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35 Female Mullet Hairstyles: The Rise of the Female Mullet

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


In the 1970s, David Bowie wore a mullet haircut with his long hair in the front and short hair on the back. The hairstyle became popular again in the 1980s with pop stars like Michael Jackson and Billy Idol. Today, female celebrities like actresses Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence rock a mullet haircut.

The rise of the female mullet is indicative of how society has changed over time. It demonstrates how women can take more control over their appearance and live out their gender expression without any backlash from society.

Modern & Feminine Female Mullet Styles

These mullet cuts are the new hit. If you’re looking for a dramatic change or just something edgy, mullets can be your answer.

Mullets are back and more popular than ever. What was once a haircut that was frowned upon is now a sought-after style. There has been an increase in the number pop stars and other celebrities sporting the mullet as well as those looking for a change in their hair. The look has become so popular that it is now being considered “fashionable.” The mullet can be styled in numerous ways.

Wondering how you can style a new cut? We’ve got the top 30 mullet styles for you! Check them out below and see which of these is perfect for your next ‘do.

Punk Glam Female Mullet

The punk mullet is a type of hairstyle that combines a mohawk with a mullet. It was popularized by punk rockers in the 1980s. Punk mullets often had brightly colored hair with shaved sides and sometimes had green or pink hair on top.

Male punks were not the only ones who wore the punk mullet, women punks of the 1980s also wore it. Punk Glam Female Mullets are less common than male punk mullets but they do still exist today.

Punk Glam Female Mullet

Modern Mullet Hairsytle

Your hair dryer and fingertips are all you need for this effortless style! It’s that easy to give your long hair a unique look.

Wavy Mullet Hairdo

It will take a few seconds to shape your naturally wavy hair. Moreover, thanks to the layered cut, the voluminous stance of your hair will never be lost!

Feminine Mullet with Messy Bangs

While hair framing your face gives you a slimmer, younger appearance, the mullet cut trend will take your style a step farther.

Short Mullet

This modern mullet haircut is tapered short at the back and sides and left longer on top.

Short Mullet

Shaggy Mullet

This shaggy mullet is perfect for women who want to keep their hair shorter and enjoy some extra volume in the back.

Shaggy Mullet

Fluffy Mullet

This short, fluffy mullet is perfect for women who want a low-maintenance hairstyle with a touch of elegance.

Fluffy Mullet

Baby Mullet Haircut

This short baby mullet haircut is perfect for women who want to keep their hair short and sweet.

Baby Mullet Haircut

Colorful Mullet

Some of the most famous women with colorful hair include Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, and RiRi. When it comes to hair colors, these ladies are not afraid to experiment and go bold.

Women typically dye their hair for a variety of reasons such as highlighting features or changing color to match their mood or style. The latest trend that has been catching on is colored mullet hairstyles. This trend has been taken by celebrities and non-celebrities alike and is now accessible at many different beauty salons.

African American Mullet

This is a look for African American women who want to keep their hair natural and enjoy a funky, stylish mullet cut.

African American Mullet

Edgy Mullet with Bangs

Edgy mullet is a hairstyle that has been popular among both men and women for decades. It is also known as the punk rock haircut. The style features short hair on top and long hair on the back and sides.

The edgy mullet with bangs is a combination of an edgy mullet and bangs. This cut features long hair on top with shorter bangs swept to one side. The edgy mullet is created by cutting the hair so it’s short in the front and gradually gets longer towards the back, but not as long as a traditional mullet would be.

Pixie Mullet

The term “Pixie Mullet” means a hairstyle that combines the long locks of a pixie cut with the short sides and back of a mullet.

The Pixie Mullet hairstyle is traditionally associated with women, and like other hairstyles, it has been used to convey femininity and rebellion. The term has been around since at least 2004, but it’s possible that the haircut existed before then.

In recent years, some women have worn their hair in this style as an alternative to traditionally feminine styles such as the bob or ponytail.

Curly Mullet

Curly and thick-haired women are generally afraid to try new hairstyles. This curly mullet, on the other hand, will entirely change your opinion and show you that your concerns are baseless.

Curly Mullet is one of the best haircuts for women with curly hair because it is easy to maintain and does not require too much styling.

Copper Colored Mullet

The mullet cut looks even more stunning in bright red tones!

Cropped and Chic Mullet

The cropped and chic mullet is considered to be a hair trend for women. It is characterized by having the hair cut short at the back of the head, but longer on top.

It can be styled with your natural hair texture or with extensions, and it maintains its shape all day long. This haircut is versatile because you can style it in many ways depending on your mood or occasion.

To create this haircut, you should visit a professional stylist that has experience in cutting mullets.

Unicorn Mullet

Mullet cut hair takes on a vivid look thanks to the Unicorn-inspired color scheme.

Blonde Mullet

This blonde mullet in cool tones complements the mullet’s rebellious attitude.

Vintage Mullet

Mullet haircuts aren’t necessarily edgy and wild. This retro look hairdo will give you a romantic and vintage look similar to Princess Diana’s.

Straight Mullet – Straight & Sleek Mullet

The sleek style of mullet, which perfectly reveals the facial features, is one of the most modern hairstyle choices for women.

The straight mullet is more of a go-to hairstyle for those who are looking for something simple and stylish, but still want to feel feminine. Women can dye their hair blonde or brunette with this style and it will always look good. This is one of the most popular hairstyles on Pinterest, even if it looks dated on some people. Some argue that the straight mullet just isn’t as cool as an asymmetrical cut or long bob would be nowadays because it does date back to the 1980s.

Candy Mullet

Mullet haircut, pink and naturally wavy hair. We can’t think of a more perfect trio!

Masculine Mullet

Mullet haircut has both feminine and masculine elements. With this style, you will have a modern hairstyle that outweighs the masculine part.

Classic Mullet

Short front and side haircuts, bangs and a long back. Here is the perfect stance of a classic mullet look.

Mullet For Thick Hairs

The Mullet haircut, which looks great on thick hair, stands out due to its unique look.

Neon Colors

By supporting the difference of the mullet cut with neon colors, you can reflect the crazy spirit inside you in a wonderful way.

Cool Mullet

You will look like a cool rock band member with this haircut. Rock ‘n’ Roll baby!

Mullet In Red Shades

The mullet cut, which is achieved by a layered cut in copper tones, is ideal for round faced ladies!

Long Mullet

The classic Mullet hairstyle looks great on long hair as well. This hairstyle is one of our favorites because of its ease of use and sophisticated look.

Flair Ended Mullet

In the 80s, the mullet was all the rage. Both men and women were rocking this hairstyle. In the 90s, it seemed like everyone was sporting a fanned-out style. However, in 2019 it is back to basics with a Flicked Ends Mullet! This cut is versatile and can suit a variety of hair types.

It’s not just a haircut – it’s a statement.

Combed Stylish Mullet

Hair combed forward in a mullet style is a great way to hide a wide forehead while also slimming the face.

This hairstyle has a lot of variations and there are many different styles to choose from. For example, you can have a combed mullet with a bangs or without bangs, with layers or without layers, etc. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it can be styled in many different ways which makes it perfect for women who love experimenting with their hair.

Natural Messy Look

The mullet haircut, which is finished with long bangs, gives the face a more authentic aspect and goes well with the brilliant auburn hue.

Electric Pink Mullet

How brave are you about hairstyle? If your answer is too bold, here is the perfect option for you!

Chopped Mullet

Haircuts that get shorter to the sides make your face look longer. For women with a round face and double chin problem, this haircut is definitely a savior!

Miley Cyrus Mullet

The blonde mullet with its intense bangs is among the popular hairstyles that Miley Cyrus has been using for a long time.

Voluminous Mullet

The long and dense bangs with layered cuts add natural volume to wavy hair. This hairdo with a lot of volume is absolutely gorgeous!

Soft Tones

The mullet hairstyle in soft autumn tones is one of the most perfect options to choose this fall.

What is a female mullet?

A female mullet is a hairstyle where the hair is styled long in the back and short in the front.

It’s also called a business in the front, party in the back of a woman’s modern mullet.

The style is most commonly found in women with curly hair. The short sides are typically cut at about an inch (2.5 cm), while the longer hair in the back is usually cut at shoulder length or longer.

The style was popular in the 1980s when many celebrities sported this hairstyle including Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and Tina Turner.

Why should you go with a female mullet?

Female mullets are a versatile hairstyle that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. They offer a range of different hairstyles that can help you permanently escape from those long, luscious locks, and are trendy!

What makes them so great is their versatility. You can wear the modern mullet with straight hair or curly, and they can be styled as choppy or super long. If you want to switch up your look without too much fuss, trendy mullets are definitely the way to go!

Does your hair take an hour or two of primping before you can leave the house? Mullets are perfect for anyone who has little time for hair care in the morning. Simply wash your hair once or twice a week, put it into a high ponytail or bun,

The best thing about this hairstyle is that it’s suitable for all face shapes and hair textures.

How to maintain female mullet?

The female mullet is a fashion statement and it requires some maintenance to make sure that the shape lasts. 

First of all, you should brush your hair often. By brushing it, it will help to avoid tangles and build up inside the hair. You will also want to avoid using harsh chemicals on your hair. That is because they may dry out the hair and cause breakage or even thinning strands.

It’s also important to keep in mind that if you have long hair, it may be difficult to manage at all times. If this is the case then it might be best to wear your shorter layers out or wear them out in curls with some texturizing product like mousse or gel for hold without weighing down the hairstyle too much.

  • Maintain cleanliness: one of the most important things about the female mullet is that it needs to be taken care of and washed frequently. If not washed, dirt and debris can accumulate in the hair, which will reduce its hold and make it appear less glamorous.
  • Avoid heat: When washing your hair, avoid using heat as much as possible because heat will damage your hair and make it look dryer than before.
  • Avoid using products too much: unless you want to use something specifically for your hair type, avoid putting extra products on your hair after washing it because this can weigh down your hair and cause frizz.

How to style a mullet haircut?

Many people are not sure what to ask their hairstylist when they are getting a mullet cut. Here are some of the most important questions to keep in mind:

  • How much do you want it blended into the back?
  • What kind of cut do you want on the top?
  • What length would you prefer for the sides and top?
  • Do you want any bangs?
  • Do you want any layers?
  • Do you want to wear your hair up or down more often than not?

While the hair is typically short in the back and sides, it’s long enough in the front to make a statement. This hairstyle may be a challenge to style but it is not impossible with these few tricks.

When styling a mullet haircut, you need to play up your texture so that your hair will have volume and movement.

Final Words

The mullet has been around for years, but now it’s gaining momentum. Miley Cyrus started the trend back in 2019 and celebrities like Zendaya or even Rihanna have caught themselves with their hair looking just like hers throughout different social media accounts. If you want yours to stand out among all those clones then know your options because as they say – Mullets are making waves!

Female mullet hairstyles are back and modernized with a fresh take on the traditional cut. The female mullet offers a stylish way to wear your hair, without sacrificing length. If you’re considering getting this haircut for yourself or someone else, check out all of these styles that will inspire you!

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