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30 Cute Rubber Band Hairstyles For Little Girls

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Rubber bands in various colors are a quick and easy way to give your little girls’ hair a look they want. These little elastics are extremely popular because they are both cheap and widely available. Rubber bands, which are both functional and visually appealing due to their multicolored look, will be popular among mothers. 

Here is a collection of adorable rubber band hairstyles to inspire you for your little princesses.

1. Quick Rubber Band Style

Both quick and fashionable! Both mothers and little princesses will be delighted with a fancy hairstyle created in a few minutes with rubber bands. 

2. Bubble Braid Style With Rubber Bands

Bubble braids will be perfect for quick school prep mornings. With the rubber band, both simple and flashy school hairstyles are ready in minutes! 

3. Dutch Braid With Rubber Bands

The rubber band style can add different interpretations to the classic Dutch knitting.

4. Mohawk Style

This hair, which resembles the Mohawk style, becomes very cute with a pink rubber band!

5. Colorful Lines

The front of the hair, separated in the form of lines, is decorated with colorful rubber bands. This style will make even the most superficial hair look pretty cute. 

6. Low Double Ponytails

Low ponytails free you from giving the decorative shape you want to the hair. You can color your girls’ hair with easy but enjoyable designs with rubber bands! 

7. Bubble Braids On Low Ponytail

The bubble braid style, which will add to the front of the hair with the rubber band, will give the low ponytail a different stance. 

8. Cutie Ponytail

The rubber band style, which progresses in the form of bubble braid, meets as a crisscross way with a ponytail. You can make this unique style even more attractive by decorating it with amazing braids. 

9. Favorite Colors

With this hairstyle, which you’ll prepare with your daughter’s favorite colors, your princess, who will smile at her reflection in the mirror, can mix and match colors at will! 

10. One Rubber Band – One Braid

The hairstyle, formed by the perfect combination of rubber band and Braid, is effortless and practical. 

11. Box Rubber Band Style

Although it takes some work to separate the hair, the rubber band style with the hair split as boxes looks lovely.

12. Rubber Bands In Braids

Rubber bands between the braids create an entirely different atmosphere from the classic braid look. 

13. Rubber Bands As A Tiara

The rubber band hair shaped like a crown creates the perfect hairstyle for your little girl!

14. Multiple Braids

You can do hair decoration and multiple braids with rubber bands very quickly.

15. Stars With Rubber Bands

The star shape you will give to your little girl’s hair will turn her hairstyle into a star!

16. Side Rubber Bands

The rubber band path made with rubber bands added to the sides of the hair will transform the classic style into a unique style. 

17. Braided Rubber Bands

Multiple braids become colorful with multiple rubber bands! 

18. Double Bubble Braids

These bubble braids are the most remarkable ways you can use rubber bands. Double bubble braids, double cuteness! 

19. Crisscross

Especially with the rubber band preferred from the contrast color of the hair, the cross style looks perfect! 

20. Cross Rubber Band Style

Add a great twist to your girls’ school style with this crossed rubber band style that you can add to any of her favorite styles. 

21. Big Triangles

Hair parted in large triangles will form a very eye-catching basis for the rubber band style.

22. Half Space Buns With Rubber Bands

On it alone, the half-space bun style is adorable and unique. A hairdo that will be your favorite is created using rubber band decorations! 

23. Fancy Hairstyle 

If your little girl is interested in her hair, you can get the decorations that she will love with rubber bands. Here is one of the great examples of this. 

24. Rubber Band For Long Hair

Your daughter’s long hair can be decorated as you wish with a rubber band, even in the most classic hairstyles. 

25. Orange Cutie

This adorable style is complemented by colorful rubber bands that match the ribbon.

26. Colorful Sparkles

We can guarantee that the colorful sparkles you will get by attaching colorful rubber bands to her hair will be your daughter’s favorite! 

27. Butterfly Hair

Butterfly-shaped hair with rubber bands will suit your daughter very well! Moreover, it is much easier to make than it looks. 

28. Decorated Back

The ornament on the back of the hair will add an incredible difference to your daughter’s hair.

29. Wrapping Style

The style, created by wrapping the hair on each other with a rubber band, makes a very different and trendy hairstyle. 

30. One-Sided Style

After the hair is shaped by combing in one direction, decorating one side with a rubber band creates a simple and perfect-looking little girl style, which is among our favorites. 

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