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30 Best Short Hairstyles For Round Faces And Double Chins

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


If you have a round face or double chin, you may think that you can’t pull off a short hairstyle. But that’s not true! There are plenty of short hairstyles for round faces and double chins that are both flattering and stylish.

From pixie cuts to bob haircuts, there are a number of different short hairstyles that can help to slim down your face and accentuate your best features. And with so many different short hairstyles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect look for you.

Whether you’re looking for a new haircut or just some styling inspiration, check out our collection of the best short hairstyles for round faces and double chins.

1. Blue Pixie

Thanks to the perfect blue hue and freely cut hair, your double chin will be the last thing that draws attention. 

2. Free Mullet–GtF6Oe/

By emphasizing the top of your face, this free mullet haircut will give the impression that your face is longer and thinner. This cut is one of the best choices for free ladies, which carries both unique and nostalgic aspects. 

3. Pink Punk Pixie

The beauty of the hue pink makes this bold choice even more striking. Your face will appear slimmer if you have an undercut and a long top part on the side of your hair. 

4. Comb Over Pixie

Layered cut pixie hair combed towards your face will bring out the beauty of your eyes and focus attention on your face, away from your double chin. 

5. Messy Curly Shortcut

The messy style looks great on curly hair! This easy and voluminous look is an effortless option for storing a double chin. 

6. Youthful Bob

This youthful and attractive style is completed with a bob haircut that ends at the chin level. When the ends of the hair are colored with another color (especially purple is quite fashionable right now), a  great look is ready. 

7. Bangs With Shortcut

You need a lot of layers and chopped cuts for a round face! This style has become one of our favorites since it satisfies this desire and provides an entire appearance with bangs for round faces and double chins.

8. Pixie Bob With Long Bangs 

Your face will have the ideal angle if you have long bangs shaped sideways at the level of your eyes. 

9. Undercut Pixie With Blonde Balayage

By adding the necessary volume to the top of your hair, an undercut pixie promises to provide the appearance of a thinner and longer face. Also, blonde balayage coloring gives hair a more vivid and brilliant look. 

10. One-Sided Inverted Bob

Blonde hair cut in a one-sided bob will have a gentle angle, emphasizing your eye level. This haircut is stylish and functional; it will be essential to your look. 

11. Extra Long Top Pixie

There’s no denying that this haircut will give you a chic and confident appearance if you wish to hide the flaws of a round face by letting your face appear longer! Additionally, the hair given a  shiny blonde color following the undercut procedure will divert attention from your double chin! 

12. Stylish Undercut Pixie

If you want to style your hair even more after the undercut pixie cut, this style will be for you! This shaved undercut looks glamorous for women who aren’t afraid to take risks. 

13. Blunt Bob With Bangs

Your upper face is highlighted by the hair that falls just below your ears, and the lengthy bangs give your haircut a more sporty appearance. 

14. Curly Mullet Cut

It will provide a cool stance to style curly hair into a mullet with short bangs in the forefront. Women with a double chin will adore and use this haircut because of its sporty, layered shape. 

15. Undercut Pixie Bob

Once the top of the hair is left long, the undercut complements the pixie bob hairstyle perfectly. Those with double chins can benefit from this style, better suited to women with straight hair. 

16. Free Mullet Cut For Straight Hair

Free mullet cut is one of the best choices for round-face ladies with all angles and textures. Also, it’s a nostalgic vibe; you will adore this cut! 

17. Long Bang Pixie

The pixie is one of the short haircuts that look best on straight hair with long bangs. This whole hairdo will be a lifesaver and valuable for women with straight hair and round faces. 

18. Edgy Blue Haircut

The excellent blue pixie cut with the front lifted will improve your appearance and give your face a great angle. 

19. Side Swept Long Pixie

With this efficient and simple-to-style hairdo, you are one step ahead of the styling game! This option, among our top suggestions for women with round faces and double chins, will gain your admiration. 

20. Layered Side Swept Pixie Cut

The haircut, shaped with dense layers, is one of the most remarkable examples of the pixie style. With the correct voluminous cut, your face will look thinner and longer, offering a great solution to the double chin problem. 

21. Asymmetric Ashy Silver Long Top Pixie

An asymmetrical hairstyle will hide your double chin! This cool and fashionable haircut will wow everybody who sees it with its contemporary hue. 

22. Shortcut For Natural Curly Hair

This efficient haircut for ladies with naturally curly hair and daring color ensures the perfect appearance! The double chin will be one of the last things you think about because of this captivating look. 

23. Posh Bob

Known as the Victoria Beckham hairstyle, this haircut was one of the most popular haircuts of the  2000s. Its timeless and stylish stance also provides excellent coverage with its voluminous perspective to women with double chin problems.

24. Masculine Pixie

This effortless elegance for round-faced women with masculine style; is complemented by a  forward-swept pixie. 

25. The Perfect Make-Over

This change is one of the examples that best explains the angle the haircut brings to the round face! The hair shaped with the blunt bob style lengthens the face by making it look thinner. 

26. Highlighted Layered Pixie Bob

The intensely layered bob hairstyle, whose ends have shimmered with blonde color, lifts the face by giving a luminous look to the upper part of the face. This is one of the proper hairstyles for women who experience the double chin disadvantage. 

27. Layered Back Pixie

Pixie haircut with layered back gains volume upwards. This way, you will love the effect that makes your face look longer! 

28. One-Sided Asymmetric Pixie

Every season, a layered pixie hairstyle with one-sided bangs gives off a bombshell impression! With its ability to support women with round faces and its fashionable appearance, it is a terrific option for women who are bold and stylish. 

29. Blunt Lob

A lob is a style of hair that terminates just above the shoulder. You can acquire a haircut that thinning the face and is also trendy with this style. 

30. Foil Curls With Punk Pixie

The pixie cut involves cutting lengthy hair level by level from the side of the hair to the top; the top of the hair is finished by leaving it long. This distinctive and stunning haircut lengthens the face and creates an excellent style. With the foil curling technique, this haircut, the ideal option for women who wish to draw attention away from their double chin, stands out even more. 

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