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28 Best Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Are you planning on cutting your hair short but confused about what color to use? Fear not because we have you covered right here!

It can often be essential to change up your appearance and hair color. Without having to make many other changes to your hair, changing from light to dark or any new color can instantly transform your appearance.

People often believe that short hair requires little maintenance. However, this is a common fallacy! However, a short haircut has more advantages than disadvantages, and coloring it is one of the most enjoyable ways to show off your uniqueness.

Are you searching for ideas? We have the best hair color ideas for short hair for you to check out! We are here to assist you in your needs.

1. Rainbow Bangs

It helps to direct everyone’s attention to your hair only! Check out this stunning rainbow hair color if you want to stand out in a crowd of people wearing the current fashion hues. In this particular look, only the bangs portion are dyed a magnificent rainbow color.

2. Red Highlights on Short Hair

You may add more structure and a gorgeous look to your hair by running highlights through it that are a bit lighter than your natural hair. In this case, we have a combination of red and purple highlighted strands, which makes the hair stand out!

3. Green and Yellow Half-and-half Hair

Are you thinking about which two colors to put on your short hair? Fret not because we have a look for you! Talk about summer hair! This captivating half-and-half dye job works wonderfully, and the green and yellow colors are just as stunning as ever.

4. Midnight Blue Hair

Try a deep, stunning midnight blue color if you enjoy having dark hair but want to switch things up. This look starts with natural hair roots and proceeds to disperse this gorgeous midnight blue. The waves highlight the color even more, and we are a fan!

5. Short Curly Hair with Purple and Blue Highlights

If your curls could talk, they would say thank you! It’s because this look accentuates the gorgeous ringlets and helps them to stand out. The purple and blue highlights are one dye job nobody can say no to!

6. Green Color Block Short Hair

Whip out your inner Korean popstar vibes and go for this green-block short hair look. This has been popular among Korean women lately, so why don’t you give it a try! The placement of the color adds additional attention and is perfect if you want a color job but still want your natural hair in the mix. 

7. Neon Short Hair

Here we have the perfect summer hair for you! This short neon hairstyle has combinations of vibrant pink and yellow tones that are just as bright as the sun! We all love a fruity neon vibe for our short hair, right?

8. Purple and Yellow Tousled Pixie

This striking short hairstyle and color combinations draw attention. The lengthier, highlighted bangs keep it appearing tousled and gorgeous, while the sleek pixie adds edges and depth. Along with being flawlessly combined, the purple and yellow highlights and the contemporary cut go well together.

9. Diana Haircut with Pink Highlight

This short haircut is inspired by none other than one of the biggest fashion icons, Princess Diana herself. On a blonde hair base, dye the lower parts a stunning vivid pink for a pop of color. This will bring out the colors more on an already gorgeous haircut! 

10. Blue Bob Cut with Bangs

This is one of the more unique color placements because while the rest of the hair is dyed a magnificent blue, the bangs portion is left with the natural hair color. This is such an attention-grabber kind of hairstyle for your short hair.

11. Gray Ombre Bob Cut

BE prepared to enter the Ice Queen’s realm because it is freezing. This ice gray ombre hair is what we need for our bob cuts. Ombre hair is always fashionable and gives you many color and styling possibilities for short hair. 

12. Green Undercut with Shaved Side

This hairstyle is for women who have bold personalities. The edgy and sleek undercut is paired with a mellow green color on the crown, while the sides are shaved and have a distinct line. A trip to the salon is the key to this unique and edgy look!

13. Green and Pink Bob Cut

Hold up! Is this a neon watermelon, or are our eyes doesn’t work correctly? Nope, it’s not a watermelon, but a stupefying green and pink bob cut got us all fooled! The neon rendition of the colors helps to captivate people’s attention!

14. Copper Side Swept Pixie

This copper pixie look screams a ‘short hair, don’t care’ vibe, and we are all fans! The front part of the hair is cut a bit longer to be parted to the side quickly, while the rest is trimmed to a pixie crop. 

15. White and Red Color Block

It almost looks like your hair is bleeding a stunning color! This dye job and color placement look the best if you have short hair, especially on this lovely lob cut. Dye the lower parts of your hair a gorgeous blood red color and leave the rest platinum white blonde. 

16. Almond Brown Hair

Consider a rich almond brown color to dye your hair if you don’t want to make a big commitment and want to keep your hair neutral. It looks beautiful with lob cuts, especially with playful waves like these.

17. Chocolate Gold Bob Cut

Our attention is immediately drawn, and we can’t help to be captivated by this deep chocolate gold shade with its exquisite highlights. If you want a less dramatic look, this color is a preferred option when dyeing your hair.

18. Platinum Blonde Bob

Platinum blonde hair is always a terrific choice when drastically changing your appearance. This bob cut helps to accentuate the color more. On a variety of skin tones, platinum hair can look stylish. Could you not agree more?

19. Lavender Pixie

Another one of our favorite color trends right now is this one. We already adore them but seeing them combined in this stylish pixie crop makes us adore and appreciate them more. Through the intelligent application of color, the somewhat quirky style is given a feminine vibe. 

20. Silver Pixie

Everyone has been ecstatic to have their rendition of this majestic silvery look. This color on an edgy and sleek pixie cut is the definition of a boss! People are all over this lovely silver tone and recognize their inner silver-grey fairy!

21. Cool Blonde Short Hair

Cool tones such as this incredible blonde make for a striking color combination when combined with your natural hair that is medium in color. When applied to short hair, this color even strikes better! This color is deep and brilliant, ideal for a brand-new style.

22. Honey Blonde Bob

Whenever you don this style, you’d resemble a woman who spent an entire summer at the beach. The bob cut and the beachy summer waves all contribute to its beauty. This exquisite color job perfectly captures the essence of a European beach summer.

23. Back to Front Ombre on a Short-Cropped Hair

Vertical ombre is unquestionably not feasible for really short-cropped hair such as this. Tapering from the back to the front still achieves that seamless gradient ombre. In this look, we have stunning platinum that is the base of a bright sunny yellow, which is such novel use of the method. Bold makeup and a sleek outfit would complete this look!

24. Cropped Blonde Undercut with Dark Roots

Short hair with blonde highlights like this lifts the look, giving the layers fluidity and clarity, and the undercut is highlighted with dark roots. This hairstyle has a crisp blonde tint that has a dazzling and brilliant appearance.

25. Red Bob with Bangs

Make a statement with your hair color by choosing a dramatic, avant-garde style like this red crop. The gorgeous bob cut makes the vivid red color even more appealing. This significantly raises the bar for the color industry.

26. Burgundy Highlights on Short Hair

This seductive burgundy is ideal if you want to dye your naturally dark hair without bleaching it. The eye-catching color enhances short haircuts, and eye-catching highlights look like a harsh edge.

27. Mixed Colors on a Shaved Undercut

Have trouble settling on a single shade for your short hair? Create a short, colorful mane by mixing a little bit of each color. This cut can be enhanced with neon green, brilliant purple, blue, and dark green. The shaved undercut also creates space and enhances the appearance.

28. Ash Brown Lob

Ash brown is adaptable and generally charming; based on your complexion, your hairdresser could add highlights in various brown hues to accentuate your features. This shade is perfect if you want to maintain a brunette but go a little lighter.

There we have it, folks! We gave you gorgeous colors that may serve as inspiration for your upcoming salon trip. Which color did you prefer? And which one would you like to wear?

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