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30 Korean Curtain Bangs Ideas That Will Refresh Your Look

Retro curtain bangs are one of the haircuts that have attracted a lot of attention and requests from hairstylists since last year. The bangs, which are shaped to fit all kinds of face types with the help of professional hands, have become the signature of Korean stylists.

South Korea, which has become the capital of curtain bangs, will fascinate you with its distinct and eye-catching bangs! Wouldn’t these low-maintenance, fashionable, stylish, and dramatic bangs help you step up your style? Here are 30 Korean curtain bangs ideas that will refresh your look.

Curtain Bangs For Thick Hair

Curtain bangs are suitable for all hair types, including thick and long hair. This haircut is a good choice if you want an easy-to-care-for and quick-to-style alternative to your long hair.


Curtain Bangs For Wavy Hair

With the final look, curtain bangs that give movement to your wavy hair will capture your heart!


Bob With Curtain Bangs

We can’t think of a bang that would suit the modern stance of bob-cut hair better.


Soft Layers Curtain Bangs

The addition of soft layers to this hairdo provides a romantic and fresh look.


Dark Tones With Curly Ends

Curls to be added to the ends of the hair will give your hair a gentle volume. Dark tones with curtain bangs, on the other hand, fascinate those who see them with their feminine stance.


Updo With Curtain Bangs

How does updo’s stance change before and after curtain bangs! There can be no better example than this before and after.


Light Brown Hair With Curtain Bangs

This curtain bangs style is perfect for women who like warm tones, as it will support the soft vibe that light brown hair will offer to your face.


Red With Curtain Bangs

The femininity of red hair is balanced by the cut of the curtain bangs. This gorgeous haircut is very attainable with the help of professional stylists!


Low Ponytail With Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs not only look excellent on loose hair but also hair pulled back into a ponytail! Just stunning.


Long Curtain Bangs

The bangs cut at the same level as your chin and falling over your face will create a romantic frame and a really attractive look.


Curtain Bangs For Long Faces

Your style will be renewed thanks to the bangs that will balance your long face. Curtain bangs clipped into thicker tufts can give you a voluminous stance and make your face appear more rounded.


Full Curtain Bangs

Complete with wispy bangs, the curtain bangs cut is a great choice for women who want to avoid the maintenance of thick bangs.


Curtain Bangs For Mid-Length Hair

Curtain bangs look great not only on long hair but also on medium-cut hair.

Curtain Bangs Effect

If you have fine hair, you should look at a great example of how curtain bangs can improve your appearance.


Curtain Bangs For Short Hair

That’s how easy it is to add movement to short and fine hair! With curtain bangs.


Curtain Bangs For Straight Hair

A romantic and soft move to straight hair will be the pioneer of an elegant style.


Dark Hair Curtain Bangs

The dark hair, which contrasts well with Korean women’s fair skin, is in perfect harmony with the face-framing curtains.


Before & After With Curtain Bangs

That’s how shortcut curtain bangs are compatible with shortcut hair!


Curtain Bangs For Shortcut

There is also a curtain bangs style for women with a masculine look. These bangs show that they are suitable for ladies of many hair kinds and styles.


Lob With Curtain Bangs

The long bob haircut takes the name of the lob and creates a great look with curtain bangs.


For Thin And Blonde Hair

Don’t worry if your hair is thin and weak; there is also a curtain bang style for you! The bangs cut with minimal and thin layers are one of the things you should try.


Curtain Bangs For Messy Short Hair

Curtain bangs look excellent with messy and short haircuts. This messy look is finished off with wavy layered hair.


Long And Blonde

A blonde hairstyle in sweet and warm tones will look great with bangs framing your face. This rich and densely layered cut merges with the shortcut curtain bans.


Classic Mid-Parted

The curtain bang style is created by parting the hair in the middle. This style will make the face appear thinner and slimmer, which will fit especially round-faced women.


Fluffy One Sided Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle, which gives a more voluminous stance, is the number one choice, especially for middle-aged women.


Natural Sided Long Curtain Bangs

Women who do not want to lose their natural beauty should choose curtain bangs, which are shaped without losing the natural part of the hair.


Chin Length Curtain Bangs

Chin-length haircuts will create an indispensable style for modern and young women.


Voluminous Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle, which can be achieved with just a hair dryer and a comb, is a must-have. Furthermore, achieving this look will just take a few minutes!


Long And Feminine Waves

Extra long curtain bangs pair perfectly with your long hair. This feminine and attractive look will suit women who never get tired of long hair.


Curtain Bangs For Thin Hair

For fine hair, curtain bangs with fewer layers will provide the ideal frame for your face.


Consider trying Korean curtain bangs! These bangs are perfect for adding a touch of style and personality to your look. Plus, they’re super easy to style and maintain.

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