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32 Lemonade Braids That Will Totally Inspire You

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Lemonade braids have become one of the most popular African braids in recent years. What is a Lemonade braid, exactly? The lemonade braid gets its name from Beyoncé’s iconic 2016 album Lemonade and the style she used to promote it. Cornrow-style braids starting on one side and braiding to the other side of the hair will give you excellent lemonade braids. We’ve put together a wonderful lemonade braided hair list for you, complete with short, long, colored, and more hair-type possibilities. For this famous and eye-catching style, here are 32 Lemonade Braids styles.

Side Long Lemonade Braids

Although micro braids are small braids that take a long time to complete, they produce amazing results. This braiding is a fantastic example of artistry, and it looks stunning, especially on the back of your head.


One Side Designed Neat Braids

You can get perfect shapes with cornrow hair braids. Leaf and zigzag shapes are produced with these neat braids.


One Sided V Shaped Braided

V-shaped braids are a terrific way to show off your individual look. This style, which is made up of little braids, is ideal for women with fine hair.


Lemonade Braids with Purple Highlights

You can get exquisite reflections by adding the purple color, one of the most popular hair colors of recent times, between your lemonade braids. The look, which is simple to achieve with the hair extension, highlights the flawless cornrow braids even more.


Coiled Lemonade Braids

With coiled braids, you can further customize one-sided braids and get a unique style.


Thin Braids

With extra thin braids, you can give your long hair an impressive style.


Colored Exquisite Pattern

You can take your style one step further by adding some color to the exquisite patterns.


Big And Small Braids

Combining large and little braids with colored hairpins might result in a cute look. It’s a fantastic and adorable hairdo for little girls.


Little Lemonade Braids With Curls

A unique style is created by combining your flawlessly curled hair with carefully constructed cornrow braids. Hair braided to one side is lovely on its own, but when combined with your curls, it creates a legendary look.


Cornrow Lemonade Braids

The heart shape created on one side of your one-side braided hair is perhaps one of the sweetest models of hair braiding styles.


Lemonade Braids with High Bun

This hairstyle, achieved with thin cornrow braids, is completed with a perfect high bun.


Blonde Lemonade Braids

This hairstyle, which is created with thick braids, is ideal for women with thick hair; however, if you have fine hair, you can replicate this look with hair extensions.


Low Bun Lemonade Braids

This low bun, created with thin and thick braids, has a very elegant look.


Lavender Purple Lemonade Braids

Lavender, one of the sweetest shades of purple, creates perfect braids in contrast with your natural dark hair.


Large Lemonade Braids

This style is interesting and useful since it is formed by combining very large one-sided braids with thin braids.


One Eyed Lemonade Braids

Perfect cornrow braids that close over one eye create a mysterious and catchy style.


Lemonade Braids On Short Red Hair

You can also try one of the perfect lemonade braid styles for your short hair. This look, especially with the appeal of red hair, makes an excellent example of lemonade braids on short hair.


High Ponytail Lemonade Braids

A perfect high ponytail complements beautifully braided one-side braids, creating an eye- catching hairstyle.


Red Lemonade Braids

The tiny braids formed with tightly cornrow braided hair create a perfect style that enhances the red color’s attractiveness.


Heart At Back

Heart cornrows is one of the great hairstyles made with braids. Use this stunning heart shape on the back of your hair to create an attractive style.


Braids To The Side With Long Hair

You can create a stunning look by using your long, thick, impressive hair as braids to the side.


Medium Size Lemonade Braids

The excellent style, which is made by braiding medium-length braids back and forth, is both current and spectacular.


Gold Highlighted Lemonade Braids

Adding a touch of shine in golden tones between your beautiful braids will elevate your look.


Pink Lemonade Braids

This youthful looking bright pink color will suit you very well, specially in summertime.


Colored Lemonade Braids With Hair Pins

Using flawless braids with a bright hair color is a stunning decision. By decorating this dazzling and energetic style with colorful hairpins, you may achieve a stunning braided hairdo.


Zig Zag

These flawless zigzag braids appear and fascinate all who see them thanks to the expert usage of cornrow braids and the superb talent of professional hair stylists.


Lemonade Bob

This amazing bob style is one of the best examples of lemonade braids on short hair. The bob cut’s superb modern air and African braids’ original and authentic atmosphere are in perfect harmony.


Braided Pixie Style

The excellent braided pixie model is for you if you want to use your short hair in a different way. Leave your short hair in the hands of a professional, and you’ll have a unique and modern hairdo after a few hours of processing. The hair braided to one side on the back of the head appears fascinating in this example.


Counter Braided Lemonade Braids

Add a unique twist to your lemonade stand. The Counter Braided Lemonade Braids will make you stand out from the rest. With a braided detail on the front, it’ll surely become your new favorite piece this season.


Variety Of Sizes

This style, which is created by using braids of many sizes, looks very impressive.


Low Ponytail Lemonade Braids

This style, which is made up of cornrow braids with more than one contrast color, is finished off with a low ponytail, giving it a unique look.


Braided Ocean Blue Colored Bob

Combining your impressive thick braids with the perfect ocean color creates this eye-catching style. The combination of this vibrant color with a modern asymmetrical bob cut is truly 2020s style.


The Lemonade Braid is a gorgeous, smooth braid style. It is great for medium to long hair lengths and offers a variety of looks from loose waves to tight corkscrew curls if you want extra curls in your hair. The style works well on all natural hair types including fine, fragile, kinky and thick hair. This is an easy to maintain style as it does not require extensive manipulation once it’s in your hair. While the look only takes about an hour to install, it takes about two hours to do this braid style completely! So what are you waiting for? Give yourself the ultimate summer twist with the Beyonce Lemonade Braided Hairstyle!

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