30 Galaxy Hair Ideas to Bring the Universe to Earth

Galaxy hair is a trend that is taking the world by storm. It combines the beauty of color with the beauty of the galaxy. Galaxy hair can be achieved in various ways, depending on your skill level and desired look. Whether it’s bright colors or an ombre effect, galaxy hair has something for everyone.

We are all familiar with what galaxies are after all! They are beautiful swirling swirls of colors which make up our universe! Galaxy hair makes use of this idea to make it even more beautiful, combining color with a cosmic feel to create something different and exciting for this year’s trends.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what type of galaxy you want your hair to represent – whether it be a neon-colored one or one that looks like space dust.

What is galaxy hair?

Galaxy hair is a temporary hair color trend that is becoming more and more popular.

This trend combines the bright colors of the galaxy with the complex and intricate shapes, patterns and textures that come from a galaxy. This hairstyle tends to have highly-pigmented colors on the ends of the locks, with different tones throughout the rest of the strands.

Who should go with galaxy hair?

The galaxy hair trend is a bold and creative one. It involves dyeing your hair a few different colors, which gives the effect of stars scattered across the sky. For this look to work, your hair needs to be at least chin-length. The galaxy color combinations are endless, so feel free to get creative with it!

Young people are the best candidates for galaxy hair color because they often have more natural highlights in their hair that would work well for galaxy hair. Older people often have gray or white hairs, which are pretty stark against the colorful style of galactic hairstyles.

Galaxy hair can be a fun and exciting way to stand out at school or work.

Whether you want something subtle or dramatic, galaxy hair is a great option for anyone looking for an adventurous new look.

What are the colors of galaxy hair?

Galaxy hair is the latest trend that has dominated the hair industry for quite some time now. When it comes to galaxy hair, there are three colors which are common when you look at it- blue, purple, and pink.

The three colors of galaxy hair may seem like something that would only be in someone’s imagination but they are actually in existence in the real world. The different shades of each color can actually be mixed together to create a unique style which is completely up to the person who is looking for these types of colors on their head of hair.

How to get a galaxy hair color?

Galaxy hair is a specific hairstyle with colors ranging from purple to pink, with hints of red and blue. All of these colors are mixed together in a way that has the effect of making the hair look like it’s emitting an aura of different colors.

The most popular color combinations are blue and pink, pink and blue, or purple and blue.

Some people believe that galaxy hair can be achieved by using temporary or semi-permanent hair dyes. However, the best way to get this interesting color is to start by dyeing your hair with black roots, then adding tiny sections of different shades all over.

There are many ways to get this hair color. You can dye your hair with different colors, you can highlight your hair, or you could use a temporary paint on your head to get this effect.

Galaxy Hair Color Ideas

We have collected 31 eye-catching galaxy hair ideas for the hair color lovers. For those who want to achieve this hair color, keep reading!

Long And Dreamy

The magnificent meeting of blue, purple and gray in long hair; produces a dreamlike result.

Galaxy Balayage

Balayage is one of the most popular hair coloring treatments. How about a galaxy-toned balayage? Here is the exquisite result.

Vibrant Universe

Give your galaxy blend a youthful and clear stance with more pastel tones.

Dark Universe

You can give your naturally dark hair the air of gleaming in the enigmatic hues of the universe with a natural balayage treatment in galactic tones.

Punk Alien

Punk haircuts are always crazy, but punk in galaxy shades is extra crazy!

Galaxy Peek-a-boo

For a real peek-a-boo moment, the galaxy’s gorgeous color palette is ready for you.

Flame Ends

The harmony of mermaid and galaxy tones creates a true fairy-tale style. The hairstyle, supported by flame ends, gives an unforgettable look, creating a complete 2021 style.

Soft Galaxy

Galaxy colors in pastel tones combined with platinum color are both youthful; as well as the key to a sophisticated look.

Deep Blue Universe

This blue hair color, which is made up of an exquisite mix of Midnight blue and Atlantic blue tones, gives your hair a deep and peaceful ocean vibe.

Cosmic Blonde

We don’t even have to tell you how trendy silver hair is. And a mixture of cosmic tones; the latest trend.

Keeping Natural

Long wavy hair looks much more attractive and perfect in galaxy tones. Get a natural and stylish stance with purple, green and blue tones of balayage.

Cold Galaxy

Combining your purple, gray, and naturally dark hair with a lob cut can create a magical effect.

Sky Blue Bob

Bring the awesome colors of the sky to your hair with the mixture of blue and gray. We can’t think of a more maintainable and stylish alternative to this mix than the bob cut!

Elegant Galaxy

Starting with the bright blue color of the sky and ending with cosmic purple, your straight and long hair will create a style that those who see it will never forget.

Vibrant Colors

A galaxy hair ready for the summer season with purple, blue, red and orange! If you are looking for a dynamic, eye-catching and lively hairstyle, there is no need to waste any more time.

Romantic Cosmic Tones

Shiny silvery pink, one of the most beautiful options where you can express your romantic soul, is also one of the most attractive of cosmic tones.

Green Planet Tones

The hair is the best choice, especially for women with cool undertones, because it is
complemented with the most gorgeous and vibrant green tones of our planet.

Pinky Cosmos

Here’s the sweet galaxy color palette for candy hair!

Galaxy Strands

For more attractive hair, a darker and more prominent applied balayage is the perfect choice.

Smoky Galaxy

Smoky hair color, also known as ashy hair color, is a color with cold undertones that offers an amazing balancing style for ladies with warm skin tones by chilling the galaxy tones.

Natural Roots

You can try galaxy tones without losing your natural hair roots. For women who do not compromise on their naturalness, you can enjoy an exquisite style without touching the roots of the hair with chemicals.

Galaxy Bob

You’ll be amazed if you pair the effortless, impressive, and trendy bob cut with the prettiest galaxy colors.

Ocean Galaxy

Carry the bright, clean, and tranquil colors of the Maldives into your hair to strengthen your style.

Galaxy Ends

If you want to make your medium-cut hair more forceful, use galactic tones!

Galactic Dreams

If you can’t decide between blue and purple tones and both of them your favorite, you can combine the two to create a stunning haircut with galaxy tones.

Blondie Galaxy

It’s always nice to be blonde, it makes your face look bright, but it’s even better to add a twist with a touch of galaxy tones.

Mystic Universe

Colored with ashy purple in dark pastel tones, the hair creates a unique style by adding a mystical atmosphere to you.

Dark Tones In Galaxy

Purple, natural tones and blue. These dark tones are combined with a light wave of hair, it creates an unforgettable style.


Create a lovely style with this galaxy hair color that is inspired of unicorn tones to create a young look.

Big Bang

A powerful and striking style like the big bang.


Face framing hair coloring has become one of the most popular hair coloring techniques, thanks to the choice of numerous celebrities. We strongly advise you to try out this new trend in galactic tones.

Hopefully, you’ve found a galaxy hair style idea or two to get you started. Before you know it, we’ll be equipping our spaceships with levels of cuteness that will blow the previous scientific models right out of the sky.

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