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34 Amazing Korean Wolf Cut Hairstyles

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Social media networks are flooded with a new viral hits. It’s the slick, easy-to-maintain wolf cut hairstyle. Starting in Asia, the wolf cut haircut spreads throughout the world. Wolf haircuts on Korean ladies make them look so alluring. As a result, this is currently in high demand across the globe.

One of the enormous haircut ideas on social media, the Korean wolf cut, is popular among celebrities. Here, you may choose from various Korean wolf hairstyles, from short and charming to long and stunning wolf cuts! It’s best to explore all the different style alternatives if you’re thinking of a fantastic chop.

If you wonder what a wolf haircut is, this hairstyle is a cross between the mullet and the shag. You can style it to seem either loose or classy, according to your preferences. Its adaptability is one of the reasons youths and even millennials like it. 

Before you, we have unique Korean wolf cut hairstyles that you need to try for your next chop. Fret not and scroll away!

1. Blonde Long Wolf Cut


This platinum blonde hair looks great on a Korean wolf cut hairstyle. As we all know, anything practically blonde means impressive, but this excellent level is different when styled with a Korean wolf cut!

2. Classic Neck-Length Wolf Cut


The classic wolf cut has soft waves and understated yet stylish curtain bangs. This wolf hairstyle is an excellent option if you want something more trendy because not many things can compare to the original.

3. Rose Gold Wolf Cut


This matted, subtle rose gold wolf cut makes sense if you want both class and radiance. The rose gold tint on the hair gives it a radiant glow combined with the stunning wolf cut. Notice the wispy bangs and the layered cut frames and draws attention to the face.

4. Layered Wolf Cut


You’ll enjoy this striking hairstyle if your hair is naturally brown in hue. It is beautiful and fashionable, making it ideal for edgier women who want a low-maintenance hairstyle. For your next go-to, it is incredibly stylish without being overly dramatic.

5. Wolf Cut with Volume


Display the beauty for casual, easygoing looks and clothing this summer! You will adore this style if you have naturally thicker, fluffier hair. Most young girls love it since it is so tender, ethereal, and sweet. With curtain bangs, this hairdo will look stunning.

6. Wolf Cut with White Highlights


Fancy a wolf cut but also want to be playful? We have you covered with this look! The stunning wolf cut is paired with the gorgeous white highlights scattered over the hair. We are here for it!

7. Red Wolf Cut


This version of the wolf haircut can make a massive difference for people with thin hair since it incorporates more traditional curtain bangs, a light texture, and delicate layers. The stunning red hue also elevates the whole look.

8. Auburn Shaggy Wolf Cut


This look has just reached a whole new level with this stunning auburn shade! Like the Korean wolf cut, this shaggy wolf hairstyle is fashioned to resemble a mullet more closely but with less volume. Anyone with short hair and a subtle curl can pull off this look.

9. Short Wolf Cut with Wispy Bangs


The dark hair on this look is perfect and looks feminine with some wispy bangs. Give this stunning short wolf cut a try if you appreciate casual looks and prefer a basic and simple look!

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10. Hot Red Layered Wolf Cut


Want a cool hairstyle to escape the heat? Why not give the well-known Korean wolf cut a flaming makeover to fit the summertime mood? The hot red hue on this look gives it a whole new flare! Young women adore this fashionable layered haircut that is very popular nowadays.

11. Wolf Cut for Curly Hair


Make use of the volume in your hair for this lively and exciting look! A curly wolf haircut will flatter your face shape without dragging down your natural hair when worn with either long or short bangs. Sporting this look on your natural hair is the best option.

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12. Mullet-Wolf Cut Hybrid


Suppose you want to accomplish a smooth blend. In that case, you’ll need to visit a professional salon because of the soft top layers, similar to a shaggy haircut, and can only be achieved with professional experience. The Korean wolf hairstyle looks best on thick hair since it is a more obvious homage to the classic mullet.

13. Pink Wolf Cut


As an option, you may express your uniqueness with a bright pink wolf cut shag—a hot, Korean layered hairstyle that combines two current trends- the wolf cut and the shag. This is a beautiful approach to joining the trend since this look is enormous these days!

14. Classic Wolf Cut


The traditional wolf cut features a neck length, the most choppy layers, a beautiful curtain bang, and a ton of textured volume up top. This cut also frames the face very well. We adore this sloppy, messy style’s unkempt appearance.

15. Wolf Cut on Natural Hair


This variation of the wolf cut is distinctive due to its full bangs, lengthier face-framing pieces, and many jagged layers. This looks the greatest on natural hair as well!

16. Wolf Cut with Blunt Bangs


Here we have a Korean wolf cut on natural hair again, but with blunt bangs. Although curtain bangs with a wolf cut are more typical, we also like how full blunt bangs appear with this cut. Long, shaggy layers provide the ideal base for textured waves.

17. Face-framing Curly Wolf Cut on Dark Hair


The wolf cut looks different with a significant natural curl compared to waves or straight hair. This style’s ultimately short layers and bangs can be ideal for your loose curls. It also frames the face and brings attention back to your face from your gorgeous curls.

18. Short Blush Pink Korean Wolf Cut


Want to alter your appearance drastically? By dyeing your hair this stunning pink, achieve a Korean girl hairstyle! We adore this gorgeous shade of pink, especially in a short wolf cut hairstyle!

19. Wolf Cut with Coils


Before you are a wolf cut style for all the coily-haired women, the self-supporting nature of coily hair makes it simple to pull off the angled wolf cut. To balance the look and beautifully frame your face, add short bangs! 

20. Korean Wolf Cut for Straight Hair


Here is an intriguing take on the modern trend- the wolf cut in a sleek, straight form! You can always choose this elegant look if you don’t want to wear waves or curls daily. To achieve this effect, flat iron your layers while turning the ends slightly under. Or even better if you have naturally straight hair!

21. Subtle Wolf Cut


With the small layers beginning lower on the hair shaft, this wolf cut is slightly more subdued. As a result, the top has less zing but a wild, carefree appearance. This style is ideal if you’re concerned that the traditional wolf cut is too much for everyday wear.

22. Natural Brown Wolf Cut


You’ll enjoy this striking hairstyle if your hair is naturally brown or dark brown. As your new go-to, it is incredibly stylish without overly dramatic and bold.

23. Long Korean Wolf Cut


Natural, low-maintenance dark hair is ideal for casual gatherings. You’ll prefer this style if your hair is naturally thicker and more voluminous at the ends. If done correctly, this hairstyle will be suitable for wearing with formal wear. 

24. Dark Straight Wolf Cut Hair


This medium-length haircut is on the straight side of the spectrum. Wolf cuts often emphasize volume, but with a few adjustments, folks with pin-straight hair may still pull this look off.

25. Two-toned Wolf Cut


If you want a long wolf variation that is more suitable for everyday wear, a two-tone dye will make your layers blend in more. Just remember that color jobs like these need a little more maintenance! But don’t worry, for it is worth all the work!

26. Sophisticated Wolf Cut


We have here another long wolf cut variant. By minimizing the jagged layers, the graceful wolf gives the classic a new spin. The outcome is a beautiful hairdo that works well for formal and casual occasions. This look provides a sophisticated look that is best for every event.

27. Vibrant Blue Korean Wolf Cut


With this blue wolf cut, you ought to try it. Although needing a little bit of maintenance, this one is perfect for girls that prefer to find out and get everyone’s attention because it is so loud and strong! Younger women will benefit most from this hue and cut.

28. Rainbow Wolf Cut


We saved the most colorful for the last! An attention-grabber, conversation-starter look such as this one is what you need to try if you are one of those who has a bold personality! This rainbow haircut would take off eyes everywhere you go!

29. Ethereal Lavender Bob


Immerse in the delicate balance of softness and edge with this ethereal lavender bob. The pastel lavender shade, paired with the tousled layers of a wolf cut, offers a dreamy aesthetic that’s both playful and chic.

30. Chestnut Charm Wolf Cut


This chestnut charm wolf cut embodies the warmth of chestnut hues infused with the dynamic shape of the wolf cut, creating a look that’s both comforting and trendsetting.

31. Silver Blonde Contrast

Bold and striking, the silver blonde contrast wolf cut is a statement of sophistication. The stark silver tone against darker roots adds depth, while the wolf cut’s signature layers give it an avant-garde flair.

32. Creamy Blonde Elegance


A serene blend of creamy blonde shades and soft layers characterizes this creamy blonde elegance wolf cut. It’s a hairstyle that combines simplicity with elegance, offering a versatile look that transitions effortlessly from day to night.

33. Raspberry Swirl Wolf Cut


The raspberry swirl wolf cut is a playful twist on the classic style, featuring a vibrant red hue that adds a swirl of excitement to the feathered layers and tousled waves.

34. Vanilla Bean Wolf Cut


Savor the subtle yet impactful vanilla bean wolf cut, where creamy light blonde locks cascade into a full-bodied texture, embodying a relaxed yet refined style for those who adore a minimalist approach with a twist.

And there you have it; gorgeous Korean wolf cut ideas to inspire your next trip to the salon. Don’t forget to let us know which one of these would you wear!

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