue, which is a wonderful blonde tone alternative for the black blonde combo, may necessitate the use of purple shampoo.

Face Framing

Face framing coloring, which emphasizes the beauty of your face by focusing attention on it, also looks great with black and blonde tones.

Designed Hair

Hair that has been carefully made for you might give you a unique look. This distinctive style, inspired by chess checkers, is one of our favorites!

Blonde Lines

Hair coloring in the form of lines is both fashionable and contemporary. You should definitely explore this choice if you want to add some variety to your classic hairstyle.

Black Bangs

Different bang coloring in half blonde half black hairstyle draws the focus to your face, creating a fresh and youthful style.

Korean Style Long Pixie

This haircut, which has become the signature of Koreans, creates a trendy look with blonde and black colors. If you want to minimize your style, you can achieve an effortless style by combining this easy- care haircut with assertive color.

Waves in Blonde and Black

You can transform your black and blonde hair into a wonderful date hairstyles in minutes. It is both functional and appealing.

Punk Black And White

Spice up your punk-style pixie haircut with a bold color; a terrific way to reflect your personal style. Punk pixie in black and white for a wild, fashionable, and unique style!

Wavy Bob

The wavy bob is a timeless and ageless hairstyle that works in any situation. If you want to add a little bit of yourself to this classic style, the black and blonde color palette is for you. It will show off your free spirit and sense of style.


Growing short hair can be a time-consuming process. Medium-length hair is disliked by most women since it is difficult to style. If you belong to this category, there is a fantastic choice that will make you fall in love with medium hair: black and blonde coloring! It’s one of the options you should consider if you want to visualize a youthful, stylish, and distinct image.

Long Waves

Black and blonde coloring, which will put your long wavy hair in a more attractive mode, will take your style to the next level.

Bold Bangs

Stunning looks necessitate a certain amount of boldness. Although using the blonde and black coloring procedure on the bangs is a bold and noticeable choice, the end look is well worth the risk!

Half Platinum Half Black Hair

Half Platinum Half Black Hair was one of the hottest fashion trends of 2021, and it appears that we’ll be talking about them again in 2022. Using this trendy haircut with black and platinum blonde coloring will update your look and increase your cool vibe!

Inverted Bob

This haircut is ideal for women who wish to make a modest yet obvious style change. The ease of use of bob hair and the contrast of black and blonde, offer more than you can imagine.

Sleek Bob

Sleek bob is one of the hairstyles that will reveal the beauty of your face. Hair that is cut straight without adding any layers is not recommended for women with fine hair, as it does not create any volume effect. If your hair is thick, this cut will both relax for preparing time and fascinate you with its color.

Perfect Blend

The perfect combination of black and blonde. Hairstyles that are half and half don’t always have to be side by side. Coloring, which can be used in a back-and-forth way, has a stunning aesthetic value.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut hairstyle is a popular choice among ladies who wish to keep up with the latest fashion trends. This hairstyle is a blend of shag and mullet hairstyles from the year 2021. The concept is carried a step further with black and blonde shades.

Last Words About Black And Blonde Hair

As cool as this look is, it definitely isn’t for everyone, and depending on your hair color, the effect may be really hard to achieve. But if you are the type of person who likes to experiment with their look or stand out from the crowd, then a hair half blonde half black might just be what you’re looking for. You can just tone down the contrast if you want to, giving your hair some nice ombre highlights instead.

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