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30 Iconic Old Hollywood Hairstyles

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


We’ve compiled a list of iconic hairstyles of old Hollywood actresses who fascinate with their elegance and beauty and were remembered even after many years. Here are 30 timeless old Hollywood hairstyles that inspire you even in the twenty-first century.

Rita Hayworth Waves

Rita Hayworth’s voluminous wavy hair is styled in a classic retro Hollywood wave. In 1946, Hayworth, who made a name for herself in the film Gilda, introduced red hair to the public.

Audrey Hepburn Short Hair With Bangs

Short hair was very fashionable at that time, but Audrey Hepburn combined her unusually shorter hair with her signature bangs.

Veronica Lake’s Peek-a-boo Hairstyle

The peek-a-boo haircut was popularized by Veronica Lake, who is known for her femme fatale roles. Women who had to work in factories when their husbands went out to war in WWII began to lose their hair, which fell forward into the factory machines. With the government’s warning, Lake changed her hairstyle and appeared in numerous commercials to inspire women. As a result of this advertising, factory accidents have decreased. On the other hand, Veronica’s career was falling apart.

Mia Farrow Pixie

Mia Farrow cut this unusual pixie cut by herself at home because she was bored with her hairstyle. After the success of the cult movie, Rosemary’s Baby, Farrow’s hair became iconic.

Elizabeth Taylor Wedding Braid

One of Elizabeth Taylor’s most memorable hairstyles is the very long braid with flowers in her wedding.

Bridget Bardot Volumnious Blonde With Bangs

These voluminous hair and bangs supported by soft waves became the symbol of the popular French actress Bardot in the 50s.

Marilyn Monroe Pageboy Haircut

Marilyn Monroe is a real legend who has become a symbol of femininity. Of course, there’s also the hairstyle. This haircut is still recognizable even 50 years after her death.

Grace Kelly Hair Swept Back

Grace Kelly, like her name, is a symbol of elegance. She had a charming beauty with her shortcut curled end blonde hair.

Ava Gardner Huge Curls

Big curls suitable for the perfect oval face further highlight Ava Gardner’s beauty, creating an iconic style.

Judy Garland Bunches

Judy Garland, the iconic star of the film The Wizard of Oz, is also remembered for her cute bunches.

Lauren Bacall One Side Part Hairstyle

Lauren Bacall’s lob, one-sided part on thick hair, is still a highly preferred model today.

Katherine Hepburn Volumnious Waves

Katherine Hepburn was an actress who stood out with her masculine style. Her hair, which usually appears on the screen as messy and wavy, was integrated with her unique style.

Vivien Leigh Updo In Gone with the Wind

Vivien Leigh was well-known for her role in the legendary movie, Gone with the Wind. In this film, Leigh, who is most known for her role as Scarlet O’Hara, is one of the most memorable with her updos.

Doris Day Blonde Bob

In addition to being an actress, Doris Day, an unforgettable singer with the songs perhaps perhaps and que sera sera, became iconic with her short blonde bob haircut.

Lucille Ball Poodle

Lucille Bell was one of Hollywood’s most famous redheads. The poodle, the hairstyle identified with her, was the updo she preferred the most.

Hedy Lamarr Center Part Hair

When Hedy Lamarr first appeared on the screen, she was described by her producer as the most beautiful woman in the world. Of course, everyone wanted to have the hair of the most beautiful woman in the world. Center part brunette hairstyle, was once very popular.

Gene Tierney Slicked Back Style

Gene Tierney, who impresses with her terrific beauty, was quite popular in the 1940s with her wet, slicked-back hair in the movie Thunder Birds.

Romy Schneider Braided Updo

German-French actress Romy Schneider became known all over the world for her portrayal as Sissi in the film Sissi. Her long braided updos in the movie was also very popular.

Natalie Wood Long Brunette Hair

Natalie Wood was one of the most recognizable natural brunette actresses on the screen. Even years after her death, she became iconic with her dark long hair.

Jayne Mansfield Retro Blonde

Jayne Mansfield, who is remembered with her blonde bombshell image, was a star that attracted a lot of attention from her life to tragic death. Her signature retro blonde hair was also become a fashion statement.

Sophia Loren Layered Auburn Haircut

Sophie Loren, who changed the color of her hair many times until she found the right color, had an unforgettable look with her auburn layered haircut.

Jean Harlow Platinium Blonde

Jean Harlow known as “Platinum Blonde”, was the first woman with platinum blonde hair to appear on screens. Harlow, whose natural hair color is ash blonde, was exposed to very dangerous chemicals for this hair color. Because in the 1930s, no hair stylist could achieve this color with hair dyes. Although Jean Harlow passed away at a very early age, she was never forgotten with her iconic hairstyle.

Shirley MacLaine Shortcut With Chopped Bangs

Shirley MacLaine, who attracted attention for her role in the unforgettable movie The Apartment, was also very popular with her hairstyle with cute bangs.

Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra Braids

Cleopatra, which was the most expensive movie ever made when it was released in 1963, was also memorable for Elizabeth Taylor’s unforgettable braided hairstyles.

Sharon Tate Bohemian Style

Sharon Tate, who passed away at a very young age after her tragic death cause, combines her magnificent beauty with Bohemian style; she was getting iconic looks with the different headbands.

Hedy Lamarr Star Hair Crown

These hair accessories, which are still sold as ‘‘Hedy Crown’’ today, became iconic after Hedy Lamarr’s style in the movie Ziegfeld Girl.

Claudette Colbert Messy Haircut With Bangs

Unforgettable face of many romantic comedies, Colbert was also a popular actress with her messy shortcut hairstyle with bangs.

Yvonne DeCarlo Pin Up Updo

Yvonne DeCarlo frequently used this hairdo, which is one of the hairstyles that comes to mind when old Hollywood is mentioned.

Ida Lupino Volumnious Half Up Half Down

Although the famous actress changed her hairstyle many times, the most famous hairstyle was this voluminous Half Up Half Down.

Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffanys High Updo

This updo of Holly Golightly, portrayed by Audrey Hepburn, is perhaps one of the most imitated hairstyles since 1961.

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