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30 Awesome Finger Wave Hairstyles for Women

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


The finger waves hairstyle, which we can describe as S-shaped, is a type of curl that is usually made with the help of hair gel, fingers or hair styling tools. These waves, a unique style element of the 1920s, draw attention with their nostalgic and charming appearance. We have compiled 30 different beautiful styles of these retro waves, which gained popularity again after many celebrities preferred it on the red carpet and on the screens.

Finger wave hairstyle is a ladies’ favorite to adorn for formal and semi-formal events as these beauties make you look more sensuous and elegant than usual. Moreover, finger waving hair is also used to enhance elegance in social gatherings and occasions where women usually wear their hair open. Take a look at some of the latest and hottest finger wave hairstyles of this year that will surely catch many eyeballs when you attend your next professional meeting or a wedding ceremony.

Dark Thick Pixie Waves

The large S-shaped waves you’ll create will give your Pixie cut hair a classic vibe.

Blue Wet Look

These wet-looking blue waves bring the perfect air of the ocean to your style.

Natural Waves

You may achieve a beautiful look by combining Finger wave style with your natural curls. Create a distinctive look by using your natural curls to frame the front of your hair and finger waves to fill in the rest.

Slightly Waved Mid-Length

Finger waves, which are a great option for a simple and modern style, are used more softly in this style.

One Sided Retro Look

This hairstyle, which is one of the building blocks of the retro look, is completed by fixing the shaped waves with hair spray.

Platinum Waves

With finger waves towards the ends of your hair, you can achieve a more elegant and fascinating look.

Retro Long Blonde

Long finger waves with long hair parted to one side. There was no other hairstyle that a sophisticated lady of the 1920s could think of. We strongly recommend you to give this wonderful vintage style a try.

Finger Waved Updo

You can get perfect updos with finger waves. You can highlight the elegance and uniqueness of your style.

Bob With Finger Waves

Is it possible to apply the finger waves style in a bob cut? Yes! This look, which is also quite fashionable, will look great with your bob cut.

Red Shortcut

How about adding some The Great Gatsby vibe to the perfect red hair? This style has become one of our favourites.

Front Finger Waved Low Updo

You can recreate one of the exquisite hairstyles of the 1920s by adding finger waves to the front of your hair and a low bun.

Large Finger Waved Vintage Updo

After fixing one large finger wave with hairspray to the top of your hair and a low updo to rest, will make your style one of the perfect vintage styles.

Finger Waved Pixie

The choice of pixie cut for naturally curly hair is quite bold. Take this boldness one step further by combining your natural curls with your finger waves.

One Sided Finger Waves

Finger waves, which are frequently and parted to one side, are an excellent alternative for keeping your pixie cut hair in style.

Symetrical Waves

This flawlessly shaped finger wave style demands a highly qualified hairstylist because it curls in the same dimension.

Extra Volumed Updo

Large, volumed, often traditional-looking updos with hair waved using the finger wave technique make for a very eye-catching style.

Red Mid-Length Big Finger Waves

This Jessica Rabbit-inspired retro hairstyle is perfect for women who enjoy being the center of attention.

Extra Long Finger Waved Ends

Finger waves, which you may apply to your long dark hair to create a new vibe, combine a modern and retro look.

Long Copper Waves

This perfect hairstyle, which transforms the striking copper tone even more striking, will be enough to reveal your attractive and glamorous side.

Silver Finger Waves

This classy and nostalgic hairstyle combines two recently popular elements; pixie and silver. You will achieve a bold and stylish look with this perfect combo.

Medium Length Deep One Sided

Your deep side parted hair and finger waves will be enough to give the mid-length haircut a sophisticated air.

Balayaged Waves

To complete the modern look, finger waves are done lightly and widely with a stunning blend of blonde tones.

Slightly Finger Waved Pinky

The use of modern strawberry and silver, as well as a minimalist and single finger wave, results in a very elegant and current look.

Mohawk Pixie

This assertive hair style turns into an even more striking and powerful style with finger waves.

Contrast Colored

The use of contrast colors in some of your pixie-cut hair creates a very unique effect. When you add finger waves to this style, it becomes more feminine and stylish.

Rainbow Waves

Finger waves used with the eye-catching beautiful colors of the rainbow further reveal the perfection of the hairstyle.

Tucked Behind The Ears

This bridal hairstyle, created by using the hair as tucked behind the ears and shaping the remaining hair with a wide finger wave style, offers a perfect and romantic look.

Brunette Thick Hair Waves

If you find it difficult to style your thick hair, we certainly recommend this beautiful retro style to you. The closely shaped finger waves support the romantic appeal.

Ashy Toned Finger Waves

Finger waves, shaped with ashy silver tones, bring the modern look to the fore while highlighting the bold part of the pixie cut.

Vintage Ponytail

You can complete your retro style and look great and elegant by using finger waves on ponytail hair.

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