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E-Girl Hairstyles: 30+ Hairstyles and Trend Guide

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


E-Girl hairstyles, you don’t need to be a hair expert to notice the trendy hairstyle of this year. From e girl hair streaks to e girl bangs, from aesthetic dyed hair to curly cut, from colorless to colorful bangs – these are just but some of the hairstyles that you will find in this guide.

What is an E-Girl hair?

A hair trend that is taking over TikTok and Instagram is the e-Girl hair. This trend is based on anime, goth and different subcultures and it features soft pastel shades and streaks. You can either do it without any tools or with just a little bit of dye and some braids.

So when these people see a girl with a hairstyle that is inspired by the anime goth subcultures, they think it’s just for fun and a different style. They don’t realize that this is a trend in today’s world. This hairstyle is called an e-Girl hair because it was popularized on TikTok, an app where mostly girls post short clips of themselves lip syncing to songs or doing things like dancing with friends.

The hairstyle usually consists of colorful streaks and soft pastel shades. And it’s inspired by anime goth subcultures that we all know and love fiercely. This new trend is fun and an alternative for those who want to try out something new.

Who should go with E-Girl hair?

The answer is not just a simple black and white. There are a lot of factors that can affect your decision. If you have a job that doesn’t require you to look clean-cut, the choice would depend on how much time you want to spend on styling your hair each day.

What products do you use? What products does your hair respond well to? Do you color your hair? Do you have sensitive skin or allergies? These are all factors that may make one type of hair more suitable for you than another.

An e-girl hair is usually made for girls who are really young. It is often very light and can be used to create various styles. Some of the most popular ones include plaits, braids, ponytails, updos and more.

E-Girl Hairstyles

In every aspect of our lives, social media has shown to be an effective platform. What do you think of our hairstyle? It’s important to remember that E-girls aren’t afraid to utilize a lot of color! We recommend that you check through our list if you’re looking for something bright, eye-catching, very new and trendy.

Baby Hairs

The Baby hair hairstyle has become a blessing from being a nuisance, especially after the excellent use of black women. On YouTube, we see girls trying to cut their hair into a baby hair form to try this style. As a result; love your baby hair; they are fashion icons!

Contrast Hair Ends

The blunt end haircut, which ends with a different hair color, is both a very striking and a very charismatic element of style.

Halloween Shag

E-girl hair is different from other hair styles because it can be adjusted to suit any occasion. For Halloween, you can change the color of the hair to purple, green, or even orange! It is perfect for people who want to get in the spirit of Halloween without having to dye their hair for days.

A shag is a hairstyle in which hair is cut to expose some of the scalp. Shags come with many variations, including the fringe, bob, or layered look. The hair coloring Halloween Shag is designed for folks who want to wear their hair in a style that screams “Halloween!” Halloween Shag can be styled in two different ways: curled up with volume or straight through with beachy waves.

Half Rainbow E-Girl Streaks

Half Rainbow Streaks are lines of hair coloring that are often used in the back of the head to make them stand out. It is a way to get attention, but it can also be used to make a statement or show support for certain things.

Streaks of hair are becoming more popular. They don’t have to be rainbow colored, they can also be other colors like pink, blue, purple, green and more. They usually last for up to eight weeks which is a lot longer than hair color usually lasts. This is because they are applied with bleach not dye so they will last longer because the chemical bonds aren’t breaking down as quickly.

Contrast Bangs

What makes a great bang cut even more eye-catching; different color bangs.

Freestyle Layers

With this free-style edited haircut, you can create your own unique style and impress with your unique style.

Reverse Peek-A-Boo

With reverse peek-a-boo, you can have twice the peek-a-boo moment! The reverse peek-a-boo is a hairstyle that comes from the front of the head and is pulled to the back. The reverse peek-a-boo is most often associated with e-girls. It features a long straight hair with bangs, which are pulled over one eye to create a sexy or mysterious look. It can be pulled back with an elastic band or held up by clips.

Pink Frame

If you want to use the face-framing trend even more dramatically, this pink color is perfect for it. With both the color and the hairstyle trend, it is one of our favorites among e-girl styles.

Complex Mullet

If you enjoy the look of a mullet but want something a little more daring, this is the cut for you! With this unique and intriguing haircut, mediocrity will be one of the furthest things from your mind.

Red Shag

The shag cut was very popular between the 70s and 90s. Now it is more colorful, more interesting and more modern with its 2021 interpretation!

Blondie Pink

If you’re looking for a romantic pick, there’s no reason not to try this e girl style! You will get a candy- like look with the harmony of blonde and pink.

Rainbow Roots

The color of your hair will appear to be a natural rainbow tone in this style, and you will be able to try a highly modern approach while still having a very striking appearance. Halsey, the singer, has recently become a fan of this hair color.

Space Buns

90’s kids know this hairstyle very well! With its retro and cute style, space buns is one of the perfect examples of e girl hairstyles.

Wispy Bangs

A remarkable haircut is complemented by the attractive stance of wispy bangs, allowing you to have an unforgettable first impression.

Colorful Cut With Cute Bangs

This wonderful hair color will be a great source of inspiration for you. The hairstyle we recommend you consult with professional hairstylists is a great example of colored hair.

High Half Up

Half up, half down style is one of the most popular among easy hairstyles with its energetic and youthful stance. The high hair is also extra useful by showing the face thinner.

Peachy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are one of the increasingly requested hairstyles of recent times. You can have a complete e-girl style by combining it with modern colors, peach is perfect for it.

Soft Pink

The pink tone, which is obtained by mixing with blonde and silver tones, cools the pink and makes it have a more modern stance. This youthful and rich hair color is also great for e girl style.

Massive Under Light

You can have much more than peek-a-boo style by using the two colors in completely equal parts. With the coloring called Under light, choose and combine your two favorite colors, whether they match or not!

Wolf Cut

Wolf cut has gone from being a TikTok trend to becoming a popular hairstyle. This rebellious and confident style is one of the most successful examples of e girl hairstyles.

Copper Wolf

Trying out the Wolf hairstyle in different colors and arranging it according to your own taste creates great results! Warm colors such as copper are one of the most attractive choices as autumn approaches.

Colorful Highlights

When it comes to highlight, blonde sparkles come to mind. But now we are in 2021! Colorful highlights are perfect for more crazy and stunning results.

Asymmetric Bob

Pastel & Nude tones are definitely worth a try! Especially with charismatic hairstyles such as asymmetrical bob, these colors look even more eye-catching.

Peach Balayage

Balayage is always one of the most demanded hair coloring treatments. One of the colors that professional hairstylists have recently recommended is peach. E girl style should definitely be tried with this sweet color.

Blue Ends with Streaks

Add the perfect air of the ocean to the ends of your hair. This is a style where the hair at the ends of your hair are dyed a different color from the rest of your hair. The color can be blue, green, purple or even pink. A lot of people have been going for this new style because it looks really cool and it’s a way to have a totally new look without having to dye your whole head or cut your hair. The color at the end of your hair will fade eventually and that’s why people usually just go for one or two streaks on their ends.

Reverse Highlight

Arouse admiration with your exquisite hairstyle with reverse highlight!

Buzz Cut

With a buzz cut, you can show off your wild side! With this haircut, you may show off all of your face’s attractiveness in the most daring way possible.

Silver Lilac

Silver lilac is a dreamy hairstyle with a dreamy color. Silver Lilac is a popular shade among many girls because it suits both cool and warm complexions. The color is a blend of the light and dark violet. It is an ideal choice for those who want to add more of a natural tone to their hair while still maintaining the purple hue that we all love.

Ice Soft Mullet

Soft mullet, which is the less layered version of the mullet style, is a more modern and soft interpretation.

Emo Style

There aren’t many people who were born in the 1980s or 1990s who haven’t experimented with the emo style! Thanks to the e girls with the 2021 edition, you can try out this amazing style one more.

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