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30 Criss Cross Knotless Braids That Will Up Your Braiding Game

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


If you enjoy braids as much as we do and want to make your style even more unique by including additional features, Criss Cross Knotless Braids is a terrific option.
Your criss-cross hairstyle, formed with the rubber band half, will give braiding a new lease on life. This versatile look, which works well with both sophisticated and sporty outfits, deserves to be recognized for its practicality.

This hairstyle is also suitable for women with open foreheads with baby hairs styled as finger waves. Whether you have long or short hair, the criss-cross trend will look fantastic with these braids!

These days, when African braids are becoming increasingly fashionable, this unique and inventive hairstyle will dazzle those who see it.
Here are 30 different examples of criss-cross knotless braids for you, now on our list!

Criss Cross Chic Knotless

The criss cross form can be created very easily with rubber band hair elastics. This look is completed with medium length braids; creates a stylish and dynamic feel.

Fancy Criss Cross

A thinner version of the criss cross; when finished with braids, it provides a style that is both fancy and professional.

Criss Cross With Bantu

Bantu knots are a style feature originating from Africa’s deep-rooted tribes. With the addition of criss crosses and knotless braids, this gorgeous style for a traditional and stylish look will catch everyone’s attention!

With Natural Beads

Knotless braids complete the criss cross style created with braids! Wood beads, which will enhance the natural and authentic vibe of this lovely and traditional look even more.

Stitch Pony

The eye-catching red hue offers a striking and assertive look than ever before in this style, which is used as a criss cross style side of the hair and knotless braids as a ponytail.

One Cross- One Braid

One cross- one braid- one cross – one braid… One style, gorgeous and glamorous! The perfect harmony of criss cross and braids is shown exquisitely in this style. With the help of professional hands, this eye- catching style will be very easy to achieve.

Shiny Red Knotless

You’ll have a look you’ll adore when you finish your young and energetic style with criss cross, knotless braids, and beads in the color and shape of your choice.

Style With Rubber Bands

Shaped with rubber bands, criss cross creates an even richer hairstyle by camouflaging it with the color you choose in your own hair color.

High Jumbo Knotless

Jumbo knotless braids and criss crosses will be a great choice for self-confident women who like to attract attention.

Extra Long Thin Braids

If you admire long hair and want to create an even more eye-catching look by adding it to your braids, you can achieve it with the help of hair extensions and knotless braids. Appearance supported by criss cross style; It will offer you a great look.

Sporty Style

Young girls with a sporty style will love this hairstyle that is both easy to shape and eye-catching! Getting ready in minutes, your hair not bothering you while doing sports, the beauty that draws attention; That’s all that will persuade you!

Red Criss Cross

The combination of natural black hair roots and red color gives the hair a perfect dimension with criss cross knotless braids.

Medium Size Criss Cross Knotless

Medium size knotless braids get a more fascinating look with the shine of bronze color!

Full Frontal Criss Cross

For women with open foreheads, a full frontal criss cross is not recommended. This style, with its stance that draws attention to your face, is ideal for women with small or oval faces.

Combo Style

Stitch, heart shaped and criss cross. These professional braid styles are all in one look! For a high-end hairstyle; this combo style is a great suggestion!

Youthful Look

Criss cross, knotless braids, a plain t-shirt and leather jacket! Here is everything that is enough for a striking and youthful look in this style.

Assertive Looks

Rubber band-created criss cross and knotless braids; it’ll be a perfect hairdo for your special occasions as well! With vivid make-up and clothing, you may elevate this sporty look to elegance.

Teenager Knotless

This style, which will be the favorite of young girls, looks both simple and awesome with thin criss cross and knotless braids.

Neat Criss Cross

Get ready to spice up your braiding style with baby hair and hair gel! Attentive, unique and exclusive to you.

Sweet Pinky

You won’t be able to resist this beautiful hairstyle in your favorite color! Your naturally dark hair will be revitalized by the use of pink rubber bands for a gorgeous criss cross knotless style.

Bronze Tones

With bronze, brown and shimmering color; It will be an excellent option for both warm and cold skin undertones.

Large Finger Waves On Criss Cross Style

The best embellishment for a criss cross look is baby hair done more loosely in finger wave style.

Two Strand Of Criss Cross

Just two rows of criss cross is all it takes to make your style look fabulous!

Blue Criss Cross

Make your hairdo shine with your favorite hues! Your hair will look more vibrant and harmonic than ever before with colorful criss-crosses!

Red Balayage

By using red hair extensions minimally, balayage vibe is created. If you want to make a different touch to your style and want to be assertive with your hair; This hairstyle is among the things you should try.

Criss Cross And Thin Braids

If you have thin hair and also like knotless braids, don’t worry; there is a knotless braid style for you. Thin braids will make you look like you have more hair and will give you a great style. When thin hair braids are combined with criss cross, one of the styles that takes a long time to construct but is both sporty and stylish is created.

Only Middle Cross In Goddess Style

The style obtained by keeping the ends of the knotless braids free and adding light waves of hair, goddess braids, creates a great pairing with criss cross style. The large and single criss cross in the middle of the hair, reminiscent of the Mohawk style; It will be the right choice for free-spirited women.

Criss Cross Colorful Knotless

With the perfection of knotless braids and criss cross, you’ll get bright, heartwarming looks such suitable for all ages and styles.

Ponytail Style Criss Cross Knotless

Did you know that you can use criss cross knotless braids as a ponytail at the same time? This sporty and timeless hairstyle; especially when it is complemented with details such as sunglasses and hoop earrings, it creates a perfect look.

Two Rows Of Criss Cross

You may totally change the look of your knotless braids with just two rows of criss cross. It will be a huge benefit to be able to achieve this contemporary look so quickly. Just try, you will love it!

The criss-cross knotless braid is the most versatile of all braids for a few reasons. Foremost, you can change the pattern used in your criss-cross knotless braid. It can be a straight line, diagonal line, or diamond shape. The intersections play with your imagination and creativity by providing more patterns to choose from.

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