30 Best Hair Color Ideas for Peekaboo Highlights

Would you believe it if we told you that you may color your hair perfectly without
overdoing of chemicals or losing your natural color? Peekaboo hair coloring is an excellent coloring technique.

These highlights are known by this name since it comes out with a great peekaboo moment when it is hidden in your natural hair color. This style, which may be classified as current fashion, is ideal for women seeking naturalness and uniqueness.

Furthermore, peekaboo highlights are a one-of-a-kind hairstyle that you can customize to suit your personal style.

Here are 30 peekaboo hair color ideas to inspire you and help you decide.

Blue Peekaboo Hair

The emergence of neon colors under the dreamy blue hair color gives a perfect peekaboo.


Unicorn Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo highlights of these unicorn colors generally consist of blue, purple and pink highlights on blonde hair. Do we need to tell you how stunning it is?


Rainbow Peekaboo

This multi-colored peekaboo highlight, which will add a different excitement to your black hair, looks great.


Blonde With Pink Highlights

Pink highlight in blonde hair creates a very interesting style by adding an exquisite color to the cool stance of blonde hair.


Black Hair with Pink Highlight Bangs

This peekaboo coloring just below your bangs is the perfect example of black hair with pink highlights.


Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

With the contrast of blonde and brown tones, peekaboo highlights in the form of lines accompany the beauty of brown hair, creating an attractive hairstyle.


Cruella Style – Wavy Blonde & Brown Peekaboo

Cruella became one of the biggest hit movies of 2021. Of course, the style of Emma Stone, who plays Cruella, has also become very popular. This Cruella-inspired peekaboo highlights; looks stunning.


Brown Hair with Dark Pink Highlights

Are you ready to make a dramatic change to your dark brown hair color? Although pink highlight in brown hair is an option that is often requested from hairstylists; this coloring is quite a unique and striking adaptation.


Purple Silver Hair with Crimson Ends

Wouldn’t you like to make a unique touch to your cool purple-silver hair color? A great choice for women looking for even more difference and appeal.


Ice Blue Highlights on Ice Blonde

Ice blonde and ice blue, you will feel perfect with this peekaboo highlight that adds a Frozen vibe.


Pink Peekaboo Hair

The perfect peekaboo made with shades of pink has become one of our favorites.


Blonde Hair with Peekaboo Color

Pink highlight in blonde hair is one of the styles applied in many ways; this face framing style is one of the most popular choices of recent times.


Black Hair with White Highlights Underneath

Did you think this contrast would look so perfect? You should definitely try it for a real peekaboo moment!


Dark Hair with Purple Peekaboos

Purple peekaboo highlights will add a different vibe to your dark hair with their eye- catching looks.


Peekaboo Curly Hair

Rose gold hair color and pastel silver peekaboo highlights create an unforgettable style with perfect curls.


If you want to add an exquisite touch to your naturally dark hair, this coloring process is beyond our imagination.

Dark Brown Hair with Peekaboo Highlights


Blonde Hair with Light Blue Underneath

The harmony of light ocean blue and blonde tones comes to the fore even more with magnificent hair waves.


Brown Hair with Multicolored Highlights

You can turn your brown hair into a very eye-catching style with colorful peekaboo highlight.


Green, Blue and Purple Peekaboo Highlights

One of the most professional types of coloring, this peekaboo highlight style looks as
perfect as it is difficult. It can be your number one choice for a unique and inimitable style.


Purple Hair with Green Highlights

The contrast of green and purple creates a very elegant style.


Dark Green and Purple Reflections

You can create your eye-catching and fresh hairstyle with purple reflections among your wonderful green tones of hair.


Blonde Peekaboo

If you want to add a difference to your blonde hair with heartwarming fresh colors, we think this perfect example will be inspiring for you.


Purple Peekaboo Hair

This unique style, with the touch of professional hairstylists; a great example that you can adapt to your own favorite colors.


Pastel Peekaboo Hair

It will be impossible not to admire your long hair after peekaboo highlight with pastel tones.


Contrast Peekaboo Bob

Contrast peekaboo highlight, which you will apply only to the front of your hair, will allow you to achieve a perfect style without spoiling your natural hair color.


Silver Peekaboo Hair with Colored Highlights

A fairy hairstyle is created by the flawless coloring method based on silver-purple hair color.


Electric Blue Blue Highlights on Ocean Blue Hair

The coloring created with wonderful shades of blue looks like a natural ocean wave. A little courage is all you need for this exquisite hairstyle and you will be amazed by the result!


Blonde Bob with Colorful Highlights

This wonderful peekaboo highlight is enough to take the fresh and youthful look of the blonde bob one step further.


Ginger Peekaboo with Highlights

On its own, vibrant ginger is a striking color, but peekaboo highlights in pastel tones make this hairstyle much more attractive.


Brown and Blonde Peekaboo

This hairdo, which is a reversal of the face framing coloring method, keeps your hair’s natural brown color in the front while applying blonde to the rest.

Maria Guillere is the Chief Editor of hairstyleandmakeup.com She has more than 6 years of experience as a beauty editor at various prestigi─▒us magazines. Her work has been featured in many international beauty campaigns and publications.