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30 Short Blonde Hair Ideas and Hairstyles for 2022

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Short blonde hair paired with modern cuts offers a youthful, easy-to-wear, and trendy style. The blonde tone you choose will depend on your skin tone; there are several alternatives, including ice, ashy, cool, warm, and sparkling. You will find the one that suits you in the list we have prepared for you, which includes trendy short haircuts and gorgeous blonde tones, regardless of your age or style.

Bob Cut With Bangs

This cute and stylish haircut provides a fresh look with its youthful appearance.

Long Pixie With Undercut

With the long pixie cut, you can use your wavy blonde hair perfectly. This easy-to-style hairdo is suitable for women of all ages and is both comfy and easy to maintain.

Middle Part Bob

With its trendy style, this straight cut bob catches the eye. In ice blonde tones, this haircut, which will go wonderfully with the blonde in the tone that best suits your skin tone, looks really cool.

Chopped Pixie

While the hair cut in layers creates a natural volume at the back of your head, the long bang that falls on your face gives a very stylish look.

Bob With Curl Ends

The modern stance of the bob cut looks in perfect harmony with the ice blonde tone. The deep layers you’ll add to the ends of your hair will give your haircut a new vibe.

One Sided Pixie Cut

The masculine stance of the undercut is balanced by the feminine stance of the long bangs falling on your face. The useful and exquisite style creates a perfect hairstyle with the amazing blonde tone.

Volumed Cut

Layers, which are cut to the back of your hair by shortening, offer your straight hair the perfect volume, resulting in a natural and elegant look. It’s a beautiful option, especially for women with fine hair.

Ice Blonde

Light ice blonde, which will be in perfect harmony with your cold undertone skin color, is an exquisite choice especially for ladies with colored eyes. We highly recommend this color, which is a great match with the bob cut.

Straight Hair With Long Top Pixie

Blonde with a light, almost white tone provides a dramatic and flawless style that contrasts beautifully with your dark skin. The style of this hue stands out with the trendy stance of the pixie cut.

Platinum Inverted Bob

The voluminous stance of the bob cut with the chopped cut that increases towards the back of your head creates an exquisite look with platinum blonde. Especially if you have a warm skin undertone, you will find a perfect harmony.

Punk Pixie

You can perfectly bring out your inner rock and roll spirit with this bold pixie cut. The punk pixie, which you can pair with your favorite blonde tone for a fresh appearance, promises to be exciting.

Rare And Long Layered Bob

The long, rare layered bob cut has a very contemporary style. The ashy blonde tone complements the hairstyle wonderfully, making it a great choice for olive-skinned ladies.

Blonde Pixie With Bangs

The forward-swept pixie cut will elevate your style with its sporty and energetic look. This hairstyle, which suits bright blonde tones very well, offers a very fresh look.

Bob With Chopped Back

The ashy blonde tones look great with the bob hair cut with the chopped back style. This hairstyle is one of the most notable alternatives for short hair.

Stacked Messy Pixie Bob

This haircut, called the pixie bob, has features from both styles. The hairstyle, which is among the modern and easy-to-use short hair options, gave an impressive look.

One Side Shaved

The shaved one side is one of the daring haircuts that reveals your bold and stunning style. The ashy, cold-toned blonde complements the cut’s dramatic stance perfectly.

Beach Waves On Bob

This haircut, which is slightly longer than the standard bob cut, looks terrific with lovely beach waves. The youthful and trendy look is a highly dynamic hairdo that is especially suitable for the summer season.

Short Pixie Cut

This hairstyle, which is one of the best examples of masculine haircuts, is a perfect choice with a blonde color suitable for your skin tone. This light and bright blonde hairstyle looks amazing, especially with dark eyebrows.

Mullet Style Shortcut

The mullet haircut was an iconic look in the 1970s. This stunning look, updated for the 2020s, produces a one-of-a-kind and spectacular style with warm blonde.

Pixie Bob

This coloring process, which is formed by the perfect blend of a few shades of blonde, creates an exquisite look with the pixie bob, one of the cuts that suits straight hair. An outstanding pick for a self-assured, stylish, and contemporary look.

Deep Undercut

With its ease of usage and wonderful blonde hue, the deep undercut, which is one of the hairstyles where you may show your courage, is one of the most admired styles.

Bob With Chopped Ends

This cut is one of the striking haircuts that goes well with a sporty, casual, and dynamic look. An amazing hairstyle, which stands out even more because of its light blonde hue, is a sign of exceptional style.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs have recently become one of the most trendy haircuts. Many sites, from YouTube to Instagram, show you how to do this cut at home. However, for the best results, we recommend consulting with a hairstylist. We adored this look, which is also appropriate for a bob cut.

Long Pixie Cut For Straight Hair

This style, which gives a more feminine vibe to the pixie cut, is completed with a wonderful bang that falls on your face.

Blonde Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is a daring and unique hairstyle that emphasizes all of your facial characteristics. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this hairstyle, which is indispensable for brave and self-confident women, is the easiest to use in the world. The hair, which is practically transparent due to the ice blonde tone, creates an appearance that only draws attention to your face’s beauty.

Intense Wavy Ended Bob

The bob cut creates an excellent style with cold blonde tones, adding even more attractive vibe by offering intense waves.

Wavy Lob With Baby Bangs

Baby bangs were a popular haircut in the 1990s. When combined with the fashionable cool blonde coloring of the 2020s, this eye-catching haircut creates a great look.

Asymmetric Chopped Pixie

This haircut, which was made by combining asymmetrical, layered, and chopped cuts, is a terrific professional hairdo. This exquisite haircut with an exquisite blonde tone will enhance your cool appeal.

Forward Combed Pixie

You can have a haircut that will make your face look longer with the layered and chopped cut that increases towards the front of your head. This haircut is recommended for women with small faces.

Messy Bob

Loose waves are used to shape messy hair, creating a comfortable look. This simple style gives you a haircut that’s ready to go as soon as you get out of bed.

The variety of short blonde hair ideas that we have gathered for you are meant to inspire you and make you overcome the fear of what other people might say. They fuel you with self-confidence, showing off your perfect features and making them a key point in the design. You can bring out a whole new side of yourself with such a hairstyle, so don’t be afraid to try one these blonde short hairstyles.

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