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Braids for Kids: Examples & Hairstyle Ideas

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for unique and cute braid styles for your kids. For girls, dressing up is one of the most enjoyable activities. Beautiful hair braids have been prepared for you on our list to adorn your little girls.
There are a variety of styles to choose from, including ponytails to cornrow braids, to make your little angel happy. For little girls, each option has been carefully selected. To get you started, here are 30 distinct braided hairstyles for your little princess.

Styled Braids

Adding well-formed braids to your girl’s hair is the most sophisticated and stylish option! You may make the braids extra cuter by adding small accessories to the carefully created braids.

Colorful Ponytail

Hair extensions in bright colors will make your little girls very happy! The braids you can make with her favorite color will give a look that will last a few days and not be easily forgotten.

Half Space Buns

Space buns is a nostalgic as well as a trendy option. This hairdo, which is adorned with braids, is incredibly adorable option for little ladies.

Colorful Beads

If you’re looking for a more traditional and sophisticated look for your little girl, then this perfect beaded braids are for you.

Thick Box Braids

Thick box braids are one of the many braids that may be done at home without the assistance of a professional hands. We are confident that these braids, which will perfect for girls of all ages, will look great on your daughter too.

Rainbow Braids

Colorful braids are a lovely way to reflect your daughter’s cheerful spirit to outside. She’ll have a favorite hairstyle in which she chooses her favorite hue from the rainbow of hair extensions.

Side Rubber Ponytail

The braid, which is adorned with rubber bands, is a lovely addition to any hairstyle. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple ponytail or a lovely bun.

Heart Shaped

One of the most distinctive African braids are heart-shaped braids. The heart shape, one of the favorite symbols for little girls, will come to life in their hair with the help of professional hands.

Space Buns With Middle Braid

If you want to give your daughter’s hair a unique and memorable look without putting in a lot of effort, you should definitely try this simple yet adorable middle braid.

Rubber Bands

The rubber band transforms into a lovely hair decoration in the color of your daughter’s choice. The style, which includes knotless braids, produces a stunning outcome.

Blue Braids

The color blue is one of the most popular choices for hair coloring. Hair extensions can be used to quickly apply blue braids, which are a really cute style item for girls.

Cute Ponytail

With a combination of bubble braids and fishtail braids, the hair, which is embellished with rubber bands and colorful ribbon, makes an effortless yet dazzlingly cute hairdo.

Mohawk Style

Although this hairstyle is tough to achieve, the end result is well worth the effort.
Furthermore, the swept back feature keeps the hair off of your little girl’s face, resulting in a practical effect.

Full Braided Ponytail

With its sporty and practical stance, the ponytail made with medium-sized cornrow braids is a great choice for both mothers and girls.

Dreamy Blue Braids

Matching beads, glitter, fancy hairpins, braids, everything to blow your daughter’s happiness are available in this hairstyle!

Side Braids

Every little girl has a distinct favorite, but side braids are a great hairdo for almost any girl. We strongly advise you to try this sleek and stylish look.

Simple But Chic

Although this medieval-inspired hairdo is simple to create, the final result is elegant and flawless. This beautiful style, which will be your little girl’s favorite, is finished with metallic hair accessories and gets a sparkling look.

Deep Side Braids

Deep side braids, similar to tight braided lemonade braids, are one of the easier to make and sporty-looking braids. The larger braided style is easier to do and takes less effort to create.

With Twist Bun

If you wish, you may make an easy twisted bun of your hair with simply a stacked braid, or you can finish it off a quick ponytail and transform it into a cute hairdo.

Fancy Braids

A fashionable and charming hairdo is created by contrasting braids and two ponytails. The braids with matching ribbons and beads, in particular, have a candy-like look.

Half Up Half Down

With beautiful braids, the half up half down hair trend becomes even more trendy! This style, which your daughter will adore, not only lengthens her hair but also reveals the carefully braids.

Designed Braids

This hairstyle has become our favorite, with its long usage time and exquisite braiding! This hairdo will fulfill your little girl’s need to stand out.

Lemonade Braids

These magnificent braids, which Beyoncé brought to the world of style, are a very stylish and energetic choice for little girls.


Twist, which is one of the most requested models from professional stylists among African braids, is also a great choice for little girls with its wonderful stance, regardless of short or long hair. The twist, which will suit your daughter’s hair that hasn’t grown yet, is also admired for its attentive look.

Jumbo Braids, High Bun

The braid is completed fast and with a sporty high bun thanks to jumbo braids. This hairdo will make both you and your little girl pleased because it is quick to prepared.

8 Stitches

Authentic beads accompany thick and long braids, flawlessly blending modern and traditional appearances.

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are one of the simplest hairstyles to achieve. Bubbles will be finished with rubber bands in the color of your daughter’s choice to make a flawless hairstyle, which can be adapted to a pigtail or ponytail style.

Mohawk Style

With the Mohawk style braid, controlling your girl’s natural curls will be done in a very stylish way.

Autumn Colors

Hair decorated with autumn colors has a more complex and authentic look, with crisscrosses obtained with rubber band.

Tiny Braids

For little girls, little braids are a terrific option! The braids that are fashioned to fit your daughter’s head shape will produce wonderful outcomes.

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