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30 Strawberry Brown Hair Ideas For A Fresh New Look

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Strawberry brown hair is a brand-new color trend, and it’s huge. This is a great color to integrate into your hairstyle if you want something new, vibrant, and fun for the spring and summer seasons.

It has a splash of color that is sure to impress. Strawberry brown consists of various shades of brown, hinting at the pinky-red strawberry moment. Chocolate and strawberry have always been successful, as we all know.

Stylists appear to add rosy pink and red colors to brown hair to achieve the strawberry brunette trend, while strawberry blonde shades tend to lean peachy.

It’s a well-known warm reddish-brown hue that, in some variants, appears sophisticated and opulent.

If you’re looking for ways to style your hair with this gorgeous color, don’t fret because we have you covered! Here we have 30 strawberry brown hair ideas for a fresh new look, so scroll away!

1. Luminous Long Strawberry Brown Hair

We’re hooked! The increased texture throughout the hair adds a lot of depth and brings out the strawberry brown hair color. It’s soft, luminous, lovely, and has a sensational strawberry essence. This is such gorgeous hair color, especially for women with long, voluminous hair! 

2. Short Strawberry Brown Hair

This color looks like the outcome of strawberry and brown mixed together and forming this gorgeous hue. This bob cut helps to highlight and emphasize the color well, and we can’t help but gape in awe!

3. Chocolate and Strawberries

The red highlights on this one make us think of chocolate-covered strawberries immediately! We’re all a fan! The highlights seem to blend seamlessly with the natural chocolate locks.

4. Ginger-y Strawberry

The result is also rather spectacular! Although it leans toward a more brilliant strawberry than brown, it still has a brown undertone that distinguishes it from the conventional red or brown hair color. What do you think of this for bright hair?

5. Glossy Strawberry Blonde

No matter how you look at it, this is one fantastic hairstyle. The stunning strawberry color complements the styling without clashing with it, and the angled waves create a retro feel. The glossy texture also adds a level of prettiness to it!

6. Asymmetrical Strawberry Brown Hair

The attitude and flare this hairstyle gives are very multi-dimensional! In addition to the already pretty strawberry brown hue, the asymmetrical cut makes it a head-turner in a crowd. 

7. Strawberry Brown Bob

This unique bob is an attractive option for women who would dare to try something new and bold but at the same time also fun and quirky! With all the layers of this cut and the lovely dark strawberry brown hue, this is a look you’d never want to skip!

8. Autumn Brown Hair

Behold, a strawberry brown shade that is ultra-perfect for the autumn season! This hair color urges you to decorate your house with pumpkins and make pumpkin-spiced drinks consistently!

9. Wavy Medium Brown Hair

Isn’t this the definition of hair goals? This hue leans more into brown with very slight undertones of red dispersed throughout the hair, in contrast to some of the prior. It only goes to show that this is a hair color that can be worn in various ways. The length is also perfect for this look!

10. Wavy Strawberry Brown Balayage

This hair color trend may easily transition into the spring and summer months by employing the balayage process to add a softer tone. Isn’t this the most beautiful color you’ve ever seen? We’re completely smitten with this wavy strawberry brown hairstyle. 

11. Strawberry and Cream

For genuinely distinctive hair color, this intricate color application blends blonde, brown, and pink. The magnificent waves highlight the beautiful color combination. This is an attractive style for any event, thanks to the conventional cut and playful colors.

12. Luscious Strawberry Brown Hair

This gorgeous color scheme is on the warmer, brownish side of the color wheel. It’s a great middle ground for those who don’t want to go bright blonde or fiery red but still want a tinge of intensity. The flowing waves complete the look perfectly.

13. Wavy Berry Hair

This strawberry brown color will give your hair a spicy strawberry vibe. The beauty of this color is that it combines a fiery red tone with the depth and warmth of brown.

14. Copper-y Strawberry Hair

If you have fair skin, going a shade or two lighter can be flattering. It will look great in formal and classic hairstyles and trendy disheveled updos and down dos.

15. Strawberry Balayage Highlights

To keep it monotone and achieve this beautiful flow throughout the hair, we recommend choosing a lighter hue of strawberry brown. It’s all about using highlights in the hair whenever you want to make your hair color feel lighter or even brighter. 

16. Strawberry Brown Highlights

Try incorporating a pinch of those reddish-pink tones into your next round of coloring before diving too deep into those richer strawberry hues. You can always change the color of your hair! That’s what makes it so appealing. Who knows, this might be ‘the’ color for you!

17. Medium Length Curly Strawberry Brown Hair

With this variety, go a little darker with the hair color. A look that is ideal for the autumn season, this strawberry brown color is similar to the others but with a richer, deeper tone. 

18. Layered Strawberry Brown Hairstyle

Layers are flattering on all face shapes and allow you to flaunt off your beautiful, lustrous locks as they fall smoothly down your back. A light strawberry blonde ombre, which looks like some casual, free locks to brighten your overall appearance, elevates this look.

19. Short Glossy Wavy Hairstyle

Keeping your roots natural and your strawberry tones on the ends could reduce your maintenance, giving you more options and allowing you to change your color sooner than any other time. 

20. Berrylicious Hairstyle

A strawberry brown with a deeper strawberry hue at the original brunette roots that melts down to the ends can be seen here. Leaving the tips and face-framing pieces warmer, like with any effective highlight, will always replicate a natural feel.

21. Dark Strawberry Hairstyle

There’s no need for a lot of contrast with a strawberry brown. If you already have a lot of natural red tones in your hair, a subtle strawberry tint will be just enough of a pleasant surprise, proudly displaying itself in every fresh perspective.

22. Straight Strawberry Look

You can consider light pastel pink and orange hues as a unique summer hair color. It would look fantastic with free-flowing straight hairstyles such as this one.

23. Long Berry Brown Hairstyle

This sweet strawberry blend can meet that standard if you’re searching for something a touch warmer to match your hair color. It still has some accentuated yellows, but there’s just enough strawberry to make you crave something sweet in one glance!

24. Framed Strawberry Brown Haircut

The darker color scheme screams chocolate raspberry, and nobody is complaining. This may be the ideal strawberry brown inspiration image to show your hair colorist for decadent, luscious splendor! The face framing cuts also accentuate your pretty face, so it’s an all-in-one look!

25. Sweet Strawberry Highlights on Brown Base

This strawberry brunette with a candy coating gives us a sweet craving. This strawberry tone is evenly blended with the natural brown base for seamless emphasis without going full-on pink all over, embracing your natural color.

26. Long Wavy Strawberry Brown Hair

If you’re concerned that strawberry may clash with your naturally dark base color, ask for this subtle balayage highlighting technique, which will give your hair a smooth touch of brilliance while requiring less maintenance. The highlights blend so seamlessly into the hair. The most natural strawberry brunette is achieved with this strawberry-tinted dye job. 

27. Curly Strawberry Hair

This look is for all the curly-haired women out there. Adorn your sultry curls with this beautiful strawberry brown shade for a perfect ensemble! Wear it with bold eye makeup, and you are all set to take your eyes off the crowd!

28. Espresso and Strawberry Highlights

The lighter tone of the strawberry brown sections creates a beautiful juxtaposition throughout the hair, making the highlighted pieces stand out even more. Strawberry brown bits meet espresso brown parts for the best color match! 

29. Dimensional Strawberry Locks

This look lies in the thin line between brunette and blonde, but we can’t deny that it is magical! 

30. Strawberry Beige Lob

This is another strawberry brown look that is into the lighter side more. This lob has such intricate highlights on a brown strawberry base. The layering of the cuts makes it seem more voluminous than usual, and that’s what we want!

Now, you have the inspiration for your next hairstyle! Strawberry brown is a charming hue on your radar if you’re intrigued by a tropical hair glow-up. Don’t forget to tell us which one of these you would wear!

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