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30 Insanely Cute Asymmetrical Pixie Cuts

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


For years, the pixie cut has been one of the most popular haircuts. Easy to use, quick shape, and elegant appearance are only a few of the advantages. Pixie cuts come in a wide range of styles.

What is an Asymmetrical Pixie Cut?

An asymmetrical pixie cut is a very trendy haircut for women. The cut is shorter on one side of the head and longer on the other side. It can be styled many different ways to show off different features of the person’s face.

The asymmetrical pixie cut is a variation of the popular pixie cut. This variation includes cutting one side of hair shorter than the rest, usually by an inch or two, and sometimes by more than that. The style can be achieved with any type or length of hair, but it looks best with short hair because there’s more contrast between the front and back sides.

How to Style an Asymmetrical Pixie Cut?

  1. Make sure your hair is clean of toxic chemicals and/or dyes. If you need towel dry it as much as possible.
  2. Apply a texture-enhancing hair mousse and distribute it throughout.
  3. Brush the hair up away from the forehead and then brush it to the side. Blow-dry while brushing the hair straight down.
  4. After you blow your hair dry, use a hair straightener on the front hairs to make them sleeker.
  5. Use a tiny bit of hair wax with your fingers and rub between your hands. Shape it to the desired style.
  6. Apply the hair spray to your hairstyle.

The asymmetrical pixie cut is possibly the most striking of these. We’ve put up a list of 30 asymmetrical pixie cuts for you.

Platinum Angled Cut

Asymmetrical bangs are a terrific way to bring attention to your face’s beauty. The combination with the platinum color offers a very modern look.

One Side Shaved

This dimensional cut gives your hair a new form, offering an easy-care and stylish hairstyle.

Pin Curls

The asymmetrical pixie cut is an excellent way to highlight your curls. If you like long curls, put them on your face, or comb them in the opposite direction of short curls for a stunning look.

One Sided Straight Pixie

You acquire a unique and intriguing look by combing your long straight hair on one side of your face to bring out the other side.

Loose Waves

In this cut, asymmetrical cuts add volume to your hair, providing a fresh look, especially to thin hair.

Cinnamon Long Bangs

This style is a little nostalgic, a little vintage, and a little romantic, combining pixie and romantic cuts. The style, in particular, which is completed with a cinnamon color, appears to be really cute.

Volumnious Pixie

If you’re bored with styling your thick hair, this cut, which is naturally voluminous, will take shape the moment you get out of bed. Every woman deserves effortless beauty!

Colorful Layers

In this style, the asymmetrical cut technique is used to reflect the craziness and distinctiveness. If you’re tired of the casual look, this is the style for you!

Highlighted Pixie

Little highlights added to the pixie cut will brighten your face and give it a fresh look.

Long Top Red Pixie

Red hair with a long top allows you to shape your hair as you like, and it will captivate those who see it because of its color.

Blue Pixie

The beauty of the pixie cut and the most perfect shade of blue meet in a hairstyle! There is no excuse not to have this interesting and perfect hairstyle!

Silver Long Top

Your hair with many layers will highlight your outstanding beauty, while the bangs that you will fall towards your face will give your face a fresh look.

Extreme Curls

It is possible to use a pixie cut with your natural extreme curls. Comb the long curls to the desired side thanks to the asymmetrical cut and enchant with the beauty of your curls. Moreover, you will not be able to give up this cut, which is very easy to use and shape.

Metallic Pixie

This is the haircut that will reveal the mysterious and unique aspect of your spirit, if being extraordinary is in your soul! You can boost your style by mixing the tones you desire with the coloring you choose in metallic tones.

Two Shaded Straight Pixie

The color choices you choose for a very classic cut will reveal the difference in your style. With contrast coloring, this asymmetrical cut, which is a great option for straight hair, has taken on a new personality.

Soft Curls

Soft curls applied to long hair, which is one of the asymmetrical cut’s advantages, create an elegant and sporty style. As a result of the various coloring, you can reveal your curls even more.

Volumnious Back Platinium

In this cut, the hair stylist, who utilizes the asymmetrical cut to give volume, chose a technique that would work well with straight hair. This cut, which will be even more stunning depending on the color you select, looks fantastic in platinum.

Peachy Pixie

Peach tones are one of the most unexpected and daring color choices to arise in recent years. This unique color looks well with the asymmetrical pixie cut and goes with practically any skin tone.

Long Bangs

Long bangs with asymmetrical cutting technique offer you many options in terms of styling your hair. If you want, you can drop your hair on your face, tie it with tiny twists or comb it to one side.

Punk Pixie

This punk-inspired pixie cut is a style that demonstrates the asymmetrical haircut’s professionalism. Our recommendation is that you choose a skilled stylist and have this great style.

Assymetric With Green Touch

This pixie model, which exposes all the asymmetrical cut’s attractiveness, includes a number of techniques at once. It has become a very stylish hairstyle when the boldness of the green color is combined with its undercut and line shaved style.

Highlighted Bangs

Adding a youthful touch to your face by lightening the bangs you’ll drop on one side of your face will refresh your appearance.

Cosmic Shades On Top

You can color the longer part of hair whichever color you desire. However, although your preferred contrast tones will make your style even more original, cosmic tones will give you a whole different look.

Cool Edgy Pixie

This attractive haircut combines several techniques into a single look. Needless to say, we leave you alone with the perfection of style.

One Sided Layered Cut

The asymmetrical pixie cut, which is a terrific alternative for tidying up damaged hair, is ideal for ladies who don’t want to give up their style while allowing their hair to heal.

Long Straight Pixie

Providing a new image to your straight hair is a very easy option with this haircut.

Assymetric Blonde

It will be wonderful to enjoy this basic haircut as your blonde hair falls asymmetrically on your face.

Straight Pixie With Full Bangs

This sporty style, which is best suited to straight hair, is made even cuter by the addition of full bangs. If you have a broad face or a wide forehead, this is a great option.

Pink Layered

This hairstyle is strong and beautiful, with the cuteness of the pink color and the attractiveness of the asymmetrical cut. The lengthy top half of your hair allows you to create any form you wish.

One Side Bang

The bangs to one side highlight your favorite side of your face and give you a charismatic look. The sporty and attractive cut, which is enhanced by the straight hair, is both energetic and beautiful.

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