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30 Stylish Multi-Colored Hair Ideas

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


The multi-colored hair style is sometimes wild, sometimes romantic, sometimes different. But it’s always awe-inspiring! You might astonish those who see you by selecting these stunning colored hairstyles that fit your style. The color palette you can choose is quite wide, from the sunset on a summer day to the deep blue ocean of the Maldives. Choose suitable colors, combine or mix. These hairstyles are totally unique for you. Here are 30 Multi-Colored Hairstyles to try.

Cosmic Colored Bob

The mysterious ambiance of cosmic tones, as well as silver reflections, which have been a popular color in recent years, are excellent color choices for any hairstyle.

Earth Tones On Waves

The color palette’s name originates from the tones it contains. This type of coloring, which contains natural forest green, sky blue, and earth hue, also known as world colors, gives a stunning hairstyle with flawless waves.

Sunrise Balayage

Do you like your hair to reflect the amazing colors of the sunrise? The balayage process was used to achieve this chic hairstyle.

Blonde & Copper

If you’re not sure which of the two excellent colors to go with, try them both!

Amazing Yellow Tone On Brunette Base

We just can’t find a suitable name for this perfect shade of yellow. Wonderful. This color, which is applied without losing your dark hair base, looks eye-catching.

Silver And Purple Diffusion

By combining the popular purple with silver reflections, you may create a unique hairdo.

Fairy Pinky

To have hair that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale? This is not a dream! It’s tough not to be enamored with this color work. The excellent color palette and the mix of strawberry pink will give you an exquisite look.

Ocean Tones

This ocean-inspired hair color will take you to the perfect beach.

Peachy Blonde

Dyeing the bangs a different color is a highly stylish decision. This look is really trendy when combined with flawless blonde and delicate peach tones.

Colored Curly Pixie

While the curly pixie is already a remarkable haircut, if you want to be even more assertive, we definitely recommend this style.

Hidden Rainbow

For this skilled hair coloring style, consult a professional hair stylist for a few hours, then wow your friends with your flawless look. The style is named after the hidden rainbow, and it fully represents the meaning of its name.

American Colored

You can have a very striking style by combining the bold colors of the American flag with your style.

Vibrant Colors On Pixie

To further brighten the beautiful pixie cut, you can consider this wonderful bright color combo.

Green And Yellow Meeting

A couple of tones of green and a brilliant yellow. Nature’s beautiful colors can be carried in your hair.

Ocean To Peach

A fantastic transition! Carrying the world’s most gorgeous hues in your hair is a dream come true! The perfect combination is the transition from the most stunning blue of the ocean to the sweetest shade of peach.

Retro Vibrant Shades

Such a beautiful style occurs when the vivid vintage hues of the 1970s meet in a hairdo.

Maldives Beach

A sunset on the Maldives beach. You can reflect a wonderful natural landscape that will not be easily forgotten on your hair.

Neon Shades

When the glamour of neon colors is completed with the style of your hair, your impressive side will come to the fore.

Magical Color Art

If coloring a hair like this isn’t magic, what is? Mixing sunset-warm tones with an astonishing blue tone resulted in a spectacular hairstyle.

Summer Fruit Bob

This summer hairdo is completely harmonized with this coloring in the tone of summer fruits.

Pastel Shades

The elegance of pastel tones fits so well with this different hair coloring.

Designed Buzzcut

This hairstyle is for you if you want to add a bit more craziness to Buzzcut’s unusual side. This fascinating selection will generate remarkable first impressions by combining the correct color tones.

Colored Shaggy

This hairdo is one of the most iconic methods to add modernism to the shaggy cut’s 80s vibe.

Under Rainbow

By hiding the wonderful colors of the rainbow beneath the main color of your choice, you may create a mysterious and exquisite hairstyle. Particularly in tied hair, you can get some extremely fascinating looks.

Platinium Rooted Red Pixie

This contrast color combo has given the sleek pixie cut a very different, gorgeous identity.

Face Framing Color

Recently, we’ve seen a lot of people using the face-framing technique. However, it is one of the very few and excellent coloring procedures that combines several color tones.

Clean Ocean Shades

When you look at this hair color, you’ll get a fragrance of a freshly sanded beach.

Messy Colored Bob

The messy bob haircut is one of the most stunning haircuts that shows off this
spectacular riot of shades.

Long Colored Waves

No one will be able to take their gaze away from the dance of colors while you blow your long wavy hair in the wind.

Summer Sunset

You can mirror the tones of a beautiful sunset on your hair after a perfect summer day and fascinate others who see it with your outstanding style.

It may be surprising, but even black, brown and blond hair can look great in all different kinds of colors. Different shades, hues, and patterns make all these hair colors pop and they can actually accentuate the attractiveness of your natural hair color. Certainly, if you’re thinking about mixing up your hairstyles with a little help from color, then these 30 colorful styles are perfect as your personal inspiration to kick off your own colored haircare journey.

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