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30 Trendy Fishbone Braids Ideas

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


The fish bone style, which is made by combining cornrow braids of various sizes and shapes, is a popular choice that never goes out of style. Also, it is one of the most popular African braiding forms. It acquired its name because the shapes made with cornrows resemble fish bones. Furthermore, fish bones with a protective hairstyle are custom-made for you and transform into a distinctive and functional hairstyle. We’ve put together a list of 30 distinct fish bone hairstyles to get you inspired.

With Baby Hairs

Cornrow braids look great with baby hair that has been curled with hair gel. It becomes a fully unique style for you when the hair is shaped according to your preferences.


Lemonade braids, one of the popular hairstyles, are also one of the most challenging fish bone styles. But the result is worth all the hassle.

Criss Cross

Your hair may be used to create fun and complicated looks, and all attention will be on you!

Full Braided Ponytail

Fully braided, completely stylish! Achieve exquisite style with cornrows in multiple sizes.

Traditional Style

If you want to try a little traditional, Fulani braids is one of the most authentic choices tried with fish bone style.

Unique Style

This style is far from the simple hairstyles that you will often encounter in your daily life. Special for women who want to try different and attractive hairstyles.

Half Braided Ponytail

Braids don’t need to be completed to complete your style! Here is the proof for you.

Chunky Braids

Mini cornrow braids combined with chunky braids take the style to a whole new level.

Complex Two Braids

If you want to make the classic two braiding patterns more complex and interesting, there can be no better choice.

Cute Buns

Shaped with a zigzag cornrow, the little buns is one of the most impressive examples of the space buns hairstyle.


Tight braids and straight lines will highlight your face’s best features.

Middle Part

For women who care about symmetry, this hairstyle choice is number one. You will not be able to escape attention in daily life with this hairstyle, which is both sporty and energetic.

Spectacular Braids

It’s impossible not to be impressive with this charismatic hairstyle!

Half Up Half Down

Are you ready to impress with your appearance? High ponytail and fish bone are the perfect pairing.

Bantu Knots Style

Bantu knots are an original hairdo that mixes traditional and modern elements. If you want a hairstyle that is vibrant and dynamic, this is a good option to explore.

Simply Updo

Low updo creates a mini and impressive bun.


Do you want to make your braids more complicated and exciting? Who doesn’t love a butterfly? Here is the hairstyle that brought this amazing duo together.

Criss Cross Beauty

With the criss cross hairstyle, your hair will not go unnoticed.

Perfectly Shaped

The hairstyle, which is shaped completely for you according to the shape of your face, creates a seductive style with the help of professional hands.


Hairstyle combined with multiple braid sizes turns into an assertive and charismatic stance.

Strawberry Tones

Strawberry tones are perfect for adding energy to your complex braided hair. This color, which is both charming and trendy, will go perfectly with your professionally styled braids.


What’s more perfect than a blonde color for some sparkle?


Metallic rings embellishing fish bone braids will elevate your style and amaze you.

Pop Smoke

Pop smoke braids, another name for tribal braids, is one of the middle part hairstyles. The hair braids, which are divided into two in the middle and have a unique shape, look great.

Red Hue

The shimmering red hue is perfectly displayed with fish bone braids. And one of the best stylish hairdo; low buns.


Tight braids; It turns into an unforgettable style with the help of professional hairstylists by giving it an x shape.

High Bun

The heart-shaped braided hair is completed with a perfect high bun. It’s a serious yet cute style.


Freestyle because it is completely shaped according to the shape of your head. This hairstyle, where you can find the perfect match, looks very trendy with the shaped baby hair.

Vibrant Colors

Braids constructed with colorful hair extensions are a fantastic alternative to protective hairstyles. With this hairstyle, ladies of all ages may protect their natural hair in the best possible way!

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