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30 Insanely Cool Japanese Hairstyles & 6 Tips for Perfecting

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Japanese culture and style are always fascinating. One of the most noteworthy aspects of Japan is really their hairstyles. They’re always on the cutting edge of fashion and it shows in their look. Japanese women are known for their flamboyant and often very, very long hairstyles.

Japan has always been a trendsetter in a lot of things, from pop culture to fashion. And when it comes to women’s hairstyles I can certainly say that they are not behind with their hairstyles. Although there are many hairstyles used by Japanese women, these 30 insanely cool Japanese hairstyles will surely pique your interest, or even make you go ‘I want to dye my hair like that!’.

6 Tips For Perfect Japanese Haircuts

1. Get inspiration from anime and manga

When it comes to anime hair styles, there are several types you ought to know about. It’s a genre that’s often considered edgy and racy–but it’s also incredibly sophisticated. That means there are different hairstyles for men and women, complete with special texture, length, and other elements that add interest to your visual appearance (if you add the right products).

2. Don’t follow trends

Japanese women have fantastic haircuts but they also know how to dress properly. Trendy hairstyles that are trendy at one time can become outdated very quickly. It’s always important to stick to the basics but at the same time you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with new styles. Hairstyles for women in Japan have been evolving over time and there are many different styles available.

3. Go with short hair if you’re not sure

If you’re new to Japanese culture or just interested in some new hairstyles, then it may be best to keep your hair short. It’s important to remember that most Japanese women, especially Japanese businesswomen, tend to keep their hair short.

4. Colors and bold styles don’t have to be expensive

When you come across the most striking and spectacular hairstyle available on the Internet, you should think twice before you succumb to its allure. Considering the cost of an exotic style and the time it takes to maintain it, there’s no real reason why we should adhere to such an extensive hairstyle regime year after year. Why not enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with having a neatly coiffured look?

5. Get the right haircut for your face shape

Ladies, there are many hairstyles that can work for you depending on your personality and personal style. When it comes to hairstyles for women, however, many options can seem overwhelming. What style do you want for your hair? How thick should your hair be? How long do you want it to be? For some women choosing the right hairstyle can be difficult as there are numerous hairstyles available that all look different on different women. In order to choose the right hairstyle for you, it helps to know what types of hairstyles are widely popular in Japan. This will give you an idea of what styles would be popular with what type of women.

6. Straighten all of your hair down

The key to maintaining a good Japanese style is straightening all of your hair. You will be able to more effortlessly keep your style well maintained if you straighten all your hair. Shorter hair is easier to manage because it requires less stretching and styling.

We have compiled for you the most preferred hairstyles of Japanese women, which impress from their elegance to their modernity. We’ve picked up 30 insane Japanese hairstyles that are simply jaw-dropping.

Shortcut With Inner Purple Color

Inner color is a technique used by Japanese hair stylists to create small surprises. By adding inner color to your hair in the desired color, you may make a difference.

Pink Waves With Bangs

Pink hair is a popular choice among Japanese ladies today. When coupled with the classic hair bangs, you can achieve a very charming style.

Low Chignon

The low chignon is a timeless style. When paired with traditional Japanese kimonos, it is certain to create a unique and striking look

Rare Bangs With Long Hair

The bangs are the type of haircut most commonly used by Japanese hairstyles. The rare option of it, which offers a more natural look to the bangs, looks very cute.

Shoulder-Length Straight Hair With Bangs

Is it necessary for me to tell you how adorable this haircut is? You will never regret making this decision because it is adaptable to any face shape.

Updo With Side Bangs

This haircut makes the classic appearance beautiful with side bangs, revealing the beauty of Japanese women’s faces.

Soft Waves With Bangs

This natural and attractive hairstyle is for you if you don’t want to give up your natural look.

Wet Slicked Back Look

This hairstyle, which is the number one choice for authentic and attractive looks, is a stylish model that Japanese women often prefer.

Reddish Purple Long Waves

This legendary color, combined with the cool style of long wavy hair, creates a look that is both powerful and timeless. This model, which is preferred regardless of thin or thick hair type, gets even more beautiful with popular colors.

Chopped Pixie With Bangs

This haircut, which offers both a cute and stylish look, will complete your style with its feminine look.

Medium Length Ashy Brown

Brown hair is a common choice among Japanese ladies. With this color, we like the medium haircut a lot.

Face Framing Green Highlights

With this stunning haircut, all attention will be on you. You can freely use the latest trend cosmic colors in this style.

Inner Grey Colored

Have you ever thought about the harmony of brown and gray? Here’s an excellent example if you haven’t already considered it. You will look very modern with this style, which also offers surprises with the inner color technique.

Two Colored Low Ponytail

We recommend this coloring that makes the classic low ponytail hair more interesting.

Contrast Colored Medium-Length

You may get a strong look with this fascinating, trendy, modern hairdo with little effort. Furthermore, all you have to do is spend a few hours in the chair of a professional hair

Traditional Updo

You can combine the attractiveness of Japanese culture with your hairstyle.

Long Straight Hair With Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are indispensable for Japanese women like everyone else. This haircut is especially well-suited to hair accessories, which may transform any hairdo from simple to outstanding.

Straight Bob With Bangs

This classic choice is one of our favorites with its suitability for all seasons and ages.

Bunches With Tie

This interesting hair accessory offers the well-known hairdo in a new light. Although it is simple to create, it has a pretty cool appearance.

Low Ponytail Tied With Scarf

Another accessory that gives the traditional model a new twist is a scarf. This accessory, which adds a feminine and romantic touch to your look, looks brilliant.

Bright Blue Colored Long Hair

This stunning hair color looks even more striking with long hair.

Half Up Half Down Braided

This romantic style can be used in a range of environments. Whether you’re at a wedding, a prom, or a night out with friends.

Blonde Beach Wave

A great choice for effortless elegance, this Blonde Beach Wave hairstyle is one of the popular and modern options.

Orange Highlighted Shortcut

Different and remarkable. With the contrast of black and orange, you will not be able to escape from the eyes.

Auburn Brown Long Hair With Long Bangs

Your face will be framed by this lovely romantic haircut, while your hair color will ad joy to your face.

Dark Blue Ombre

Ombre is a frequently preferred hairstyle, but what about dark blue ombre? You will attain an extraordinary beauty with this modern touch.

Long Straight Copper

Copper color and shades are one of the favorite choices of Japanese women. This color tone, which is especially combined with white skin, is very striking.

Pinky Ombre

This tone provides the hair a very trendy style and will take your ombre choice to the next level.

Ashy Lines On Straight Long Hair

Would you like to give your dark hair a different vibe that you can’t entirely abandon. This is exclusively for your use.

Blunt Bob With Different Colored End

A bob like this has never been seen before. If you want to be fashionable in 2021, we strongly advise you to try this hairdo.

Japanese hairstyles for women guarantee unique and beautiful looks. If you want to stick out from the crowd, give this traditional Japanese look a try.

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