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60+ Modern Asian Hairstyles for Women

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Asian hair is becoming more and more popular in the west. Asian women are some of the most beautiful and glamorous women in the world. They have many different styles of hairstyles to choose from, some of them might be new to you, but there is always one that you can find that suits your style and need!

Asian hair is a major trend these days and it shows no sign of stopping any time soon. Women everywhere are embracing their natural hair texture and experimenting with new styles. From sleek straight hair to voluminous curly hair, there’s something for everyone.

Asian women attract attention with their hair as well as their beauty. They look even more glamorous with her shiny, black hair and their natural enchanting beauties with different hairstyles and colors.

You can browse through our list of many hairstyles that impress with the successful work of Asian hairstylists. Here are 30 Modern Asian Hairstyles for you.

Pixie Bob

For ladies with small and oval faces, this is one of the most current haircuts. The beauty of your face will be revealed in an exquisite way with this haircut, which is suited for all kinds of locations and ages.

Shiny Mahogany

The mahogany color, which is obtained with the perfect blend of brown and red, is a hair color choice that has been increasing in popularity recently. The color, which is both noble and attractive, pairs well with long-layered hair.

Wispy Long Bangs

Wispy bangs are one of the signature hairstyles of leading actors in Korean dramas. For this reason, it is a very popular, modern and youthful hairstyle choice.



Natural dark thick hair has a lovely vibe with a great touch. An excellent option for a joyful peek-a-boo moment.

Curtain Bangs

Long-cut curtain bangs and a matching haircut in a modern hair color lengthen and thin your face, resulting in a hairstyle that is both practical and attractive.


Although blonde hair is not a natural hue for Asian women, it is a striking and unique choice. With this color, you’ll be able to achieve a strong and attractive look.


Ashy Ombre

With ashy blonde ombre, you can have a more natural finish, bright and trendy hairstyle. We recommend that you consult professional hairstylists for this color, which is more striking, especially with long hair.

Dark Brown Tones

With dark brown hair, natural dark eyes come to the fore and you can have an unforgettable first glance.

Quick Updo

You can have a cute and easy hairstyle with quick updo finished with long bangs.


Straight Bob

Bob haircut is known as a popular and modern hairstyle around the world. But Asian women, with this hairstyle they combine with long wispy bangs which are their signature looks; they look fascinating!

Modern Mullet Style

The rebellious and vintage look of the Mullet style is revived with modern touches. It is certain that you will get an unforgettable and impressive style with this haircut that suits Asian women perfectly!

Shortcut With Full Bangs

The forward-swept pixie bob cut makes the face smaller with full bangs, adding a cute and mysterious vibe.


Low Messy Ponytail

The low ponytail decorated with bobby pin looks very comfortable, sporty and energetic with its messy style!

Messy Bubble Braid

A comb and rubber bands are all you need for the stylish stance of bubble braids!

Sleek Bob

For a smooth and shiny finish, there is no better choice than the sleek bob haircut. You will have a healthy and modern look with your dark natural hair framing your face.


Long Bang On Lob

Long bangs and lob which means long bob, creates a romantic style, look both stylish and sweet.

One-Sided Bangs

The majority of women, if not all, have a favorite side of their face! For those who have this favorite side, here is a terrific alternative. Long bangs one-sided bangs.

Metallic Pink

Metallic colors are eye-catching with their sparkles. Pink is one of the most popular colors lately. The hairstyle with these two together looks fantastic!


Rare Layered Cut

It is a hairstyle that will be your favorite in business meetings, on special occasions or in everyday life. This style, which is very useful regardless of thin or thick hair, is among our favorites.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, which combines the shag and mullet cuts, is the most popular haircut in the last quarter of 2021. The modern hairstyle complements Asian women’s mystery and charming vibe.


Blonde balayage will add a perfect glow to your face and will give you a youthful and energetic stance.


Silver Ice Blue

Silver hair looks charming with its shimmering and cold undertone. Ice blue, on the other hand, is a perfect metallic color that is a mixture of silver and blue. If you have warm undertones, this color will be a fantastic fit for you.

Lavender Beige Braid

Lavender beige is a really charming and amazing hair color. It is one of the most graceful of pastel tones. This color is creamy, vibrant, and warm-toned, and it pops even more with a simple yet lovely braid.

Low Lights

You will have a current and attractive hairdo with the low light technique, while also adding perfect dimension to your hair.


Purple Ends

How about a fun and eye-catching style with bright purple hair ends?

Wavy Lob

Your hair, which falls perfectly on your shoulders with a slightly wavy lob cut, will amaze you and all who see it!

Pastel Ends

To add some energy to the cool-toned platinum color, there is no better choice than the pastel color. This different and remarkable hairstyle will captivate you with its modern stance.


Color Combination

If you dare to be a little different, this is the right hairstyle for you! Your hairstyle will be totally tailored to your taste after selecting your preferred colors; whether harmonious or opposing.

Galaxy Tones

This color palette, inspired by the colors of the galaxy, fascinates with its mysterious and interesting appearance like a galaxy.

Straight Medium Wolf Cut

The cut on straight hair emphasizes this famous hairstyle’s fashionable stand even more! If your hair is naturally straight and shining, you should definitely pick this stylish alternative.


Asian Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage, which adds radiance to the face, will be a great style complement both in summer and winter.

Silver Dusty Lavender

A perfect blend of colors in silver and lavender ashy tones. This unique modern color will allow you to showcase your hair in the most amazing way.

Chopped Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs, one of the most popular haircuts of recent times, add movement to the hair and make the face look thinner.


Neon Tones

What could be more modern and eye-catching than neon colors? This magnificent color completes the youthful and energetic style.

Bob With Bangs

Elegant and simple. With the bob cut, you may put an end to your search for a modern hairdo.

Balayage Bob

Contrasting with your natural dark hair, blonde balayage creates an even more eye-catching haircut with its short bob cut. With this haircut that will make your daily life much easier, you will be ready to leave the house in five minutes.


Ocean Blue Lob

Looking for a modern and eye-catching hair color? Many shades of blue are suitable for this! But one of the most beautiful is this ocean-toned blue.

Long And Layered

The curtain bangs cut combined with this soft brown color creates a romantic style.

Pixie Bob

Modern, simple and stylish. The bangs that frame your face also provide a cute look.


Medium Length With Wispy Bangs

This gorgeous haircut will be enhanced by wispy bangs that fall across your face.

Long And Pink

One of the most popular and perfect colors for long hair is pink, which is combined with metallic and dark tones. The hair color, which is especially recommended for women with light skin, looks glamorous.

Long Thin Hair With Bangs

Fine hair is one of the most common complaints Asian women have about their hair. Professional hair stylists’ first recommendation for adding volume to fine hair is a layered cut. And the bangs that added to this cut, appear to be both appealing and pleasant.


Chopped Lob

The lob, which is the name given to the medium-length bob haircut, gains movement with the layered cut.

Soft Waved Bob With Bangs

The bob cut, which is shaped with delicate waves, offers dark hair a youthful appearance. Bangs complement the natural look and provide an easy way to express yourself.

Long Waved Hair

While Asian women are looking for a difference to their classic straight hair, wavy hair offers a great change.


Asian Ombre

Beige is one of the most striking colors to choose for ombre. The ombre process is always great for adding sparkle to long hair. Ombre, which is usually made in blonde tones, creates a wonderful and modern match with beige.

Mushroom Brown

The mushroom brown hair color, which emerged with the striking blend of brown and gray, is quite modern and attractive. The color, named after brown mushrooms, is a recent choice that has become increasingly popular lately.

Blunt Bob

Short hair suits Asian women very well because of its trendy and young appearance. This blunt bob cut is an eye-catching and sporty choice.


Full Blonde

Completely blonde, with its extra fresh air, it will suit your skin very well. Also, this sparkly tone works well with both cold and warm skin undertones.

Peek-a-Boo Lavender

With its surprising look, this fashionable hair coloring procedure gives you a peek-a-boo moment. Lavender hue, one of the most popular modern colors, is unquestionably the star style of the 2020s.

Mocha Balayage

For modern women, the balayage technique is wonderful. However, if blonde is the first hue that springs to mind when you think about balayage, you are mistaken. This balayage in mocha tones will give your hair a natural and beautiful shine.


Inverted Peachy Pixie Bob

The sweetness of peach tones creates an exquisite blend with the femininity of the pixie bob haircut.

Lavender Balayage

Lavender balayage adds a modern glow to long dark hair. You will especially love the lavender color framing your face with the frame coloring process.

Red Flame Hair With Bangs

Stunning and modern. This hairstyle will be enough for you to reflect your free and unique spirit!


Long And Rosie

This hair color is one of the most exquisite creations of professional hair stylists. What could be better than long hair to perfectly showcase a great color?

Asymmetric Pink Bob

Soft tones of pink give the bob haircut a more youthful stance. This stunning color matches the asymmetrical cut, which is shaped to fit your facial structure.


Noble, elegant and modern. A different and eye-catching color choice for Asian women. Since it contains chemical processes, this hair color is recommended for women with thick hair.


Face Framing Bob

The vibrant blue hue enhances the beauty of your face, elevating the bob cut trendy style a level.

Smooth And Chestnut

Chestnut color is one of the noblest of the warm-toned colors. This color, which suits long hair very well, catches the eye with the red sparkles it contains.

Mid-Length Blonde

Who doesn’t desire to have a new look? With the delicate layered cut, the haircut, completed with the superb blonde coloring technique, looks stunning.


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