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58 Light Golden Brown Hair Colors You’ll Love for This Fall

light golden brown hair

Women always favor brown hair because of its nobility and grace. Have you ever seen the warm, brilliant shade of brown with light golden brown hair? Thanks to this gorgeous tone, your face will have an appealing and warm glow. Women who wish to transition from blonde to dark tones will love this shade because it lies in the range between blonde and brown.

Hairstylists advise using purple shampoo a few times weekly to keep this perfect color. You can protect the gold tone from turning orange by using purple shampoo.

Light golden brown hair color is one of the must-try trends for ladies of all ages and styles this year! Our list now includes alternative looks to help you find the perfect one for you.

1. Perfect Mid-Length


Who could refuse this stunning mid-length hair with its entirely natural-looking gold glitters? This year, try light golden brown; you will not regret it.

2. Long Light Golden Brown Hair


Long hair will be preferable with dyed a light golden brown because this will cause the most minor damage to the hair while giving the perfect shade.

3. The Most Natural Way


Your brown hair will shine with this tone, which looks like it has been naturally lightened while sunbathing on the beach!

4. Light Golden Brown On Dark Hair


If you want to add a warm glow to your dark hair, we recommend highlighting the procedure with light golden brown color.

5. Light Golden Balayage


When experts carry out the balayage technique, styles that are too beautiful to look at are created. We strongly advise that you get expert assistance for this balayage procedure because the light golden brown shade is quite noticeable on dark hair. After all, the result is fantastic!

6. Honey Shades Of Golden


The honey tone is a hot and excellent color between brown and blonde. Balayage of this color on dark hair gives a whole fresh vibe.

7. Light Golden Brown Highlight With Curtain Bangs


Curtain bangs are a haircut that creates a gorgeous frame for your face. This haircut, which has been very trendy recently, and the light golden brown color, make an eye-catching look for long and dark hair.

8. Warmth Golden Color


Spice up your style with even warmer shades of golden! You will love this look.

9. For Mid-Aged Women


Blonde color can be annoying for middle-aged ladies as it requires a lot of maintenance and makeup. For women who avoid dark hair but are tired of the blonde shade, the perfect solution will be the light golden brown tone.

10. Blonde To Golden Light Brown


This makeover will be a terrific example for you if you love the look of light golden brown hair but are still unsure of how to transform its blonde tone.

11. Cold Tones Of Light Golden Brown Hue


There are no words to describe the beauty of the light golden brown hue in cold tones if you’re indecisive about the stance of the golden color in those tones.

12. Spicy Dark Hair


The balayage technique with light golden brown color only on the top portion of your hair will bring about a remarkable transformation if you don’t want to complicate the maintenance of your naturally thick and dark hair by totally dying it.

13. Golden Reflections


Thanks to the golden reflections, you will quickly have perfect hair shining brightly every season. Get ready to be enchanted by the light golden brown color!

14. Extra Light Golden Brown


If you adore blonde tones but want to try something a little different, the extra light golden brown hair will astound you with its shine while warming you up with its warm tone.

15. Light Golden Brown Curls


If you want to make your wonderfully curly hair more attractive with warm tones, we recommend the light golden brown color.

16. Extra Light Golden Brown Balayage


Light golden brown balayage will create an excellent contrast with your dark hair and gains an even more attractive stance in lighter tones.

17. More Natural Look


This hairstyle will be a blessing for women who want to add a romantic glow to their hair without giving up its naturalness!

18. Light Golden Chestnut Brown Hair


One of the cutest tones of brown is chestnut. If your skin has a cool undertone, this hair color can give you a vibrant appearance. If you embellish this warm-toned color with golden sparkles, the effect will be even more spectacular.

19. Light Golden Brown Hair Ends


Applying light golden brown to the ends of your layered cut hair will give your hair an incredible depth.

20. Short Curtain Bangs


The short curtain bangs that terminate just above your cheekbones will draw attention to the beauty of your eyes. This style is complemented by the shiny golden brown color, creating a sporty and intriguing look.

21. Light Golden Lob


The lob cut’s contemporary and dynamic stance and the beauty of light golden brown make a gorgeous combination.

22. Wavy Lob


Thanks to the wavy style, your hair, which looks more voluminous, becomes the signature of the modern look with the striking glow of the light golden brown color.

23. Warmth Of Light Golden Brown


If you don’t have the limit to try warm tones, this warm light golden brown color is a look worth taking the risk of!

24. With Full Bang Cut


The key to your youthful stance will be the bangs cut, letting you use the light golden brown hue as a frame for your face!

25. Glowing Brunette


The glowing appearance you give your dark natural hair will revitalize your entire look by using a light golden brown shade.

26. Romantic Balayage With Light Golden Brown


Your long hair will acquire a straightforward, elegant, and romantic attitude with the rare balayage; it looks fascinating. This soft balayage technique promises a fuller posture by giving your hair more depth.

27. Healthy Look With Light Golden Brown


You will give your thick, long dark hair a healthy look after the light golden brown balayage process. We’re confident that this lovely colored balayage will provide you with the look you love while preserving the hair structure and adding radiance!

28. Face Framing Light Golden Brown


Using this great color to frame your face will attract headlines! Face framing, one of this year’s most popular trends, will draw attention to your hair, which has gained an effortless and exquisite gloss.

29. Glowy Soft Waves


The soft waves you will add to the ends of your hair will not only give your hair an elegant movement, but also your hair will glow with light golden brown balayage!

30. Lighter Balayage On Light Golden Brown Hair


Long hair will become the ideal component of your look by adding even more light golden balayage to light golden brown hair. This will offer a lovely warmth to your face.

31. Mid-length Straight Light Golden Brown Hair


If your eyes are keen enough to notice the golden-brown strands in this look, you are in for a good treat! The light shade of golden brown flowing through these straight tresses is sure such a spectacle to gaze upon!

32. Wavy Light Golden Brown Hair


In this specific look, the gold hue is more visible and striking against the brown underneath. If you want a dark but not too dark hair color for your locks, this is the perfect option. The wavy texture also emphasizes the color and cut exceptionally!

33. Layered Light Golden Brown Hair


Now, who would not want this majestic hairstyle, right? The luscious light golden-brown hue is sprinkled generously all over the strands. And if that was not enough to turn heads in a crowd, the stunning layers also make their appearance felt and make them look the gorgeous goodness that it is!

34. Light Golden Brown Balayage


This is the right hairstyle choice for you if you want to look WOW but also subtle at the same time. With a basic dark brown color combined with a touch of light gold balayage, this is the look that can make jaws drop!

35. Rich Light Golden Brown Hair


One gazes upon this look, and we all think the same thing. We all want this on our hair! That thought would cross your mind after pondering this gorgeous and rich light golden-brown hairstyle!

36. Light Golden Brown Hair on Black Hair


A significant thing to watch out for is these light golden-brown strands on a base of majestic black hair! As you can see in this photo, the light golden-brown hue is placed beautifully against black-colored strands. The contrast is such a fantastic thing to look at!

37. Multidimensional Light Golden Brown Balayage


The dimensions on this look are such an out-of-this-world spectacle! The light golden-brown hue is placed beautifully to make a look with all the depth and dimension in this world! On a base of medium-length hair, these gorgeous locks are becoming the talk of the town on a whim!

38. Dreamy Light Golden Brown Hair


This hair has an incredibly functional and stunning hue all over it. The tone is such a lovely shade on the hair! The beautiful golden-brown tones are also charming; for some people, the warmth suits their face better than cold tones.

39. Straight Luscious Light Golden Brown Hair


Each component of this look works together to create a hairdo that will eventually catch your attention! And it is essential to make this style stand out! This look’s luscious light golden-brown color sways to a richer side of the spectrum.

40. Light Golden Brown Hair with Messy Waves


Get ready to flaunt your messy, beachy waves with this look we have right here before you! The stunning light golden-brown shade is applied just below the roots portion of the hair. And on top of that, we have this wavy texture that we all love!

41. Honey Light Golden Brown Hair


The placement and the shade of light golden brown in this hairstyle make it seem like you have dripping honey on your hair! That is just one of the geniuses of this shade we present you and if you also want your hair to have this kind of charisma, try it now!

42. Fall Light Golden-Brown Hair


What more glamorous way to spruce up and get ready for your fall hair adventure than with this look we have here? This light golden-brown look embodies a stunning fall look, and with it coming in a blast, it will make you fall-ready!

43. Mid-Back Light Golden-Brown Hair


This light golden-brown shade on this hairstyle almost emits a rose gold hue. But the difference is that under specific lighting, the light golden-brown hue gives a look some variance and contrast and who doesn’t love that?

44. Light Golden-Brown Ombre Balayage


Feel the autumn vibes with just one glance at this spectacular light golden-brown hairstyle! The stunning shade is placed in an ombre balayage manner, and you should agree with us when we say that this might be the season’s look!

45. Textured Light Golden Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights


The one thing that could make the light golden-brown look an even better spectacle is the blonde touches throughout it! Add to that the stunning textured cut that makes this look have a depth and volume that is out of this world!

46. Light Golden-Brown Lob


Feel like an actual royalty with this light golden-brown look right here!! You’re looking at a majestic and elegant lob hairstyle, and we know what made it have the elegance it has right now. Aside from the bouncy waves, another huge factor is the lovely light golden-brown hue draping throughout the waves. We all like to stare at this one for a long time!

47. Light Golden-Brown Long Hair with Curly Ends


This is a look that would get your mood going! In the look here before you, we have long hair with a light golden-brown hue flowing seamlessly throughout the long ends. As if that was not enough for us to say, wow, the curly ends make an appearance, and we are all obsessed!

48. Choppy Light Golden-Brown Hair with Platinum Highlight


If you are one of those women who want to express their personality through their hair, then this look might be perfect for you! Show off and flaunt your bold and daring side with these light golden-brown choppy tresses. Add the lone but eye-catching platinum highlight, and you are good to go!

49. Light Golden-Brown Hair with Full Bangs


With such a sweet smile, any hairstyle would look fabulous! The light golden-brown color in this look makes for such a delight for the eye! Another thing that made this look pique our attention are the full bangs on the front portion of the hair. Such a look!

50. Light Golden-Brown with Pastel Rose Highlights


We have right here a fun and quirky hairstyle suitable for women with fun and quirky personalities, too! The look starts with a light golden-brown hue and then transforms into a charming pastel rose shade. The cut, color, and accessory made this look like a head-turner!

51. Light Golden-Brown to Dark Brown Ombre


We have here a brunette party in this hairstyle! Two extraordinary shades of brown juxtaposed in one look make it seem like a party in the hair. Those two shades aforementioned are light golden-brown and dark brown. So stunning!

52. Light Golden-Brown Balayage on a Bob Cut


We offer you a light golden-brown balayage look on a bob cut for an amusing hair transformation! To start things off, the gorgeous bob and the shape and volume it withholds are already a spectacle. Add to that the stunning color, and the perfect hairstyle is achieved!

53. Light Golden-Brown Hair with Braid


We cannot deny that this light golden-brown hue emits such fantastic princess vibes. To add to your princess dream fantasy, we have a look that will make that a reality here! This hairstyle has a light golden-brown hue and a center braid that will make you feel like a princess at once!

54. Caramel Espresso Light Golden-Brown Hair


If you are not really into the latte hair look, we offer another variation with this caramel espresso light golden-brown hairstyle! The light-colored waves are juxtaposed beautifully against dark-colored strands, turning into this luscious caramel espresso hair!

55. Light Golden-Brown in a Graduated Bob


A graduated bob isa bob haircut with more length in the front and gradually gets more voluminous at the back. In this case, the light golden-brown shade is scattered in specks throughout the bob. What a fabulous look!

56. Lustrous Light Golden-Brown Hair


Make your brunette’s hair more vibrant by using a light golden-brown shade with a multidimensional vibe. The hairstyle is particularly lovely because of its great length and loose, wavy curls. We are ultimately down!

57. Light Golden-Brown Curly Pixie


It might be towards the end of the article, but we will surely never forget the mighty pixie! This particular look has a curly texture and a light golden-brown coloring all over the short locks. What a classy delight!

58. Luxurious Light Golden-Brown Hair


You could attempt this light golden brown hair color if you want to liven up your natural brown hair color without making it look too bright. The straight texture and the voluminous appearance make this look luxurious, and who doesn’t want that?

We are ending our article here, ladies! These are light golden-brown hairstyle ideas you might get inspiration from. Don’t forget to tell us which of these you will rock on your hair!

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