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Sisterlocks: Guide & Hairstyle Examples

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Traditional African hairstyles are always admired for their remarkable and excellent craftsmanship. Sisterlocks obtained with the interlocking method look fascinating. The style, obtained in thin and multiple locks, comes in various shapes and offers more than one option. Sisterlock style is a choice that takes a long time to make, and you have to get it with the help of professional hands. It requires control and maintenance every 6 to 8 weeks. In daily life, the sister lock hairstyle is a very easy-care (even maintenance-free) hairstyle.

What are sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are tiny-sized dreadlocks. They are tiny in size and not as tightly knotted as traditional dreadlocks. Often, they are worn by people with thin hair. The locks can be made of synthetic or natural materials like cotton or wool.

The sisterlocks style involves locking hair into sections which are then twisted up and pinned against the head.

The definition of sisterlock is a type of small-sized dreadlock that does not need hair care products like oils, waxes, or gels to style it because it is already pre-formed and pre-locked. This type of lock is perfect for people who do not want to deal with the hassles of having dreadlocks, like using oils or wax.

Who should go with the sisterlocks hairstyle?

A sister lock is a hairstyle made up of two long braids, which are then intertwined. This hairstyle can be worn by people with long hair who want to keep it out of their way. It can also be worn by people who don’t like its natural texture but like the style and want to make it look less messy.

A sister lock hairstyle is ideal for people with long hair who want to keep it out of their way, those who don’t like the natural texture but like the style or those who want to make messy hair look less messy.

How to care for sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are one of the most popular hairstyles in the African American community. The hair is tied into small strands and then twisted together to form a lock.

Sisterlocks have two types of care: daily maintenance and deep cleaning. 

Daily Maintenance

Be gentle with your sisterlocks to ensure they stay in optimal condition because it’s easy to accidentally damage them. For example, washing your hair too much can create breakage if not done gently. It’s important not to use any heat on your locks or comb them out–this will cause breakage because it breaks up the strands that make up the locks.

Deep Clean

The best way to deep clean sisterlocks is to use shampoo and conditioner that is free of sulfates, which will not strip the hair of its natural oils. Consider using an eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner, as these will not be as harsh on your scalp as regular shampoos and conditioners. It’s also important to gently re-twist your locks after washing them so they don’t lose their structure during the drying process.

  • First, wet your Sisterlocks with water.
  • Second, use a shampoo safe for your hair type and gently cleanse the locks to ensure they keep their structure.
  • Third, wash and rinse your locks and re-twist them.

What is the difference between sisterlocks and locs?

Sisterlocks are a form of African American hair that is often mistaken for locs.

The difference between Sisterlocks and Locs is that Sisterlocks are braided, while locs are twisted. This distinction is important because it helps to identify the type of hair being worn. Sisterlock styles have a much tighter braid.

Loc styles have a looser twist and will be looser than the tightly braided sisterlock style. The terminology for this difference is “Sisterlocks” vs. “Locks.”

Sisterlock Hairstyles

We have listed 30 different options for you for this easy-to-use and stunning hairstyle.

Half Up, Half Down Bob

This hairstyle, which is great on its own, complements a young and energetic style the half up half down bob model.

Bantu Knots

The fresh trend of recent times, Bantu knots and sisterlocks have become the perfect combination of two traditional African styles.

Fire Ends

Sisterlocks, combined with different colors, is a hot style with its fire end stance.

Different Styles

Combined with different styles, sisterlocks look unique and perfect in completely freestyle models that suit you.

With Stylish Headband

Sisterlocks, which look stylish even without doing anything, gain an even more authentic vibe with colorful and stylish headbands.

One Sided Bob

With its ease of care and shape, the bob hairstyle is one of the most popular choices. With sisterlocks, you may give this simple hairdo a distinct vibe and wake up looking as stylish as a star.

For Little Angel

The sisterlocks hairdo can be a lovely and adorable option for your little girls. Once again, the hairstyle’s simple shape will be a huge plus. Sisterlocks will bring great comfort to you and your little daughter by reducing the time spent preparing for school.

Short Hair

If you want to add some fun and difference to your short hair, sisterlocks are the style you are looking for.

Tight Sisterlocks

A tightly made sisterlocks will suffice to make this authentic look more eye-catching.
Sisterlocks, made tight enough to show your scalp with the help of professional hands, are the key to a unique look.

Traditional Updo

Traditional sisterlocks will be a great tool for you to bond with your roots, making a perfect pairing with a traditional updo.

Natural Stance

Sisterlocks can give an effect as if the natural state of the hair is the perfect choice for thick and bushy hair.

Half Up Half Down

When you combine the latest trend with time-honored traditions, you get something unique. Sisterlocks is a tight, high half-up, half-down hairstyle that is one of the simplest yet most impressive.

Deep Side Part

While increasing your self-confidence by emphasizing the favorite part of your face with the deep side part, you will continue to fascinate with sisterlocks.

Layers On Bob

Sisterlock, which is made with a layered cut bob style, helps you catch effortless elegance by adding movement to your hair.


The sisterlocks hairdo complements the rebellious and impressive vibe of the Mohawk!
Consult your hairstylist about customizing the style with African braids; a fascinating effect can be achieved by changing it to sisterlocks on top and braids on the sides.

Red Balayage

Red balayage hair gives the sisterlocks a more feminine aspect, making it even more appealing. The look you’ll achieve with a red tone that complements your skin tone will be vital.


Color techniques can be used to further customize your sisterlocks hair. The shine that the blonde ombre will bring to your hair will make it the major focus of your style.

Puffy Hairdo

Enjoy the benefits of having style without having to battle with curly hair. Sisterlocks are one of the simplest solutions to cope with thick, bushy hair, taking only a few hours and providing long-lasting style.

Bronze Half Up

The luster of bronze hair color harmonizes perfectly with the color of your skin. It’s also one of the most noticeable colors on sisterlocks.

Voluminous Locks

Even if they are simple, voluminous hairstyles are recognized for their rich look. Sisterlocks are formed in tiny twists, which lower the volume of the hair slightly. Therefore, you need either to use hair extensions or have very thick hair for this gorgeous hairstyle.

Mini To Thick

By making a few changes to sisterlocks hairstyles, you may make it special to you. Twists that began as basic micro-sisterlocks and became thicker and thicker, resulting in a unique and fascinating look.

Messy Bun

You can apply the Sisterlock hairstyle no matter what style you have. If you have a Cozy style, a messy bun is for you.

Middle Part

You can make your face look longer with the middle part hair. With this little trick, your face will also look slim and stylish, thanks to sisterlocks.


Are you looking for a style to set your short hair apart and make it your own? You should attempt this classy, distinct, and one-of-a-kind shortcut with sisterlocks.

Red Ends

Red hair ends to give your look a magical touch. Sisterlocks with red ends should be your first choice for a feminine, appealing, and assertive look.

Mid-Length Sisterlock

Sisterlocks are a terrific method to maintain medium-length hair from becoming monotonous.

Highlighted Bob

With styles that make them joyful, happy faces are possible. This hairstyle’s flawless appearance will persuade you to get sisterlocks!

High Half Ponytail

A tight and sleek ponytail looks gorgeous on any woman. When you try this style half up half down, it creates an unforgettable look with the addition of sisterlocks.

Coiled Sisterlock

Sisterlocks are made up of thin and flexible twists. The style you can utilize in coil shape is dazzling thanks to its flexible feature.

Short Sisterlock

Your hair, which you will process as parted in the middle, will bring effortless beauty. Sisterlocks create the perfect harmony with your dark natural hair; It is the right choice for women who do not give up on their natural appearance.

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