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30 Short Wolf Cut Haircuts You Can Try

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


The short wolf cut is a modern variant of the classic shag and mullet haircuts that has made its way into the world of style from Asia. The haircut originated in South Korea and has since spread throughout the world thanks to TikTok, becoming one of the most popular hairstyles in 2021.

The short wolf cut is one of the most stunning versions of the layered haircut, and it will continue to be fashionable in 2022 and 2023. The short wolf cut is one of the easy-to-style haircuts for ladies with thin or thick hair; it looks especially fantastic on short hair!

Your preparation time will be substantially reduced with layered cut hair framing the face, and the energy you spend on hair care will be left to you.
Check out our list of 30 distinct short wolf cut ideas for some inspiration!

1. Cute Wolf Cut

Wolf haircuts can be both assertive and cute! A great example of this is this hairstyle.

2. Fire Red

The long wolf cut trend is combined with a different color bangs trend in an amazing hue!

3. Chic Blonde

What if we told you that a wolf hairstyle is also popular among middle-aged women? Yes, you read it correctly: this cold-toned blonde hairdo has a noble and elegant vibe to it, which is excellent for middle-aged women.

4. Radiant Purple

You can make your glamorous style unique by using a trendy haircut with trendy colors. Especially vibrant shades of purple look breathtaking!

5. Framed Ginger

Face framing hair coloring is one of the hairstyles that draw attention to the beauty of your face by dyeing the part of the hair that frames the face in other colors. This coloring, which also suits the wolf cut haircut, warms the heart with the warm colors of ginger tones.

6. Peach Wolf Cut

Warm peach tones look great on bronzed and freckled cheeks. Peach tones will give your face a cheerful vibe because of the wolf cut that frames it.

7. Wavy Blonde

Reflecting the rebellious style of the 80s, this multi-layered haircut with bangs; a very stylish blend of modern and nostalgic.

8. Natural One

The wolf cut in this style, which can be achieved without disrupting your hair’s natural texture, will appeal to women who value their natural beauty.

9. Hot Pink

Try the wolf cut trend like this if you want a feminine, catchy, and fashionable hairdo!

10. Bronze Highlights

You may make a traditional haircut exceptional and unique for you by adding bronze sparkles to the ends of your hair.

11. Modern Asian

When it comes to modern style, Asian hairstyles are the first thing that comes to mind! Wolf Cut is a one-of-a-kind example of this groundbreaking hairstyle created by imaginative hairstylists.

12. Pixie Wolf

If you want to use your hair in a very short pixie style; wolf cut pixie is definitely one of the options you should consider.

13. Meg Ryan Vibes

This blonde hairstyle with long bangs is one of the most romantic forms of the wolf cut, evoking the amazing hairstyle of the 90’s it girl Meg Ryan.

14. Perfect Before & After

The fresh look that wolf cut will participate in is revealed with this wonderful before and after.

15. Cool Blue

The trendy wolf cut style is wonderfully complemented by deep blue tones. It’s that simple to have a cool style!

16. For Thin Wavy Hair

The loss of fine hair on a constant schedule is a common issue. Short hair encourages hair growth and makes it look well-kept. For all of that, here’s the wolf cut!

17. Mushroom Wolf

This one-of-a-kind haircut, resembling a mushroom shape, is perfect for punk and free-spirited ladies.

18. With Thick Bang

Bringing the hair back to the front and cutting the bangs reminds the mullet hairstyle and gives the wolf cut a new twist.

19. Extra Textured

Extra texture, extra volume, extra attention, and a unique style.

20. Vivid Red

With the vivid red layered cut, it will become a more stunning hairdo! The bangs will fit notably the girls with colored eyes since it draws attention to the eyes.

21. Long Bangs

Completed with long bangs, the wolf cut is one of the most stylish and useful hairstyles for women with open foreheads.

22. Ash Blonde

The ashy blonde balayage softens the wolf cut haircut and produces a modern look that will appeal to women who want a more risk-free look.

23. Natural Curly Wolf

This one is for you if you want to show off your natural curls and create a romantic look with a curly wolf cut framing your face.

24. Baby Bangs

One of the great choices that draws attention to your brows and eyes is baby bangs. The wolf cut is a great choice for strong women who aren’t afraid to take risks! But also, it’s a style that women with open foreheads should definitely avoid!

25. Black and White

Black and white… Both traditional and contemporary. With a wolf cut haircut, try the Cruella look!

25. Voluminous Blonde

Warm tones of blonde will make your skin with cold undertones shine brightly! The hairstyle, which is complemented by a wolf cut, and supported by curtain bangs, is among the must-try!

26. For Thick Hairs

The perfect short wolf haircut with a very good stance starts with thick hair!

27. Trimmed Bangs

Asymmetrical bangs will create a modern and fashionable hairdo that will add depth to your short wolf cut look.

28. Wolf Transformation

See the exquisite change provided by wolf cut on fine hair!

29. Curtain Bangs On Wolf Cut

Curtain bangs are one of the most fashionable haircuts for separating the hair in the middle. The striking stance of the wolf cut pairs perfectly with the curtain bangs.

The short wolf cut hairstyle is a modern haircut that can keep your hair on the right way. The sides and back of this hairstyle were shaved short and the top hair was kept longer. And you can get your short wolf cut hairstyle in a nice haircut style when you go to a good hairdresser.

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