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30 Rubber Band Hairstyles You Should Try

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


If you’re seeking for a hairdo that’s different and colorful, we have a great solution for you: rubber bands. You can create wonderful designs on your hair by using rubber bands as you wish.
A great school hairstyle for little girls, a fun and colorful change for energetic women, and a savior for sophisticated women who want to captivate with their braids. Women of all ages and styles can benefit from rubber bands! Complex or easy, you can fascinate with your style by adding the change you want to classic hairstyles with rubber bands. In our list, we’ve selected 30 diverse styles that will inspire you. Here are 30 ideas for rubber band hairstyles.

Knotless Braids With Rubber Band

Wouldn’t you like to take the impressive braids one step further? This striking style amazes those who see it.

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are easy yet stunning. All you need for this hairstyle is a comb and rubber bands.

Cross Braids With Rubber Band

Cross braids appear to be complex and rich. This hairstyle will be one of the things you will not be able to give up with the help of skilled hands.


Modern Braids

The hairstyle, which is made even more beautiful by adding finger curls, is one of the most beautiful hairstyles made with braids and rubber band.

Big Box Braids For Little Girls

Is there anything more heartwarming than decorating little girls’ hair? Colorful rubber bands are an easy way to dress up your lovely daughter’s hair.

Silver Shades

The sparkle and shine of silver shade and the colorful rubber band duo go very well.


Swept Back Style

Do you wish to enhance the beauty of your face or get rid of a bang that was cut incorrectly? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for rubber band styles.

Half Space Buns

Space buns are modern, easy and impressive. Everything you want from a hairstyle! If you want to get an even more special style by using rubber band; here is a great example for you.

Cute Ponytail With Metallic Accessorize

Rubber band is the right choice to make an ordinary ponytail special for you. Give it the shape you want, decorate with rubber band and metal accessories. You will also love to add your own touches to your hairstyle.


Easy Style For Little Angels

Small but different hairstyles for little angels. The hair is decorated with a rubber band and finished with a cute bow.

Long And Rubber Banded

Small knotless braids on long hair take a long time to do, but they are well worth the wait! It’s handcrafted just for you, with rubber bands in the color of your choice.

Updo With Rubber Bands

Another very stylish model, revealing the beauty of your face.


Homemade Box Braids

You don’t have to spend hours at professional hair stylists for box braids. With this model that you can do at home, you will get a very striking hairstyle thanks to the rubber band and a thin comb.

Rubber Band With Beads

With this hairstyle decorated with beads, you can both get an authentic look or create a very cute hairstyle for little girls. It’s totally up to you!

High Cute Ponytail

A cute hairstyle for the little ones; High ponytail decorated with rubber band.


Space Buns With Rubber Banded Decorated Back

If you want to be a little different and draw attention; This hairstyle, in which the back of your hair will be decorated according to your wishes, looks quite preferable.

Excessive Rubber Band Style

You can get an even more different style by using more rubber bands. You will especially love this hairstyle, which you will prefer in contrasting colors with your hair.

Voluminous Style with Rubber Band

You may regulate the volume of your hair close to your face in the most colorful way with this hairstyle.


Half Up Rubber Band Style

One of the most popular hairstyles in recent years, half up half down, looks even better with a rubber band touch!

Braids Starting With Rubber Band

Braids that begin with a rubber band are for you if you like braids but don’t like how they stick to your scalp. Your braids will stand straighter and have a more professional appearance thanks to the rubber band.

Metallic Bob

Bob braids are a unique hairstyle with a Cleopatra vibe. By embellishing this haircut with rubber bands and metal accessories, you may create a unique look for yourself.


Impressive Long Braids

The cross rubber band and knit combination is simply impressive.

Twist Braids

Twist knots are preferred for fuller braids. The braids, which go well with the bob cut, look even more attractive by being colored with a rubber band.

One Sided Zigzag Ponytail

A beautiful design is created by adding a rubber band at the bottom of an elegant ponytail. It’s that simple to exhibit your original spirit!


Crisscross Rubber Band With Beads

Braids look great on stunning red hair. Especially this hairstyle, which is personalized with a rubber band and decorated with beads at the ends, is among our favourites!

Jumbo Twist High Ponytail

The high ponytail is far from being a simple and casual hairstyle after the crisscross look made with rubber bands.

Chic High Updo

With this feminine and confident hairstyle, the beauty of your face will stand out in the most impressive way.


Tiara Buns

This is a unique and intriguing hairstyle. The aesthetic, which is further enhanced by the rubber band zigzag decoration, creates an unforgettable hairdo.

Bohemian Style

Bubble braids, which support the Bohemian style, are one of the simplest and most impressive style elements made with a rubber band.

Dutch Braids

You can have one of the most beautiful romantic hairstyles by shaping your Dutch braid style with a transparent rubber band.

Who should go with rubber band hairstyle?

A rubber band hairstyle is a chic, sleek, and elegant style that is perfect for you if you’re looking for something that is not too showy.

This hairstyle may be best suited for you if:
You have straight hair
You want an easy-to-do ‘do
You want to avoid weight on the back of your head

The great thing about this look is how it can be dressed up or down. It works well with both formal and casual attire.

Is it bad to put a rubber band in your hair?

Let’s consider the pros and cons of putting a rubber band in your hair.
Putting a rubber band in your hair can damage your hair if the strands get stuck between the rubber band and pull.

The downside is that you can’t get out of it very easily. However, it’s important to note that if you use a rubber band made especially for styling hair, you can avoid any damage to your locks. In addition, there are many different ways to tie up your hair without using a rubber band at all!

In conclusion, it is perfectly okay to put a rubber band in your hair as long as it is made for styling purposes and not just a regular everyday-use kind of thing.

Do rubber bands break 4c hair?

Some people may not be aware of the fact that pulling a rubber band through your hair can be damaging to your hair, especially if you do it on a regular basis.

Rubber bands can break 4c hair. The elasticity and thickness of the hair is what determines how easy it is for the rubber band to break it. The more elastic and thicker your hair is, the easier it will be for the rubber band to break your hair.

Do rubber bands get old?

The polymer (rubber) makes the rubber band elastic, but it’s not forever.

When the rubber band is stretched and released over and over again, it is broken down and eventually will split into pieces.

The more a rubber band is used and stretched, the shorter its lifespan becomes. Eventually, it will break in two or go completely limp after too much use.

How do you put rubber bands in your hair?

When putting in rubber bands for hair, you should not put in more than 2-3 in a row. Putting too many will cause the hair to lose its natural wave and bounce.

There are different ways to insert rubber bands into your hair. One way is to knot the band before inserting it. Another way is to tie the band around two fingers before inserting it into your hair so that you can control when it falls out.

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