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30 Best Long Pixie Cuts That Are Simply Stunning

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


The long pixie cut is one of those hairstyles that will never go out of fashion! Your heart will be won over by the simplicity of this hairstyle, which is always the ideal option for women of all styles and ages.  

You can add excellent finishing touches to your look with layered cuts, asymmetrical chopped cuts, one-sided or full bangs, or gorgeous and eye-catching colors.

Our list offers you different long-pixie haircuts that will reveal the beauty of your face and make a fresh twist. 

1. Soft Pixie Cut 


One of the most striking examples of long pixie cuts you can see is this excellent blonde color with green undertones and a soft pixie cut combo! There is no reason to stop you from having this hair if you have a young, stylish, and fresh style. 

2. Chopped Long Blonde Pixie 


The blonde bangs on your eyes will be one of the perfect parts of your impressive style by emphasizing the beauty of your eyes. Also, the long pixie style gets the ideal volume from a chopped cut. 

3. Asymmetric Long Pixie 


You will have hair that is amazing and provides your face a terrific angle thanks to the asymmetrical cut. One of the popular trends this year is the icy blonde hair color, along with this sophisticated cut pair.

4. Voluminous Bangs 


Hair that gives volume by throwing it forward will be a great option, especially for women with open foreheads. You’ll adore these hairstyles since they both stylishly hide your forehead and produce a contemporary look. 

5. Combed Back Straight Long Pixie 


One of the most trendy long pixie hairstyles is straight hair combed back. This hairstyle is also very effective because it will highlight your face’s beauty. 

6. Long Top Brunette Pixie 


You will look fantastic in this style if you have straight hair! This long top pixie captivates its fashionable and feminine appearance while saving you time when styling your hair. 

7. Ashy Brown One-Sided Long Pixie


Pixie with long bangs on your forehead that is elegantly combed to one side, especially if you have colorful eyes; an excellent hairdo to highlight the exquisite beauty of your eyes! 

8. Shaggy Pixie 


The layered cut technique of the shag cut is applied to the pixie haircut, creating a hairstyle that is both sporty and stylish. 

9. Layered & One-Sided Pixie 


The perfect meeting of the most fabulous haircuts takes place in this long pixie style! One-sided and layered cut. Moreover, blonde highlights add natural shine and depth to the hair. 

10. Natural Exquisite Waves 


We have the perfect hairstyle suggestion for you if you like your hair’s distinctive wavy shape but are sick of dealing with long hair. Your hair will require considerably less maintenance due to this long pixie, allowing you to keep flaunting your unique hair waves! 

11. Chopped End Long Pixie 


Hair loss and thinning are severe issues for middle-aged women. This long pixie with chopped ends will give your hair a fuller appearance and enough time for healthy growth. 

12. Curly Long Top Pixie 


This is a perfect example of how wrong your thought is if you think that a pixie haircut will not suit curly hair. It’s that simple to give your blonde curly hair a cool vibe! 

13. Mid-Parted Long Bangs  

The long pixie haircut with mid-parted long bangs will lengthen your face and become your favorite because it has a slimming effect. The result is fantastic when the sweetness of pink color is added to this useful hairstyle! 

14. Perfect Curly Pixie Make-Over 


Your curly hair will spice up your look with a lengthy pixie cut! Your unique hair will be one of the most beautiful examples of a long pixie hairstyle. 

15. Big Curls


Large curls; more extraordinary style! The shine of the blonde color and the splendor of your curls; will elevate the pixie hairstyle even more. 

16. Full Bangs 


Full bangs that frame your face will be a notable transformation in your style. One of the popular hairstyles of this year is the bang cut, which is in style every year. 

17. Shaved Long Pixie 


A pixie hairstyle is usually the choice of a brave woman. When this magnificent style is added with one-sided shaved hair, you will get a look that is hard to forget! 

18. Inverted Pixie Bob 


Your heart will be won over by the voluminous appearance of this pixie bob hairstyle, which is inspired by the inverted bob style and has a very layered back cut. 

19. Undone Pixie 


This undone pixie look is one of the most preferred styles lately. Both ease of use and cool appearance; increases the choice among long pixie styles. 

20. Long Pixie with Elegant Layers 


Perfectly elegant hair layers combed backward turn into stunning looks with the touch of professional hairstylists. 

21. Long Pixie For Older Women 


One of her strongest allies will be this short haircut for older ladies that only takes a few seconds to style! This long, voluminous pixie cut looks excellent and makes it simple to use daily. 

22. Layered Bangs 


The cut with thick bangs looks best in its messy style. A layered bang appears to be created by adding multiple layers to the top of the hair, giving the appearance of a very voluminous and eye-catching style. 

23. Perfect Eggplant Color 


The bold stance of the pixie hairstyle works wonderfully with the feminine and seductive look of the eggplant color. It is a style for women with complete confidence.

24. One Sided Long Peachy Pixie 


Bring your hair the fantastic shade of sweet, delicious peach. Along with a cool pixie cut, this distinctive color will be one of the summer’s most popular hairdos. 

25. Bowl Cut 


The bowl cut, also known as the mushroom cut, is a haircut used on all hair that is the same length as the bangs. This daring, out-of-the-ordinary look is among the most intriguing long-pixie cut options. 

26. Natural Curls 


The pixie cut effortlessly fits your natural hair’s perfect look! This long pixie shows your beautiful, healthy curls most attractively. 

27. Finger Waves 


Your hair will have a retro aesthetic thanks to finger waves, giving your long pixie hairstyle a unique appeal. 

28. Deep One-Sided 


The deep one-side hair separation will make your hair look cooler than ever! Your long pixie style will gain a useful and charming stance with your straight hair. 

29. With Headband 


Spice up your style with colorful headbands! The cool look of your long pixie haircut will be shaped by the choices that suit your style. 

30. Punk Hairstyle 


For punk style, the long-cut pixie cut is a must-have look! A terrific way to show off your free spirit is with a haircut adorned in your favorite hues. 

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