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30 Dyed Bangs and Colored Fringe Hairstyles

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


If you want to make a modern and groundbreaking change in your hairstyle, this is the gem you are looking for; colorful dyed bangs!

Colorful bangs, which have come to the fore on social media lately, heralded a new and youthful style. The bangs, which come in various colors regardless of age or style, are an excellent choice for ladies who wish to draw attention to their look. It can be used in a range of styles, including thick, wispy, side, and colored bangs! Choose the one that best suits your face shape and style, then use your favorite colors to bring your hair to life!

You can get different colored bangs at home or with expert aid to achieve a young and new hairdo. Long hair, pixie, bob, mid-length haircuts… Different haircuts, colored bangs; exciting styles!

Classy Bob

A classy bob haircut gets a much more refined style with colored bangs.



With its distinctive and summer-specific warm stance, the hair, inspired by watermelon colors, creates a cute and outstanding look.


Pixie Bob With Colored Bangs

Black hair looks gorgeous with colored bangs. Especially if this coloring is feminine fire red, we have no choice but to be fascinated! This application, which will draw attention to the beauty of your eyes, especially for women with colored eyes, is one of our favorites among different colored bangs!


Green Reflections

This distinctive and striking hairstyle, which will be obtained with the help of professional hands, is composed of green reflections on the dark hair color and completes the perfect look.


Half Rainbow

To densely chopped curtain bangs, half rainbow coloring is a fresh and unique touch!



The romantic colors of the sunset meet on your bangs. This youthful hairstyle fascinates those who see it with its heartwarming colors.


Angled Mint Bob

The angled bob haircut with the mint color added to the ends of both hair and bangs, in the same tone all highlight the angled cut, making it the number one choice for ladies seeking a stylish and remarkable style.


For Older Ages

Colorful bangs are a great style choice for both young and elderly ladies! Every hue complements and stands out against natural silver tones.


Thick Rainbow Bangs

Thick bangs are a great hairstyle where you can reflect the rainbow color perfectly!


Blonde Pixie

Blonde pixie looks more modern and fresh than ever with the bright colors you will use in the bangs part.


Pink To Blue

The awesome transformation from pink to blue…


Half Green

Coloring the bangs needs confidence, but coloring the half bangs is far more daring and stylish!


Mint Ends

Cropped bangs give your face a mysterious and charismatic stance. The mysterious stance is riveted if the ends are colored with mint color!



The amazing unicorn hues will bring vitality to your brown hair. Color tones that appeal to women of all ages and make you admire them.

Dark Blue Bangs

Navy blue hair color has been the indispensable duo of black hair color for years. A stunningly feminine and attractive hairstyle comes out of this duo.




Classic Bob

If you want to add a piece of your free soul to the classic cut bob hair, it will be a unique and very trendy choice to get bangs different color than hair.


Fuchsia Curtain Bangs

The two front strands of hair-dyed procedure were used to make this stunning hair. We love the match of the vibrant fuchsia with natural brown hair!


Bronze Bangs

Half-and-half hair coloring is a terrific hairdo to pair with the colored bangs trend, and it’s one of the hair coloring procedures we’ll be talking about a lot in 2022! With the bronze tone, your dark hair will create a vivid but eye-catching contrast.


Blonde Curtain Bangs

Dyed hair with bangs is one of the trending hair treatments with great results. All you have to do is decide which of these excellent results will suit you best. This application, on the other hand, is a perfect choice for women who like bob-cut hair very well and do not like to take risks. Risk-free blonde and natural auburn. Such a lovely couple!


Front Bangs Dyed With Mullet

Bright and vibrant colors are always eye-catching. It is priceless with the presence of these bright colors in bold and unique haircuts like mullets. Try the dyed hair with bangs trend in a mullet cut, you will love it; it is guaranteed!


Bold Fire Bangs

Have you seen this haircut, youngsters and those who always feel young? It’s called fringe dyed bangs and it looks gorgeous.


Pixie Bang

The bangs are blue, and the rest of the hair is green, pink, purple, and yellow…. Can you imagine? Here is an option that is even more beautiful than your dream look.


Trimmed Bangs

Semi-colored bangs will be a trendy choice if you want to make the asymmetrical cut of black hair even more intriguing. The trimmed bangs are dyed in semi-rainbow colors, creating one of the year’s most unique hairstyles.


Blue Bang

Black hair with blue bangs hair has a both noble and classic color, as well as a youthful and vibrant one. These wonderful hues are a fantastic option for ladies of all ages, they are different from one another but also complementary to each other.


Purple Bangs On

Hair color and style that gives off great gothic, punk, or Halloween vibes! Thick and long-cut bangs will level up your style with their sparkling purple color!


Purple To Lilac

Stylishly, two romantic hues are combined. This hairdo, which has a unicorn-like appearance, is especially perfect for young girls.


Yellow Pops

Bangs will perfectly suit your bright and breathtaking green hair. The yellow color pops into your bangs making this hairstyle much more unique. One of the best choices for women looking for a different, trendy and youthful hairstyle.


Orange Bangs

Short bob haircut, short bangs, half coloring process that tints the bangs orange; a formula of perfect style.


Perfect Transformation

The perfect hairstyle we talked about in our article, colored bangs, is a great before and after to see how it gives a fresh air!


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