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22 Half Blue Half Black Hair Ideas to Try in 2022

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Blue and black hair is a trend that is here to stay. It’s a unique and eye-catching way to show off your personality. And whether you’re looking for a way to add some edge to your look or simply searching for a new color palette, these half-blue half-black hair ideas are sure to inspire you.

From subtle highlights to all-over color, there are endless possibilities for this two-tone style. And whether you want something low-maintenance or willing to put in the time for a more intricate design, we’ve got you covered.

So if you’re ready to take your hair game to the next level, scroll down and check out these half blue half black hair ideas.

1. Blue and Black Ombre Split Color 


One quick look at this hairstyle would remind you of night and day as it depicts the perfect colors and dye placement for a gallery-worthy piece of art! One half of the hair remains black, while the other half is dyed with an ideal ombre of blue and light orange with hints of silver at the transition portion. What a look!

2. Long Blue and Black Split with Bangs


The ever-so-stunning glossy, metallic blue shade works very well in juxtaposition with the jet-black split color. The bangs add a different dimension to the look and further highlight the half blue half black hair goodness we have right here! We have a split half blue half black dye job for this look.

3. Blue and Black Horizontal Split Hair


Here we have a classic ombre hairstyle look but with a twist. We would like to see a twist on our hair as well! Instead of dying the hair in s whole complete half-and-half manner, only the front portion of the hair is dyed half blue and half black.

4. Deep Blue and Black Half-and-Half with Betty Bangs


Briefly said, Bettie’s bangs are thick, arching bangs that are bluntly cropped. However, their length is what immediately identifies them. Bettie bangs are trimmed shorter than your average bangs. Pair that with this deep blue half-and-half and be the definition of beauty!

5. Half Blue Half Black Ombre


An ombre look that is one for the books is what we have right here before your own eyes! The medium-length, voluminous hair is adorned with the half black, half blue ombre, and it just kept it even better! This is a look you wouldn’t want to skip!

6. Straight Bright Blue and Black Hair


If you are one of the women who have naturally straight locks or just prefer styling it this way and want the glitz and glamour of the half blue half black trend, we have a look especially tailored just for you! Long, straight tresses are dyed with these gorgeous half blue half black shades, and we can’t get enough of it!

7. Short Blue and Black Hair


unlike the usual black-to-blue hair trend, the look we have here starts with short hair with bright, striking blue on top and is dyed black from the middle to the ends for a very eye-catching half-blue and half-black hair!

8. Black and Blue Mullet


Are you one that says go for bold and striking hairstyles? If so, this is the look fitting for your preferences! A long, voluminous mullet is what we have here that is dyed with half black and half blue shades. A bold hairstyle for a brave woman!

9. Short Turquoise Blue and Black Split Dye


In the look, we have here, a split half blue and half black dye job is put into perfect action. Instead of the usual bright blue, here we have a deep turquoise blue in the other half while the other half remains our beloved pitch-black goodness.

10. Half Blue Half Black Dutch Braids


Are you tired of the usual wavy locks on your half blue, half black hair? You might as well try this fabulous blue and black split hairstyle. It accentuates the lovely colors even more while still being astonishing and eye-catching all at the same time!

11. Half Blue Half Black Box Braids


One dazzling, edgy and protective hairstyle is this look right here! The individual box braids are carefully placed to depict a split blue and black dye job, further helping to make the look sassier and is guaranteed to turn heads, that’s for sure!

12. Half Blue Half Black Bob Cut


As usual split-colored hairstyles are on a longer length, the look we have right here is a fresher take on the half blue, half black trend. The stunningly trimmed bob cut is adorned with the half-colored beauty, and we are all fans!

13. Layered Half Blue Half Black Hair


Another take on the half blue, half black split dye trend, this layered, long split-colored hairstyle is what you need for a new, dramatic change in your hair! The layers help depict fuller, more voluminous hair. Be the darling of the crowd with this look!

14. Half Black Half Blue Curls


For the curly-haired women out there, fret not because we also have a look specially tailored just for you and your luscious curls! This half blue, half black goodness depicts such majestic beauty, especially if adorned with tight, bouncy curls. Go for it now!

15. Textured Half Blue Half Black Hair


Alongside a bright, electric blue, this half blue half black hair is complemented with a textured cut that gives a whole look a different amount of edge. The cut starts with a short length on the front and flows to a longer length at the back. Edge and sass in one!

16. Black and Blue Split Dye with Multiple Shades of Blue


This flowy, mid-length hair is adorned with a jet-black shade on one half and multiple shades of blue on the other half. The different colored strands together contribute to a look with a lot of dimension and depth! Why stick to one shade of blue for your half blue, half black hairstyle when you can use multiple?

17. Wavy Half Blue Half Black Hair with Curtain Bangs


Here in this look, we have a stunning deep shade of blue beside a black shadow made half-and-half. As if that’s not enough to make jaws drop, face-framing, side-swept, curtain bangs are added to the whole look that just took it to another dimension!

18. Half Blue Half Black Bob with Micro Bangs 


As if the usual bob cut isn’t enough, a set of somewhat edgy micro bangs is added to this stunning look! This look is achieved by using black to dye the hair from the roots to the middle and a bright blue from the middle to the ends. Add the edgy bangs, soft waves, a bold makeup, and you are ready to go!

19. Half Blue Half Black Blunt Bangs


The look we have here is quite peculiar compared to the other looks on this list. It is because rather than the full-on split half blue, half black dye action, only the blunt bangs are dyed with a half blue shade, while the rest of the hair is kept at a stunning pitch-black shade.

20. Long Glossy Half Blue Half Black Split Hair


The bounce and the gloss on the look drew us to stare at it! Well, aside, of course, the gorgeous half blue, half black stunning dye placement. This is an excellent way to upgrade your hair for a dramatic change!

21. Half Blue Half Black Pixie


Do you have short hair and are unsure whether you can jump and board the half blue half black hair trend? Fear not because we have a look that is suited for you! This adorable pixie is achieved by dyeing the top portion of the cut with half blue and half black shades. Such an upgrade from your usual-colored pixie!

22. Half Blue Half Black Textured Mullet


Another edgy and quirky half blue, half black hairstyle is what we have here in front of your eyes! This edgy mullet is adorned with stunning black and blue split colors, textured accents, and eye-catching micro baby bangs. All in all, a look that could grab the eyes of a crowd!

That’s it for this article, ladies! We hope you got enough ideas and inspiration for your next hair adventure. Don’t forget to let us know which one of these stunning looks are you considering having on your hair!

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