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30 Stunning 2 Feed-in Braids Hairstyles You Need to Try

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


2 feed-in braids are a type of cornrows where the hair is fed into the braid as it’s being created. This technique results in a tight and neat braid that you can wear as are or use as a base for other styles.

2 feed-in braids are an excellent option for those with natural hair who want to wear their hair up in a protective style. They can also be worn by those with relaxed hair, although it’s important to note that this style can stress the hair and may cause breakage if not done correctly.

If you’re interested in trying 2 feed-in braids, check out these stunning styles for inspiration.

1. Two Feed-In Braids with Pink Highlights


Numerous females enjoy experimenting with hair color. If this describes you, give your feed-in braids some lovely pink highlights like in this look we have here! The look starts with this stunning black hue and flows beautifully to reveal this gorgeous pink hue!

2. Two Feed-In Braids with Accessories


These feed-in cornrow braids are a feast for the eyes, that’s for sure! While the subtle side braids help make that cause probable, the golden rings on this look wrap up the whole style! The two braids speak some substance.

3. Two Cotton Candy Feed-In Braids


Paying special attention to your feed-in braids may liven up your appearance. If you want an even daring effect, color your hair a solid shade and attempt braiding in a wacky hue with this stunning cotton candy tint!

4. Festival Two Feed-In Braids


If, anyone asks where the festival is, simply point to your hair! The rainbow in this look is natural! With this look right here, everyone will be blinded by the stunning colors gorgeously juxtaposed beside one another.

5. Two Feed-In Viper Braids with Vibrant Red Highlights


Resembling a viper head, this feed-in braid look is the one for women who has a bold and daring personality! To add to the mystique and superb shape, the look has red highlights incorporated to adhere thoroughly to the cool girl look!

6. Crown Style Two Feed-In Braids


Having a stunning and sophisticated hairdo such as this gives a permanent mark. Your tresses should be securely braided on both sides and pulled into a crown-shaped bun to get this distinct look. Add some twirls and a center accent to finish the style with a sleek and stylish appearance. 

7. Two Feed-In Braids with Golden Highlights


This adorable style is suitable for any occasion code, and we love it! This hairstyle is achieved by putting two feed-in braids on your hair. On top of that, the golden color of this look will make you shine brighter than the sun!

8. Two Feed-In Braids with t Heart Pattern


The combination of sassy braids and an artistic heart motif on the side makes for the ideal aesthetic in this particular example! The adorable pattern accent gives off a lively vibe that is ultimately attractive!

9. Fishbone Style Two Feed-In Braids


Feel free to try out unique hairstyles like this fishbone-styled pattern whenever you have additional time to devote to styling. The optimal number of braids adds a spark to the style we all adore.

10. Two Feed-In Braids with Light Pink Highlights


The colors on this look are such a beauty to look at! You all know what they say; every girl has a little bit of pink within them. So, to display that fully well, we have two feed-in braids, which comprise light pink highlights!

11. Two Blue Feed-In Braids


If the neighborhood cannot be painted blue, then consider these two blue hair feed-ins alternatively! The blue hue against the black-colored base shines like a diamond in the night!

12. Two Amethyst Feed-In Braids


This is the look to go if you are driving away from the usual and want to try something new! Here, lengthy hair is braided into striking amethyst-colored braids. However, the color has deep and stunning dark purple undertones, which sweetens up the hairdo.

13. Brown Two Feed-In Braids with Design


Attempt this brown, elegant feed-in braided hairdo to show off your creative abilities. Take pleasure in how the side braids flow into this gorgeous pattern. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this look now!

14. Multicolored Two Feed-In Braids


With so many colors to choose from, why not use them all right? Letting your two feeds pop out with distinctive colors is not detrimental. By putting dye in your feed-ins, you may liven up your appearance. Quirky hues like pink, scarlet, and purple give a charming appearance. So, try this look now! 

15. Two Feed-In Braids with Loose Ends


Anyone can wear this haircut for just about any event. These standard two feed-in braids are all required, and the hair can be left straight and loose for the ends. The impression seems to be more alive because of the vibe, which is why youngsters can wear it also.

16. Blonde Two Feed-In Braids with Dark Blue Highlights


If you ever looked at your blonde feed-ins and thought that something might be missing, then maybe we have just the look to spice up your hairdo! Apply dark blue highlights on the ends of your two blonde feed-ins and while you’re at it, put a heart-shaped pattern in the middle for a truly eye-catching look!

17. Lengthy Two Feed-In Braids with Blue Highlights and Strings


You may give them an effortless form by using longer feed-in braids such as this one right here. Longer and more elaborate hair will arise, resulting in an eye-catching look and even more so with adding these highlights and stringy accessories!

18. Two Feed-In Braids with Three Small Braids


Feel the need to make the most of your space! Check out how these three tiny braids have already been inserted between the two main braids and on the center, contributing to a more detailed look.

19. Brown Two Feed-In Braids with Wavy Ends


You’ll admire the appeal of this hairdo provided you take pleasure in stark comparison. The bottom part of this style contains unique, loose waves. Meanwhile, the crown features complex braids flowing in entirely different ways. The brown hue is our cherry on top!

20. Two Low Feed-In Braids with Curly Tips


When you sort of feel like royalty, ridged braids are beginning close to the forehead are great. The ensemble is given a little extra punch with the curled tips! A texture on two feed-in braids breathes life into any color or even this timeless jet-black.

21. Spiral Two Feed-In Braids


Whip out that inch of creativity and try to attempt this genius and gorgeous hairstyle we have right here! Instead of being laid out straight, the feed-in braids are styled in a spiral manner along the sides. Pop a pinch of blue, and you are all set!

22. Two Feed-In Braids with Bun


A beautiful bun is an ideal hairstyle for a dinner party or a ceremony. Carefully move and design your braided hair and coil it into a low, sleek bun. This will indeed exude that sleekness you will never get tired of!

23. Blonde Two Feed-In Braids


You thought we would finish this article without a blonde hair entry? That’s where you got it wrong. Because no matter the style, blonde always rocks! The same thing for these two feed-in braids looks as well! This look rocks!

24. Two Twin Feed-In Braids with Straight Hair 


In this look, there are two chic feed-in braids. Barely halfway through the braids, lengthy, flowy, and silky braid hair emerges. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle and a style that would indeed be ideal for a formal event or gathering.

25. Two Feed-In Braids with Bubble Braids


Everybody who wants to look fantastic and make a lingering impact can find the perfect hairdo. When creating a beautiful, braided hairstyle, two braids are preferable. You need to be able to complete this magnificent bubble braid design using two feed-in braids to attract a lot of attention.

26. Blonde Two Feed-In Braids with Boho 


These two feed-in braids hairstyle is perfect for those who desire a fuller hairstyle. If you want to spice up the bohemian appearance, you can add unique accents like these bubble braids or various embellished snippets.

27. Pastel Two Feed-In Braids


We have here a uniquely shaped two-feed-in braid look just for you! Embedded in the gorgeous feed-ins are pastel hues of pink and blue for that subtle yet stunning look! If you are shying away from striking shades for your hair, this might be perfect.

28. Jet-Black Two Feed-In Braids with Curls


Elegant, extra-curly tresses are the result of beautiful two feed-in braids. Recreate the look if you enjoy hairdos with a variety of textures. You might even experiment with this stunning jet-black color or add some accents for more appeal.

29. Lavender Two Feed-In Braids


We are not alone when we say that we love the subtle statement these lavender braids make! The subtle blonde sprinkling on the braids also adds an extra amount of depth. This is ultimately a look you would want to sport for your hair!

30. Two Platinum Feed-In Braids


Saying that we are obsessed with this look would be an understatement, that’s for sure. Our look comprises two gorgeous feed-in braids with platinum white highlights on top. What a way to end the article, right?

That’s it for this topic, beautiful ladies! Those are stunning two feed-in braid hairstyle ideas you might want to get inspiration from. Let us know which of these you will rock on your hair!

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