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30 Wolf Cut on Curly Hair

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Wolf cut is one of the bombastic fashion icons that TikTok has introduced to the fashion industry. So, what exactly is wolf cut?

Nobody can forget Meg Ryan’s famous 90s hairdo. With its voluminous structure, the hair, which is maintained by layers and bangs, creates a traditional shag style. Wolf cut is a modern take on shag and mix with mullet hairstyles. The shag haircut, which will be back in style in 2021, has been dubbed wolf cut with modern additions thanks to TikTok. It is obvious that it will maintain its popularity in 2022 too!

On curly hair, the wolf cut will highlight your beautiful curls and create a romantic and attractive style with curls framing your face. We’ve compiled a list of 30 distinct models of this trendy and popular haircut for you, which will destroy the belief that curly hair can’t be cut short.

Sugar Blonde Wolf Cut

The harmony of sugar blonde tones and bronze skin is truly magical!


Bronze Curly Wolf Cut

Bronze shimmers are a great base for the perfect curls. This color, which makes your curls more eye- catching than ever before, will be the favorite of modern and self-confident natural curls with the wolf cut.


Blondie Wolf Cut with Curls

The layers of the shortcut hair highlight the thick curls, while the blonde tones look perfect as always.


Purple, Purple, Purple!

With the purple hue reflected on the bangs side, the wolf cut, supported by the short bangs, provides a unique and 2022 look.


Middle Parted Curly Wolf Cut

The voluminous wolf cut hairstyle that you separate in the middle makes your face look longer and thinner; it’s a lifesaver haircut for ladies with round faces and chubby cheeks!


Curly Wolf with Thick Bangs

If you’re looking for a practical and stylish haircut for long curly hair with thick strands, this is it!! Your style will take your breath away while providing you with comfort by lowering the density of your hair with a deep layered haircut and thick bangs.


Brunette Thick Curls

With the wolf cut, you may achieve a stunning blend of classic and modern without disrupting the structure of traditional Afro curls.


Half And Half Hair

Wet-looking hair, wolf cut, half and half hair coloring… Everything trendy for 2022, you’ll find it all in this hairstyle! We recommend that you take hair gel and foam support for wet-looking hair.


Wolf Cut with Big Curls

If you want to use big and thick curls in a sporty style, wolf cut will refresh your style.


Red Wolf Cut on Curly Hair

Adding a feminine vibe to the wolf cut haircut, the red color gives the wolf cut a noble and stylish look like any other hair.


Natural Wolf Transformation

We can witness the effect of wolf cut with this before and after if you want to make your curly hair more lively and eye-catching!


Wolf Cut with Caramel Shines

Thanks to the Wolf cut, the curly hair surrounding your face looks modest but stylish with caramel sparkles.


Short Curly Wolf Cut

If you want curly and short haircuts but are unsure about what to choose, we have a trendy suggestion for you; wolf cut! It will cut in half the time you spend styling by adding extra volume to the hair.


Blonde Highlights

Blonde sparkles are wonderful details that will highlight your curls!


Natural Silver

Natural silver color is a color that has become very popular since naturalness is the new trend and is preferred by women. We loved the harmony of the wolf cut and the silver color.


Blonde Caramel Balayage

A stylish mix of blonde and caramel tones. If you are looking for a fresh touch to your hair, it is one of the options you should definitely consider.


Auburn Tones

Hair that is cut in layers to fit the form of your face is done in such a way that it frames your face in auburn tones. This wolf cut is incredible!


Wolfie Transformation

This is a simple but effective option for spice up to your curly hair. While the wolf cut will give you a very stylish stance, the layered haircut will give you a voluminous look!


Voluminous Long Curls

Turn your voluminous hair into the perfect face-framing frame!


Rounded Curly Wolf Cut

For women with wide foreheads, a haircut trimmed specifically for your face and totally tailored to you, will be a lifesaver! The hair that falls gently on your forehead thanks to the wolf cut deserves appreciation.


With Bangs

This haircut, which proves that the bangs suit curly hair very well, is one of the best examples of the wolf cut style.


Long Curly Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, which can be perfectly adapted to long hair, is also a great alternative for curly hair.


Extra Layered

The layered cut, with visible layer selection, appears less voluminous but more eye-catching.


Ear Level

Easy care of wolf hair cut at ear level will make you fall in love with it!


Wispy Bangs

The soft bangs cut, also known as wispy bangs, is combined with the wolf cut style to create a flawless and youthful appearance.


One Sided

The wolf cut, which is used as one sided, is one of the joker hairstyles that will suit women of all ages and styles.


Blonde And Short

The short haircut is stylized with the wolf cut. Blonde tones are a great hair color for this haircut! If you’re looking for a fresh, easy-care and sporty hairstyle, this is it!


Green And Purple

While coloring with different and bright hair colors, wolf cut is an option that young ladies will love!


Neat Curls on Wolf Cut

The wolf cut, which is achieved by minimizing the layered cut, creates elegant curls. It will be an excellent alternative for women who want a haircut that is both risk-free and modest.


Wet Looked Curls

Hair mousse-supported curly hair is admired for its moist appearance and beautiful, non-fluffy stance.


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