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30 Hottest Pink Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Ombre is one of the hairstyles that attracts the attention of women of all ages and is most in demand from hairstylists. The process, which can be done in many colors, is very different in pink! Stunning, cute, feminine; Hairstyle with many characters promises you the perfect change you want.

A few years ago, the trend of pink ombre hair color started making its way to salons. It had been used before, but it was never as popular as this time around.

What is pink ombre hair color? It’s a vibrant and bold color that starts off with a light base and gets gradually darker towards the tips of the hair. This technique blends pink and purple tones to create a look that is more on the subtle side.

The trend is popular because it is a fun and easy way to add a pop of color to your look. While it also goes well with other hair colors.

This trend was brought on by Instagram and celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Rihanna. The movement has grown so much that people are starting to call this style “the new ombre.”

Hairstyle, which is one of the red carpet preferences of celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, Katy Perry, impresses with its beauty. Offering you a young, dynamic and cute style, pink ombre also has many options.

Pink Ombre Hairstyles

In this list we have compiled for you, there are 30 different pink ombre ideas, each more beautiful than the other.

Pink With Purple Root

The pink color, which takes on a new dimension with purple roots, is more vibrant than ever! This ideal hairdo is one of the nicest gifts ladies can give themselves if they are tired of their hair looking unkempt and dry.

Vibrant Pink Shades

Vibrant tones, lively hair! You will get the shine your hair needs thanks to this wonderful ombre.

Dark Pink to Light Pink Ombre

A gorgeous hair color that goes from dark pink to light pink. It is critical that you get help from a professional for this stunning hair color. Your hair will be bleached first, then colored with pink tones, and after a difficult but remarkable coloring process, you will have a fairy-tale like hairstyle.


Natural Way: Brown to Pink Ombre Hair

Pink ombre is one of the hairstyles that can be had without sacrificing naturalness. If you want to use your breathtaking natural color hair in a different and cute style, this hairstyle will be the right choice.

Brunette Roots to Pink Ombre

Brunette roots are used to create an amazing and eye-catching hairstyle in contrast with the pink color.

Purple Pink

A beautiful purple-to-pink transition… If you want to add a touch of mystery to your look, this haircut is a must-try.


Silver to Pink

This is a beautiful blend of two popular colors. For trend-conscious women, this is an appealing alternative.

Cotton Candy Pink Ombre

The roots of the hair have been tinted in various colors on numerous occasions. The sharp coloring of the hair’s end, on the other hand, is a unique and daring decision! Cotton candy pink hair, combined with vivid ombre, adds a dramatic appearance.

Hot Pink Ombre Ponytail

The ponytail is a flexible hairstyle that may be used by women of many ages and types. With pink ombre coloring, this style is particularly eye-catching!


Pink Ombre Box Braids

African braids enrich their sophisticated and charismatic appearance with the cuteness of pink color. Braids that last 6-10 weeks; you’ll have a ready-to-wear hairstyle when you get up. Those who believe that waking up with a gorgeous pink hairstyle is only possible in dreams must witness this style.

Mid-Length Pink Ombre

If you’re tired of medium hair being doomed to in-between hairstyles, we know a great remedy; pink ombre!

Flamingo Ombre

This pink ombre tone, which translates the flamingo’s natural and eye-catching hues to the hair, is a unique alternative for women who want their style to be noticed.


Neon Pink Ombre For Stunning Make-Over

A great before & after to better see the vibrant and dynamic effect of neon pink ombre!

Pink Ombre Locks

The traditional structure of African styles & braids and modern color combinations always create interesting results. One of the eye-catching style elements, pink ombre locks will make you shine like a star.

Bangs With White to Pink Ombre

While the ombre to the hair creates magnificent results, the ombre to the bangs gives it a game- changing and modern look.


Baby Pink Ombre on Wavy Lob

The pink ombre, when combined with the wavy hair, provides an out-of-the-ordinary look.

Pastel Pink Ombre

Pastel pink ombre for a style you can’t get enough of looking at yourself in the mirror! The cold undertone of the color will be in perfect harmony with your skin with warm undertones.

Hot Pink Ombre

Hot pink ombre, with its feminine and daring vibe, is a style that everyone will look at once again.


Sunrise Ombre

The color palette, inspired by the romantic colors of the sunrise, is one of the elegant and vibrant pink ombre options.

Hot Pink & Silver Ombre

The ultimate in trend color combinations with vibrant color transitions. Coloring, which is especially suitable for long hair, is a great choice for women of all ages.

Light Pink Ombre

For women with wide foreheads, thick bangs are a fashionable and practical option. The metallic pink tint of your hair will bring out the color of your eyes perfectly.


Fresh Pink

Pink hair, which is one of the dreams of every little girl, is made suitable for them with pink ombre. Thanks to the treatment only applied to the ends of the hair, the hair roots are protected from chemical treatment, while a hairstyle that will make the little princesses happy is emerging.

Red to Pink Ombre

With its feminine look, pink ombre, which is close to burgundy from red tones, is admired.

Blonde to Pink Ombre With Babylights

The pink ombre applied on the baby lights process gives you a cute and youthful stance, allowing you to have a hairstyle that will amaze who sees it with your elegance.


Pink Ombre Braids For Kids

Pink hair is not only the dream of queens, but also of little princesses. If you can’t resist your daughter’s request, but the chemicals in the paints make you think, we offer you a perfect solution! Gorgeous braids made with hair extensions. It does not harm the natural hair, and it also brings the dreamy pink hair.

Stylish Pink Silver Bob

Pink isn’t necessarily girly and adorable! Pink will become your go-to haircut as it adapts to punk and rebellious styles.

Long Hot Pink

Pink tones go well with your feminine flair, forming one of your signature looks. With this deep hue, you may achieve a great look without having to extra shape your long hair.


Pastel Pink Purple Bob Cut

What more could you ask for from pastel pink, which is a super match with the modernity of the bob cut?!

Dreamy Pink

Pink, which is lovely for dreaming about, is now a reality thanks to skilled hands! A sweet and lovely color for women who haven’t lost touch with their inner child.

Magical Blue to Pink Ombre

Metallic blue, silver, and pink. In one hair, all the latest and stylish hues come together. This haircut has a zero percent chance of being awful!


The coloring, methods and styles of the above pink ombre hair color ideas seem to be among some of the hottest hair trends this season, just in time for spring. Among them, you’ll find lots of pastel tones, darks and light shades all featuring ombre-like coloring, as well as funky braids, quirky updos and casual ponytails weaved into this trendy hair look.

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