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28 Curtain Bangs Hairstyles for Women with Round Faces

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


If you have a round face, you may feel like you can’t wear certain hairstyles because they will make your face look even rounder. But that’s not true! There are plenty of flattering hairstyles for round faces, including curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that are long and straight in the middle, with shorter pieces framing the sides of the face. They can be worn with any hair length, from short bobs to long, flowing locks. And they’re especially flattering on women with round faces because they help to elongate the face and make it appear slimmer.

If you’re thinking about getting curtain bangs or looking for style inspiration, check out these 28 curtain bangs hairstyles for women with round faces.

1. Icy Pink Hair with Curtain Bangs

We are obsessed with the icy pink hues covering this girl’s hair, but on top of that, as a cherry on top, charming curtain bangs are added! This truly brings the whole look together and to further highlights that face!

2. Brunette Hair with Curtain Bangs

That cute, round face is complemented by the face-framing aspects of these gorgeous curtain bangs! We are jealous of her charming bangs, though! In addition, the subtle brown hue adds softness to the whole look.

3. Jet-Black Hair with Curtain Bangs

Jet-black hair, curtain bangs, and curls? That might be the perfect equation for getting the ideal hairstyle for your face shape! Highlight those lovely cheeks with flowy curtain bangs such as in this look!

4. Blonde Bob with Curtain Bangs

Now, this is a blonde look we all need to covet! The luscious blonde tresses are cut in this bob-cut style, but it doesn’t stop there. These stunning curtain bangs are added to the hairstyle to reveal and highlight your gorgeous face! 

5. Fun Blue Color Block with Curtain Bangs

This is indeed a fun and youthful hairstyle to try on your locks! This look here has splashes of blue, mainly on the ends and especially on the fabulous curtain bangs framing the face beautifully. What a great look!

6. Light Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle here before you is an epitome of hair goodness on its own. The light brown-colored locks are styled with these stunning curtain bangs, and we can’t be happier! Can we make a request and give us all the brunette looks in the whole world?

7. Shaggy Red Hair with Short Curtain Bangs

If you are one of those women with a bold personality, you might as well consider trying out this fantastic hairstyle we have here! This daring look is achieved by dyeing the hair red but keeping it dark at the roots. Then, to top it all off, add some gorgeous short curtain bangs that are perfect for this look!

8. Wavy Hair with Curtain Bangs

We deserve a cute hairstyle like the one this cutie has! The great waves this hairstyle has just fit the whole vibe of the look. And speaking of vibe, we have gorgeous curtain bangs framing this cutie’s face!

9. Brown Bob with Curtain Bangs

We can’t deny that bob cuts are one of the most genius hairstyles to complement round-shaped faces. Just like the style you see in this look, this stunning bob has a light brown hue, enough to make the look pop. While we’re on the topic of popping, these gorgeous curtain bangs are an attractive way to make your look pop!

10. Long Sandy Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

For those not updated with what’s happening in the hairstyle world right now, news flash: curtain bangs are back in style. These long, scrumptious sandy blonde tresses are even taken to a higher level with the addition of airy and flowy curtain bangs. Such a look!

11. Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs

Did you think we’ll forget about all the pretty curly-haired ladies out there? Of course not! So here we have a look that perfectly suits your round face while keeping the curly locks intact. What a hairstyle! 

12. Brown Curly Bob

The look we have here before you is such a refreshing take on the curtain bangs trend. Aside from its youthful and refreshing trait, the curtain bangs add a little flair to the ensemble.

13. Side-Parted Curtain Bangs

We are all used to curtain bangs being styled from the middle, and we can fairly say it is the classic styling. But what if we tell you if parted from the side, it can be equally, if not more stunning than ever? So go don this look now and show off that charming round face with sass!

14. Long Shag Cut with Curtain Bangs

This is certainly a look that’s suitable for women of all ages! Now that’s what curtain bangs could give you! This look encompasses jet-black colored strands styled with a long shaggy haircut. To finish the look off, curtain bangs are used, and we can’t seem to complain!

15. Summer Beach Hairstyle

This is a look that’s perfect for the round-shaped ladies this season! The long, blonde locks are given bouncy waves that are just ultimately perfect for the summer season. On top of that, luscious curtain bangs are added for a look that summer cannot forget!

16. Medium Length Hair with Red Highlights

The formulation of the red shades on this hairstyle is just genius and stunning! It starts with strips of the dark-hued red shade, flowing beautifully into a more vibrant and striking hue. Meanwhile, the curtain bangs add a certain flow to the look, and who doesn’t love it?

17. Textured Hair with Curtain Bangs

Special of the day: Curtain Bangs! Aside from this special from our menu, the textured layers add just the right amount of flair and dimension to the look. And we say this is the perfect way to style a round face shape!

18. Shaggy Hair with Wispy and Curtain Bangs

This is certainly a look that exudes a dash of a retro vibe. The look is achieved by dyeing hair black and then styling it with a pair of wispy curtain bangs. I bet you didn’t know this unusual combination would look this good!

19. Dark Hair with Blonde Tips and Curtain Bangs

Now, this look might be the look of your dreams! This hairstyle has the perfect amount of combined flair, depth, and dimension. Starting with dark-colored hair, the middle to the ends are just coated with a touch of blonde, and the curtain bangs help to make this look as flowy and stunning as it can be!

20. Chestnut Brown Lob with Curtain Bangs

Sometimes, all you need is a good chop and a set of curtain bangs! With this good shade of brown as a great base, the look has bouncy waves, and on top of that, side-swept curtain bangs are in point!

21. Layered Haircut with Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle is reminiscent of a wolf haircut, but in this look, we have short and subtle curtain bangs on the front. As a background for the gorgeously displayed curtain fringes, we have a layered shaggy haircut, and this combination is fatal!

22. Reddish Brown Hair with Curtain Bangs

Many people will never understand what a set of bouncy waves and curtain bangs can give to a girl. As shown in the look right here, the stunning face shape is complemented with reddish, brown-colored wavy locks alongside these face-framing curtain bangs!

23. Dirty Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

This look right here might be the one look fit for a princess! With all the bouncy curls and flowy fringes surrounding the tresses, you would feel like royalty! And, of course, this look wouldn’t achieve that vibe without the fabulous curtain bangs displayed at the front! 

24. Straight Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs–iVrXvn/

As you see in this look before you, we offer you a variety with the texture in contrast to the last few looks. The straight locks do give variation and are fabulously stunning. The straight blonde locks are the perfect base for the beautiful curtain bangs!

25. Layered Blonde Hair with Curtain Bangs

This right here is one stunning take on this trend! The layers that are on display are a valid complement to the curtain bangs sitting right above. Your round face shape will thank you if you do this hairstyle!

26. Shaggy Hair with Red Highlights and Curtain Bangs

If you are a lover of vintage, you will surely love this 70 ‘s-inspired look with a twist! And that twist above is this set of fantastic curtain bangs! Aside from that beauty, we have red highlights popping into the look, making the whole ensemble much more eye-catching!

27. Blonde Balayage with Curtain Bangs

We again have a wavy hairstyle because we can’t get enough of the bounce! This hairstyle has a fabulous blonde balayage technique encapsulated in the curls. The length of this hairstyle is also perfect for getting the curtain bangs to look going!

28. Dark Brown Hair with Blunt Curtain Bangs

What more charming way to end the article than with this cutie look right here? This is one free and lovely way to style your round face. With a base of dark brown hair, the blunt curtain bangs are sitting beautifully on top!

There you have it for this article, beautiful ladies! Don’t forget to tell us which specific hairstyle you will do for yourself! 

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