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30 Red and Black Hair Color Ideas

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


The hues red and black are both excellent and elegant hair colors. If you’re confused between these amazing options or want to create a stunning combination, this list is for you.

Our selection, which includes a variety of coloring techniques ranging from balayage to half-and-half hairstyles, reflects both current and retro trends.

These two beautiful hues can be utilized in 30 various hairstyles for ladies of all ages and styles for a feminine and attractive look. Here are 30 half red half black hair ideas.

Half And Half Hair

Half-and-half hair coloring is one of the most popular hairstyles in recent years. With its red and black colors, this young and fashionable style is a wonderful fit.

Vibrant Balayage

With your dark hair, red balayage with natural hair roots will appear legendary.


Why not give the daring pixie cut a little more edge and charisma? Dark hair color with vivid red tones. We’re sure you’ll be the center of attention!

Half Fire Hair

Your dark natural hair will shine remarkably with the fiery red color as a half and half hairstyle.

Reddish Balayage

One of the most eye-catching applications of red hair is this balayage, which you may effortlessly utilize in everyday life.

Magnificent Transform

If you are in search of a great transformation for your hair, we have a proposal that will offer you much more than what you are looking for.

Cherry Balayage

By adding perfect dimension to your hair with cherry balayage, you can show your hair much more intense than it is.

Red Ombre

Although blonde tones usually come to mind when ombre is mentioned, you can also get great ombre with red color. An ideal suggestion for women who want to be different and striking.

Gorgeous Contrast

The contrast between your dark black hair and vibrant and light red tones creates a remarkable appearance. This bright and youthful haircut is perfect for young ladies.

Vibrant Red

Your hair roots are left in natural and dark tones and are kept away from chemical processes. Thanks to this coloring, your hair will grow healthier and shine with exquisite contrast.

Mid-Length Crimson Red Balayage

One of the most intense hues of red is crimson. Sparkly balayage will give you a dazzling and modern look that will make you look more gorgeous than ever.

Red Wine Highlights

With the balayage application, which is more intense on the ends of the hair, this color, which is one of the hues closest to the purple color of the red, your natural hair color is not destroyed. For women who cannot give up on naturalness but seek change, this choice is a perfect alternative.


You can turn your style into a more unexpected and romantic one by throwing red sparkles on the ends of the waves of your hair.

Fire Red

Mid-length hair creates a very young and modern look in straight hair with red tones. The natural and dark stance of the hair roots are one of the best examples of the red – black combo with exquisite contrast.

Brownish Red Ombre

The red color, close to the warmth of brown tones, creates the dark-red duo that goes well with long hair.

Straight And Sleek

Straight hair is preferred because it reveals the hair color much more clearly than other hair types. Red balayage on dark hair, which will be obtained with the help of professional hands, also looks delicious on straight hair.

Fire Ends

You can create an admirable look by adding a fiery red finish to the straight lob style.

Dark Highlights

Your hair will have a feminine energy and a strong and attractive stance thanksto the balayage process applied as highlighting with dark red color.


With the deep balayage application, a hairstyle that makes red hair look more vintage by adding a retro wave at the ends of the hair.

Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy red is a rich blend of purple, brown, and red tones. Burgundy balayage, which is done more intensely to the hair that frames the face close to the face framing procedure, creates a striking balance between trend and classic.

Natural Roots With Purple Shines

It will seem quite original and magical with purple sparkles in between, without disturbing your natural black hair roots.

Light Waves

A hairstyle that goes well with red hair, perfect waves that reveal its nobility and shine.

Red And Black Curly

For naturally curly hair, this is a fantastic suggestion. We propose that you choose this option if you want to make a noticeable impact to your natural dark curly hair.

Youthful Red Wine

With the red wine shimmer on your face and your mid-length hair with a young and trendy stance, it will be the favorite choice for women of all ages.

Long Wavy Red Balayage

Long hair looks best with the balayage, which is tinted with an intense red. This hairstyle is an excellent first step if you want to make your look more natural but feminine.

Keeping Up With The Black Roots

For women who prefer blonde tones, natural dark roots are a nightmare. Women’s hair that needs to be dyed at least once a month becomes a source of stress. However, this is not the case with red balayage and colors. Your hair roots will no longer be an issue and will instead become an aspect that contributes to your style thanks to the harmony of red and black.

Lines, Lines, Lines!

Dark and bright red balayage, which is intensely applied in the form of lines, is shaped as big waves and fixed with a hair-fixing spray. We recommend that you consult a professional hairstylist to get this wonderful hairstyle.

For Mid-Ages

A great hairdo for middle-aged, young-at-heart women! With red balayage, your dark natural hair, which is trimmed short in a bob cut, takes on a vibrant and stunning look.

Face Framing

A fantastic transformation that shows the red color’s renewing fresh vibe when used as facial framing!

Undercut Pixie

There is no better hairstyle for women who want to express their inner rebellious and free-spirited girl than this one! The more deep the undercut, the more charismatic the hairdo. The fire-red color of long top is admired.

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