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30 Amazing Short Purple Hair Color Ideas and Styles for 2022

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Purple hair is a hair color that has come to the fore lately and is becoming more popular everyday. It’s one of the most beautiful ways to show off your stunning, strong, and bold style. Moreover, many shades can be applied by hair stylists. Thus, while women with warm skin tones may prefer more vibrant shades; women with cold skin undertones may prefer more ashy and icy purple tones.

We’ve compiled a collection of excellent hairstyles that go well with trendy short haircuts in this versatile stunning hue. Here are purple hair color and style ideas for short hair.

Shades of Purple On Inverted Bob

This hairstyle, which contains many purple tones, is a dimensional look generated by the application of vibrant and ashy purple tones to the Inverted Bob style.

Natural Color & Purple Ends

Straight cut Bob cut; Do you like to add a little variety to your look while preserving your natural hair color? The exquisite purple tone you’ll add to your hair’s ends is an outstanding choice for highlighting the difference in your style.

Messy Shortcut

Messy, purple and stunning. This haircut, complete with long bangs, is the perfect choice for confident women who have free spirited style.

Braided Half Bun Lob

You may style your short hair in a variety of cute ways. Furthermore, even if your vivid purple hair is already lovely, it looks fantastic with this braided and half bun model.

One Sided Vibrant Purple Bob

A vibrant purple hair color that complements your warm skin tone is a stunning choice, especially in the summer.

Purple Curly Lob With Cute Bangs

Shining your curls, which end just above your shoulders, with the exquisite color of purple is the determinant of a great style. The addition of a beautiful bang to these perfect curls makes a very cute look.

Middle Part Bob

This simple but effective hairstyle, preferred by many famous names on the red carpet, looks even more striking with the exquisite shade of purple.

Purple Ends On Classy Blonde

This coloring technique, which allows you to take your classic blonde hair to the next level, has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many of your favorite purple tones will contrast well with your blonde hair.

Wavy Bob

The coloring process created with pastel shades of purple has become one of the defining elements of the perfect style with the wavy bob cut.

Purple Pixie Bob

Make your eye-catching haircut even more noticeable by adding some unique and stunning colors to it. This beautiful hairstyle, which is colored using a dark purple balayage technique on a purple tone close to pink, requires the assistance of a skilled hair stylist.

Straight Bob Cut

Colored with cooler shades of purple, this bob cut is a true 2020s style that highlights the modern look.

Wavy Purple Bob With Natural Colored Deep

You can postpone the bottom dying process by leaving your hair roots in their natural tones, or you may decide not to do it at all. This useful and beautiful hairstyle is complemented by the correct colors of purple to produce a stunning look.

Free Purple Curls

Leaving your curly hair free in purple creates a perfect hairstyle to look at.

Amethyst Purple Bob

This hairstyle, which is dyed in amethyst shades, is a great and unique option for women who prefer dark hair. This hair color, which is appropriate for dark-skinned women, has a noble appearance.

Purple Shoulder Length Lob

When combined with an asymmetrical cut bob, the balayage procedure with vibrant purple tones on ashy-toned icy purple provides a really dramatic look.

One-Sided Messy Bob

The perfect cool purple hue, which enhances the striking look of the messy bob combed in one direction, is a very harmonious choice for ladies with colored eyes.

Light Purple On Strong Pixie Cut

Many techniques are used in this haircut, which is one of the best examples of pixie cuts. With the bright purple color, this look, which creates a great style with undercut, chopped, and layered haircut techniques, comes to the fore even more.

Shades Of Purple

Starting with bright purple tones and ending with cooler purple tones, this classic cut looks completely different with the exquisiteness of the coloring.

Vibrant Purple Tones

This hair coloring style, which uses a variety of purple tones, results in a stunning hairstyle that showcases purple’s exquisite brightness and energy.

Ashy Purple Ends

With its cool appearance, this ashy and cold purple coloring procedure on a frosty dark brown gives an outstanding appearance by complementing the style of women with cold skin undertones.

Volumed Long Pixie

The long-cut voluminous pixie hairstyle is one of the joker haircuts that appeals to many age ranges. This vibrant purple shade looks stunning and adds energy to this traditional hairdo.

Retro Style Shades Of Purple

This perfect coloring process, which gradually lightens from dark purple to a silver-purple color, has created an admirable style by using it with retro waves.

Wild Purple

How about using this bold hair color more boldly? This hairstyle, which is one of the best examples of hair scraping, is quite striking and remarkable.

Purple Balayage On Brunette Hair

One of the most popular haircuts this year is face framing coloring. With the balayage procedure retaining your natural hair color and face framing coloring, this hairstyle has become one of our favorites.

Curls With Purple End

This coloring method is pretty extraordinary if you want to give a distinct expression to your gorgeous natural curls. You can create an unforgettable image by coloring the ends of your hair a perfect purple hue that suits your skin tone.

Purple On Masculine Cut

A charismatic style is created with the perfect purple coloring to the masculine haircut.

Soft Purple Long Pixie With Undercut

This haircut, which is the perfect combination of long pixie cut and deep undercut haircut, creates an unforgettable style when colored with lavender purple in romantic tones.

Mohawk Pixie With Purple End

You may give your curly hair an assertive look with the forceful Mohawk style pixie. A bold style is created by combining this strong look with hair coloring that ends in vibrant purple tones.

Purple Pixie With Bangs

The layered cut with bangs is one of the most attractive styles of pixie haircuts. With the exquisite hue of purple, this style of pixie looks much cuter and more flawless.

From Purple To Silver

The hair color, which begins in dark tones and gradually lightens to silver, is a dramatic coloring technique that necessitates professionalism. Using this technique with purple-silver contrast colors results in a striking and stunning haircut. One of the best hairstyles to show off this color change is the trendy bob cut.

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