Wolf Cuts: The Hottest Haircut Trend


Wolf cut, the remarkable combination of shag and mullet haircuts, entered our lives thanks to TikTok. The haircut, whose popularity was rising rapidly, attracted attention with its modern and nostalgic stance.

What is a Wolf Cut?

A wolf cut is a type of haircut in which the hair on the top of the head is typically styled short, while the hair on the sides and back of the head remains a bit longer. It is mainly styled to frame the face, and can also be shaped in various ways.

It is designed to look like an edgy version of a bob haircut with textured layers that create volume.

What Makes a Wolf Cut so Popular?

The wolf cut is a style of haircut that’s been trending for a short time now. You can see on social media that this hairstyle has been so popular. It seems to never go out of fashion and here are a few reasons why it might be so popular:

  • It usually complements many different styles of facial features, from round to oval-shaped face, from square jawline to round jawline, from straight to rounded tips.
  • It does not require any particular length of hair on top as long as the sides are cut short. This means that it is suitable for those who have receding hairlines or bald patches.
  • The wolf cut does not require any trimming of the edges or the back which makes it easy and quick to maintain. All you need is a comb, and some neat, sharp shears.

Wolf Cut Hairstyles

Wolf cut, the remarkable combination of shag and mullet haircuts, entered our lives. There is nothing more current than the wolfcut if you want a new, fresh, and vibrant haircut. Our list of 30 various wolfcut hairstyles is here to help you make a decision and give you some ideas.

Long Blonde Wolfcut

Styling your long hair with wolfcut is the most modern way to add dimension and volume to your hair!

Rainbow Wolfcut

Modern cut, modern coloring. It is impossible not to attract attention with this hairstyle.


Voluminous Wolfcut

Your wavy hair will gain even more volume with this cut, creating an indispensable style.

Natural Wolfcut

This form of wolf cut, which is similar of “Rachel Cut,” one of the hallmark hairstyles from the Friends series, is for you if you prefer a more natural wolfcut.


Short Front

If you want to go in a bolder direction, the shorter and layered wolfcut is waiting for you. A wonderful hairstyle that will reflect the free spirit inside you.

Rebellious Wolfcut

Complete with curtain bangs, this wolfcut reflects an assertive style by creating a rebellious look with a shortened layered cut.


Golden Wolfcut

This golden-hued wolf cut has a natural look and is ideal for those who can carry off a messy style.

Long And Impressive Wolfcut

An assertive and feminine hairstyle draws attention when your dark hair starts with long curtains and is completed as a wolfcut.


Punk Wolfcut

Wolf cut, which gains a punk vibe with its thick and full bangs and chopped cut, is the perfect complement to a young and energetic style.

Shag Wolf Cut

This haircut, with its long bangs, dominates the shag haircut and takes on a more romantic tone.


Neat Wolf Cut

This neatly cut wolf cut looks more mature and feminine with its symmetrical. An elegant option for middle-aged ladies.

Billie Eilish Style Wolfcut

Platinum blonde, long bangs, wolf cut; This hairstyle, which is famous as the Billie Eilish haircut, is definitely among the must-try.


Bob Wolfcut

Adapting a bob haircut as a wolf cut is an excellent alternative for women who prefer short hair.

Wolf Cut With Fascinating Curtain Bangs

Long and outward-curving curtain bangs combined with the striking rose-tone color; It is a great choice for ladies who care about their style.


70s Style Wolf Cut

This style, which is one of the most popular elements of the hippie look, is transformed into a modern hairstyle that draws attention.

Pixie Wolfcut

If you want a simple yet effective haircut for everyday use, this style that perfectly blends pixie and wolf cut haircuts is for you.


Colorful & Long Wolf cut

The wolf cut cut with pastel tones is literally 2020s style.

Modern Mullet Wolf Cut

This wolf cut, which mainly features mullet haircuts, is special for women with a rebellious spirit who do not hesitate to attract attention.


Short & Fierce Wolf Cut

Featuring baby bangs, chopped cuts and pixie cuts, this attractive wolf cut is an exquisite choice especially for women who want to highlight their eyes.

One Side Colorful & One Side Dark Wolfcut

While one side of the hair is black, the other side is as colorful as you feel. This hairstyle, which is completely special for you and obtained from your favorite colors, looks even more interesting with wolfcut.


Cherry Wolf Cut

In recent years, a popular trend in hair coloring has been the use of contrast hues. You may be sure that your style is up-to-date when you combine this trend with the popularity of the wolf cut.

Autumn Colored Wolfcut

You can make the wolf cut cut more sophisticated by carrying the romantic tones of autumn to your hair.


Wispy Wolf Cut

A beautiful haircut doesn’t always require symmetry. This asymmetrical, free, wild and rebellious hairstyle is living proof of that.

Textured Red Wolf Cut

While your face looksthinner with the layered haircut that frames your face, you can use the popularity of wolfcut to the fullest.


Natural Curls On Mullet Wolf Cut

If you have curly hair and are hesitant to try a wolf cut, we recommend checking out this haircut that proves your fears are baseless! This hairstyle will be a lifesaver for you because it is cute, intriguing, and simple to use.

Soft Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, which is shaped with long and soft layers, has been made more suitable for daily use for ladies with straight hair.


Sweet Wolf Cut

This haircut that surrounds your face creates a very cute look. It is a suitable choice for women who do not give up on their long hair but want to catch the wolfcut trend.

Voluminous Peach Wolfcut

Wolf cut, cut by adding volume in peach tones, will provide a voluminous look to the hair of women with fine hair.


Thin Silver Wolf Cut

In contrast to the asymmetrical haircut, the blunt bangs cut adds depth to the hair and pairs well with one of the most popular shades of 2021, silver.

Blue End Wolf Cut

Different colors added to the end of the hair is one of the trends we have seen frequently recently. This coloring process, which goes well with modern wolfcut, is especially popular in South Korea.


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